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What have I done?

It's complete chaos in Zawame City. Inves are everywhere, no one's on the streets, and the Yggdrasil building is covered in vines. The bandages covering his wounds are unneeded now, so he finds an abandoned clothes store. He can't pay for anything, he has no money, and there's no one to pay, but he desperately needs a shirt. There's not much left in the store, but he eventually chooses a grey-green t-shirt that's his size, though it's a little loose. Idly he wonders if he should just leave the suit coat behind, but as there are no other jackets or coats in the store, he slips the tattered jacket back over his new shirt. Leaving the store behind, he wanders for a while, before spying a familiar face.

Kazuraba Kouta…

He silently follows Kazuraba-tachi, unsure of his next move. Has Ryouma turned Kazuraba and his friends? Is he planning on using them as well? He just doesn't know. So until he comes up with a plan, he'll keep an eye on them, though he knows he can't follow them indefinitely. When the three stop at a restaurant he's never heard of before, he stays outside and thinks. Eventually he decides to wait until Kazuraba's alone to talk with him, but he doesn't count on an unexpected surprise.


Certainly, he didn't expect to see his younger brother, though he's happy that he seems okay. Although, he's never seen him dressed like that. When he exits the parlor, he's not surprised when Kazuraba is following his brother. Yet, something about the situation seems wrong. If Kazuraba was alone, then Mitsuzane should have felt safe enough to talk to him in there. Yet they're headed into a different part of the city. His instincts screaming a warning, he follows the two young men into a secluded part of the city, made all the more isolated by the lack of people.

What is going on?

He can't believe his eyes. He is frozen, unable to move, forced to watch as his younger brother attacks his friend. Why is Mitsuzane attacking Kazuraba? What is he talking about? Kazuraba's hope, a disease? Isn't that what drew Mitsuzane to Kazuraba in the first place? Isn't Kazuraba's hope what makes him strong? Why does Mitsuzane think that Kazuraba has taken everyone important to him away? He stares in horror as Mitsuzane pulls out a Genesis Driver. His Genesis Driver. Why does he have that? His ears are filled with a roaring. Mitsuzane blames Kouta for his death? When did his Mitsuzane become this insane person?

Why, Mitsuzane?

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