Why did this happen?

He can't believe it. Mitsuzane, his own brother, is working with the Overlords to take over the world, something he wouldn't have believed if he hadn't seen the proof with his own eyes. Moreover, he's so far gone that he will attack someone who used to be his best friend, someone he looked up to, which doesn't bode very well for him. He stands where he'd stepped in between Mitsuzane and Kazuraba, feeling numb. Kazuraba and Baron are talking in the background, but the words are white noise to him. When they head away from the location, he turns and follows them, footsteps sounding dully in his ears, his heart in pieces.

How did it come to this?

He learns of Ryouma's disappearance and the current situation from Minato Yoko, and watches Reiko standing forlornly in a corner. He can't stand seeing that sad look on her face, so he heads out and wanders the city, trying to calm his troubled mind. Eventually his feet take him back to the same restaurant from earlier and he sees Kouta enter. On a whim he follows. He lingers in the hallway, and is surprised to hear that Kazuraba isn't hungry. Although, if he's perfectly honest with himself, he's not very hungry either, but at least he has an excuse. At least he's wearing a Sengoku Driver, albeit an incomplete one with the weakest Lockseed providing energy. Dismissing those thoughts, he heads around the corner.

Where did I go wrong?

It's as if one thing going wrong caused an avalanche of other problems. He wonders sometimes if Kazuraba understands Mitsuzane better than he does. Hearing the young man talk about Mitsuzane soothes him a little, but he still knows that this is all his fault. Maybe Mitsuzane would have turned out differently had he been born Kouta's brother. Maybe Kouta should have been born into their family. For a moment, he sees their family as it could have been with Kouta as the cheerful, slightly rebellious middle child, and his heart aches inside of him at the thought. But there's no time for daydreaming. This has to end now.

Let's settle this, Mitsuzane.

So, after letting the previous chapter sit as a one-shot for months, I started watching bits of Gaim again, and got inspired. Here you go!

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