-Kyoko meets a stalker far scarier than a prissy psychic rock star. And she's not quite sure what to do.

She thinks she may just know the person stalking her, no, she doesn't think she knows, she definitely knows.

But then, why is she so reluctant to turn him in to the police? She just can't seem to decide whether or not to call the police, and no one can make the decision for her.

So until she decides what to do,

who'll protect her from this mystery man?-

Chapter 1: That's a Cat

"Hmm," Kyoko opened up the door to the Love-Me section changing room, and immediately closed it again. This was going to be troublesome. She had ignored all the signs up until now, despite how obvious they were. It started on valentines day. She had received two packages signed under the same name. Jonathan Baers. She knew that that couldn't be right, she only knew one man named Jonathan, she had only met him once, and he had died 3 years prior to receiving the packages.. One of the packages had a sketchbook in it. Each page with an increasingly gruesome picture of animals, cut up and sewn back together the wrong way, some were rabbits with the head of a antelope, others were dogs with nooses fastened out of there own intestines.

That Kyoko could just let slide, sometimes art was gruesome, it didn't make the person that drew it a serial killer, possibly quite the opposite, maybe they were trying to send a message animal abuse, although she hadn't had a clue as to why someone would send it to her, having not had a pet since she was 14, and she wasn't cruel to it in any way. The other package was the one that might be cause for concern, at a glance it appeared that someone had just given her a heart shaped box of chocolates. She opened the box and it looked the same, just chocolates. She picked one up and examined it thoroughly, there really didn't seem to be anything odd about the chocolates. So she bit into one. Not too bad, just spicy, excruciatingly spicy. She spit it out almost immediately. Her mouth was on fire! After drinking several glasses of water, she went back to her bedroom, wondering why anyone would send a box of spicy chocolates, she hated spicy things. It was only then, after examining the box, that she saw it: There was a small amount of text visible from where the chocolate had been taken. she dumber the rest of the candies into the lid of the box so she could read what had been written.

It seemed fitting from how spicy the candies were, but still ominous. It had written in all caps "YOU'RE GONNA BURN, KITTY CAT!" Kyoko threw the box into the back of her closet, with the peppered chocolates still in it.

And now here she was, looking at the door to the dressing room, her heart raced, pumping lava through her veins, it felt like she was burning, the mystery man was definitely true to his word.

"What's the matter?" Kanae approached the changing room door, ready to put on her wretched uniform.

Kyoko put a hand out in front of her friend. "I'm not sure you wanna go in there," She advised.

Kanae raised an eyebrow, "Why not?"

Taking a deep breath, Kyoko threw the door open so Kanae could see what was nailed to the wall inside.

Her jaw dropped. And she screamed. "THAT'S A CAT!"