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The Legacy of Aura


The Final Piece

Johto Region – Ecruteak City, four years after the Unova League

It was raining. It was always raining these days, it seemed. The constant downpour a metaphor to the turmoil raging below the black skylines; a world engulfed in conflict.

It was a hidden conflict, one not reported about in the mainstream media, not one spoken about unless in a quiet whisper behind closed doors, but a conflict nonetheless. And it was about to reach its climax, a shuddering crescendo that would leave the world breathless, and ultimately forever changed.

It was late and the city was sleeping, doors barred and locked, and windows fastened tight against the raging downpour that filled the streets with large puddles. Everywhere was drenched, and the patter of rain bouncing off the slate-roofed buildings that made up the city became an almost deafening sound. There wasn't a soul to be seen.

Two figures emerged from the dense rain, walking solemnly against the grey pouring around them, and sliding from off their bodies. They entered the city like demons, silent against the downpour yet inexorable in their approach. They both walked in a steady rhythm, careful not to disturb the song already playing its tune, careful not to raise awareness to their intrusion.

Both of the figures were tall and entirely indistinguishable in the dark, their faces hidden under hoods and their bodies wrapped in heavy cloaks the same colour as the morbid heavens. Should anyone have had the misfortune to have glimpsed out of their window at the moment they passed, they would have only seen death itself walk by, in all its terrible majesty.

Ecruteak wasn't a large city, it was relatively small in comparison to some of its neighbours in the region, but even so the figures were grateful for the cover of rain. Even at the late hour in which they'd chosen to approach, it wouldn't have been uncommon for people to be out and about on the streets, enjoying the nightlife and all that it offered. If they were spotted, it would make their job… complicated.

One of the figures walked slightly before the other, his head bowed so that he faced the floor rather than anything else, shunning away from the world around him. Beneath the deep shadows of his hood his eyes were vacant, his mind replaying memories from a past he no longer wished to remember, and a time he no longer wished to be any part of. He scrunched his leather-gloved hand into a fist and kept moving forward, never once looking back.

His partner cocked his hooded head to the side, noticing the gesture, but said nothing. He knew at times like these it was best to remain silent. He'd seen what happened when his companion got angry, and he had no desire to be on the receiving end. Especially not of late. No, it was best to remain on his good side, he hadn't come this far to be killed by speaking out of turn.

As they made their way up the main street heading north through Ecruteak's main body, a new note was added to the song of sound – human laughter. Ahead of them, only now making itself visible through the downpour, was a tavern of sorts, its door open slightly with sound and light spilling forth like blood from a grievous wound.

The figure at the back raised a brow towards his companion as they continued walking toward it, wondering if the other would change course to avoid possible contact. But as always, his partner was unreadable, and he doubted he even noticed the tavern at all. Such as he was when the memories hit him. Despite all the brutal training and everything he claimed, he knew his partner was deeply haunted, one look into his eyes told that story plain as day. It was just that no one had the courage to tell him.

Before long they were walking directly past the only establishment in the entire city to have shown any signs of life, and the voices from within, for a briefest of moments, became audible.

The figure in front stopped moving abruptly as if he'd been shot, standing stock-still outside the tavern in the middle of the rain. The area around him immediately seemed to get heavy.

His partner kept on going for a few more steps before stopping, sighing, and turning back to face him. From his position he could see his partner's face illuminated by the brief light pouring through the open door and winced. It was a face that could be trouble. "We should keep moving." He said as casually as he could.

His partner didn't respond, merely kept staring at the ground before his feet with eyes as wide as saucers. It took him a couple of minutes to realize the other had even spoken, and he raised his head toward him. They locked gazes.

His partner backed away instantly, knowing what was about to happen yet being powerless to stop it. He'd heard what had been said inside the tavern, of course, and knew that nothing he said or did now would have any effect. Instead he shrugged, motioning that he wasn't bothered either way.

His partner – the leader of the two – furrowed his brows, and without a word, walked into the bar.

Inside it was full. Nearly every chair at every table was occupied by some rowdy patron with a jug of ale or some pork based foodstuff. It seemed that the weather had brought the night time community together under one roof, and nearly everyone was drunk beyond their wits. The tavern itself was fairly ordinary, a wooden planked floor and roof with thick, heavy-set beams for support, and a long counter at the far side set in front of a large cabinet of various liquors and alcohol. A portly man stood behind the counter cleaning an empty cup. He was the first to notice them.

The fact that no one else paid them much heed despite their clothing was a testament to the level of inebriation that they were currently under. As the second of the pair followed his partner in his walk toward the bar, he marvelled at that fact, and wondered just how they'd react to what was about to unfold. He smirked beneath his hood.

A particular man was the target of their diversion. He was the typical overweight pub-crawler, shouting his boisterous voice over everyone else and laughing like a booming drum. As they neared him they could smell the stench of alcohol intensify, that, and the smell of body odour. He had simple clothing on, a rugged leather jacket and simple cotton-based pants with brown leather boots, and on his face an unkempt beard was growing in patches. He had a small moustache under his thin, pointed nose.

Beside him were obviously his friends, for they were constantly slapping one another on the back and laughing with him as they joked and made lude gestures to the news that had just been announced on the large flat-screen TV up in the far right corner of the establishment. He didn't notice the pair until the leader of the two tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned at once, rolling his head on his fat neck to glance up at them with a drunken face. "Yer? Whadda you want?" He slurred out, his mouth cracked open slightly in a half laugh.

The leader of the two pointed toward the screen in the corner. "What did you just say about that last bulletin?" He asked in an emotionless tone.

The fat bar patron raised one his thick eyebrows. "Eh? What's that mate?" He smirked and took another good swallow of whatever it was he was drinking.

"What did you just say about that last bulletin?" The cloaked man asked again, in the same flat voice. The bartender, the only person not drunk in the entire room, slowly began to back off until he was as far away as possible. The second hooded figure watched him with amusement. Smart move.

The fat man blinked, then cocked his head toward the screen. "You mean about that Dawn chick?" He smiled wide, his yellow teeth put proudly on display. "I said she'd be a fucking good lay! Look at that ass! I'd take her in so many-"

He stopped, his eyes widening in fear as he noticed the cloaked man's eyes burn a cold icy azure in the darkness of his hood, his mouth opening wide in utter shock.

"W-Wait… y-you're…" He began as he finally realized whom he'd just addressed. He never saw the blow coming.

One moment he was sat on his chair, his drink in hand, the next he was slammed through the floorboards and cratering the concrete floor beneath. Splintered wood and chunks of stone went flying, and blood flew from his mouth as his head snapped back from the impact, his eyes turned white and rolled back into his skull. The hooded man was still stood above him, fist outstretched in the form of the lightning fast punch, covered in a fiery blue light.

Everyone in the bar fell silent, watching with wide eyes and fears stretched in fear. The incredibly loud bang from the sudden attack had served to snap them all back into soberness, and with a clear vision, they finally recognized the S pattern Master Balls all over the two stranger's cloaks.

The fat man's friends gaped in absolute fear, their hands shaking violently as they stared at the unconscious form of their friend in the newly formed hole.

The first man stood straight and turned his eyes from the man he'd just put through the floor toward the rest of the bar. He pulled back his hood, letting his long spiky black hair spill free over his shoulders and down his back, and turned his baleful azure gaze upon everyone watching, the simple gesture striking terror into everyone's hearts.

Ash Ketchum, aged twenty-one years old and known throughout the world as the infamous leader of Shinonome, narrowed his gaze, the simple gesture causing several of the civilians to whimper and cower back. He shot his hand toward the screen. "If anyone, ANYONE, talks about Dawn Berlitz in that manner again… I'll kill them."

His warning served as they all nodded rapidly, unwilling to incur his wrath. Some were too paralyzed to even manage that much, merely staring with shaking eyes so diluted as to be painful. No one dared speak.

The second hooded man sighed, shaking his head once. "So much for not drawing attention." He remarked as he pulled back his hood, revealing a slim face and white hair. "Honestly Ash, you sometimes let your emotions get the better of you."

Ash flicked his gaze toward him. "Soreimaru. Come, let's be gone. They don't need further reason to fear us."

"As you say," The white-haired man smirked, following the Guardian as they made their way past the stunned onlookers and back outside into the rain. They heard no noise spring back up as they walked away, the people within still stuck in a shocked silence.

As they walked, side by side, their heads exposed to the elements yet neither caring, Soreimaru glanced down at his ring, now displaying the number two, and finally dared to speak what had been on his mind. "You're still haunted by her, aren't you?"

Ash didn't answer for a long time, merely kept walking in silence, his long raven hair plastered to his back by the falling rain. Finally he sighed, "She became a Champion."

Soreimaru just nodded, understanding. He didn't need to say anything else. When the news came through that Dawn had become the new Kanto region Champion two months ago, Ash had taken the news hard, and he'd fallen into a brooding state, lashing out with extreme anger at anyone who'd tried to comfort him. He'd thrown himself into intense training to distract his mind, but it was clear to everyone within the organization that it wasn't working. Serena was the most distressed by his mood change, and she ghosted him whenever he was in the hideout, watching over him like some stalker guardian angel.

"We're approaching our destination." Ash said after a while of walking, the auburn in his eyes now visible. It was a rare sight, since that only occurred when his emotions were calm and his mind free of turmoil.

The other Guardian cocked his head, looking forward. He had to feel out with his Aura for a good few minutes before he saw the building in his mind's eye himself, and marveled once again how scarily powerful Ash had become. The man was a monster, the unfathomable amount of Aura within him now nearly completely mastered. He wasn't ashamed to admit that he scared him.

They only had to walk a little ways further before the target of their mission finally broke through the sheeting rain like an ominous God. Its towering structure and slanted roofs that crested each segment looking like some giant fountain, the water running in rivers off each bit and creating almost tranquil display against the darkness.

They both looked up, both pairs of eyes alighting with azure power, and saw the world beyond the world, were all the mystical energies that were harnessed so easily by the Pokemon came into crystal clarity. And there, situated at the very top, was a golden glow only visible to their now-enhanced vision. It was their target, the reason they'd come.

Soreimaru's smirk grew. "My my, on my first visit to the legendary Tin Tower I get to see the legendary Ho-Oh. How wondrously fortunate."

Ash ignored him and let his eyes revert to normal, walking towards the tower's entrance. The other Guardian made an amused noise and started after him, the smirk on his face never fading.

The tower was locked and barred to their advance, but Ash barely had to rap his knuckles against its surface to send the bolted, reinforced steel flying from its hinges as it it'd been hit with ten-dozen Hyperbeams. The heavy door slammed into the wall at the other side of the tower and punched through the wall at the other side, effectively creating a second entrance.

Soreimaru barely gave it a second glance. Having being paired with Ash for the last four years, he'd become accustomed to such displays of power, and it hardly surprised him anymore when this sort of thing happened.

Within was a single staircase, spiralling up the main tower toward the top, each step carved out of expensive mahogany and edged with strips of the purest gold. As they ascended, they passed many entryways to several different floors, each completely deserted at this hour. During the day would be each filled with hundreds of praying disciples and meditating monks, each trying to gleam some inner wisdom or seek enlightenment from the God bird that roosted above them. Only the most wizened and decorated of the order that looked after the tower could ascend high enough to glimpse the legendary themselves. To do otherwise was seen as the greatest of sacrilege.

Yet when they both reached the top floor, the Gods didn't smite them down, nor did they collapse from ill-fortune. They stood, side by side, and stared forward at the form of arguably the most majestic legendary to have ever existed.

Ho-Oh sat perched on a sacred alter before them, its long neck and curved beak rising up as it acknowledged their presence. Ash wasn't dense enough to not think that it hadn't noticed their approach. It probably sensed his Aura from the moment he stepped foot inside the city.

The ancient bird eyed him sadly, its focus directed solely at the Guardian prodigy. "So… you've finally come." It broadcasted into their minds via telepathy, its mental voice dripping with regret and sadness.

Ash blinked, his face and posture unaffected by the bird's words. "Ho-Oh. You're coming with us. Whether by choice or force is entirely down to you."

Ho-Oh merely shook his head. "I've dreaded this day. I knew when all my other brothers and sisters disappeared one by one that you'd eventually come here to me. I know what you plan on doing, Ash. And while I can't say whether it's wrong or right, you know that I can't approve. The risk is… too great."

"You know you can't win." Ash said, his tone now with the hint of amusement.

The legendary bird nodded slowly. "I do. You're power has grown tremendously from when you first started your journey. I've watched your growth from that day, it was no coincidence that you saw me when you did." He caught Ash's gaze and stared deep into those ebony depths. "Please don't do this."

Soreimaru tilted his head to watch his partner's reaction, watching for any sense of agitation or annoyance. If he spotted either of the two, he'd quickly back off. No use being caught in the line of fire.

But much to his and the legendary's surprise, Ash lowered his head a slight fraction and chuckled, the sound deep and brimming with power. When he raised his head and refocused on his target, he smirked. "That's not going to work."

The battle was over in seconds.

The second the words had left his lips, Aura sprang up around Ash like a geyser and he'd dashed forward, two Pokeballs had flung from his hands without anyone noticing him even having unlatching them from his belt. They opened up at either side of the legendary as Ash continued to charge down the center, and their occupants came out running, both Garchomp and Lucario diving toward their master's target surrounded by his Aura.

The three attackers struck simultaneously, three force palms at three separate points on the bird's body. They'd lowered their attack strength, of course. They wanted Ho-Oh as healthy as possible, so knocking him down to the verge of death wouldn't have been very ideal for their goals.

The legendary only realized that Ash had even moved when the three attacks hit, and a colossal pressure was felt against his body. The contents of his stomach ejected from his mouth with a torrent of spit, and his neck snapped up from the impact, eyes white with pain.

As the three attackers stood back, Ho-Oh slouched forwards and fell from his perch, collapsing into an unconscious pile on the tower's floor.

Ash returned his two Pokemon before removing an Ultra Ball from his pocket, tapping the legendary on the side, and capturing it within. He socketed his prize on his belt, and without another word, immediately turned to leave.

Soreimaru tagged along with him, the smirk on his face as wide as ever, something akin to amusement shining in his grey eyes. "Well that was certainly over quickly. That's the problem with you Ash, you're done before the fun starts. How boring."

The Guardian prodigy merely snorted but otherwise didn't respond. Instead of turning down the spiral stairs to leave the way they'd originally come, he moved to the opening in the wall to their right, which led out onto a large open balcony overlooking the city below. The two re-entered the rain, standing atop the highest floor in the tower, and looked down on an unexpected sight.

Below and arrayed in a blockade fashion, was the Johto police force. Officer Jennies and many others dressed in the typical light blue shirt and black pants of the law were stood in a semi-circle around the base of the tower, Growlithes and Arcanines stood between them at regular intervals and growling fiercely as they caught sent of the two intruders standing high above.

Soreimaru regarded the scene, as ever, with a smirk. "Oh how scary, it would seem that they've found us." He didn't bother adding it was most likely because of Ash's little display in the bar earlier. No sense poking a snake in the eye when it's wrapped around your neck. "What shall we do now, Ash? Sabrina is currently on mission and won't be able to teleport us away."

Before the leader of Shinonome could respond, one of the Jennies stood in front held up a speaker and shouted through it to be heard. "You two in the cloaks! You're to remain where you are and cease resistance immediately. You're under arrest for unwarranted assault and the trespassing of private property. You're also suspected of having ties with the renowned terrorist organization Shinonome. Don't move from your position until our officers have brought you into custody. If you attempt to flee we'll have no choice but to use force."

Ash raised an eyebrow at the situation, the other now covered by a lock of spiky black hair that had fallen to cover one side of his face. "I think it's time we scared them a little. It's the only way we'll get rid of them without killing them."

Soreimaru nodded, understanding at once, and they both raised their hands, azure power bursting into life around each pair. The police force below staggered back, bracing themselves for whatever was coming. They'd been informed about Shinonome from those who'd fought against its members before, and knew that about half of them were Ketchum's, and thus Aura users. They'd also heard how dangerously powerful their attacks could be. It was that reason that kept everyone rooted in place, no one daring to rush forwards in order to counter.

Before the two stood atop the tower a large sphere of roiling blue energy coalesced into being, growing and growing with each second. Both of the Guardians' Auras were merging into one to power the attack, and the result was its rapid expanse. It soon filled the air before the tower, an Aura Sphere literally strong enough to obliterate the entire city should it be released.

The mere sight of such overwhelming power was enough to send everyone's eyes wide. Already several officers had begun to back off, and soon it turned into an all-out flight for survival. Order and discipline quickly fell away in the face of total obliteration. It was an easy thing to admit when you were so out-classed. It was the equivalent of staring an atom bomb in the face and trying to stand your ground against it, no matter what you did the result wouldn't change, you'd still be a pile of ash when it was through.

"Fall back! Fall back!" Came the resounding order through the ranks below, although the command was entirely unnessacery, for everyone with an ounce of sense had already fled.

The two organization members continued to fuel the attack with their amassed power, the sphere getting incomprehensibly huge in its dimensions. They watched as their plan succeeded in scattering the law enforcers below, leaving an opening for them to quickly escape. They let the over-sized Aura Sphere thrum and brim with latent power for a while longer, until they'd made sure they everyone was safely out of reach, then instantly dispelled it, the power gathered fading away like mist before the morning sun.

Ash flicked his eyes to his companion. "Ready?"

Soreimaru nodded and they both leapt off the tower, free falling the eight story height to the concrete ground below. Using their Aura to surround their legs the moment before they hit the ground, both landed safely, their sandaled feet cracking the pavement and creating small craters beneath them from the impact. A second later they were off, sprinting down the main street through the center of Ecruteak at blistering speeds, using their Aura to propel them forwards with unnatural strength. Of course they could have simply done this to begin with, however colliding with anyone at such speed would pulp their organs instantly, and they had no desire to kill innocents, regardless of what the media claimed.

Those officers who were still close enough to witness stood open mouthed, gaping at the incredible speed the two of them were able to run at, watching as they blurred past.

Before long, the two Shinonome members were out of sight, well on their way back to the organizations hidden base with their objective secured.

Kanto Region – In the caverns beneath Saffron City

The hideout used by the shadowy organization was surprisingly well established, given its location. Built deep within the heart of the catacomb-like caves beneath the sprawling metropolis of Saffron, it was actually a place the legendary Tensuiromo had used for a time, and thus the perfect place for the base of their operations. The tunnels and yawning caverns were lit with numerous bulbs and lighting panels, and the main interior was filled with expensive furniture, entertainment, and fully decked-out rooms for each of its members. It was like an expensive penthouse suite crammed inside a cave.

When Ash and Soreimaru returned to the base, the other nine members were already there, waiting, and each of them turned to face the two as they walked into the light of the main chamber. Serena, as ever, was the first to react, and she came rushing over with a smile on her face. "Ash! You're back! Did everything go well?"

Ash reached inside his cloak and unclasped the Pokeball in question, holding it up in his gloved hand for all to see.

Serena clapped excitedly. "You did it!"

Drake, who was sat in the corner, one leg raised up with his arms resting upon it, snorted. "Of course he did you idiot. You honestly think our leader would fail? Maybe if you stopped crushing over him so much you'd recognize just how much of a scary bastard he is in combat."

The blonde frowned at him, her pretty face scrunched up in anger. He waved her off as though it was nothing, which caused her eye to twitch slightly.

Soreimaru stepped forward and amused himself watching everyone's faces through his nearly permanently narrowed eyes. "My, we've only been back five seconds and already people clawing at each other's throats. You wouldn't think that we're all friends."

"Can it slit eyes, no one cares for your snarky comments." Drake laughed, standing up to take the Pokeball from Ash and put it with the others.

Ash turned his head and picked out someone's half-concealed form in the corner of the room. "I see you're already back Sabrina. I assume you were successful with your capture of Mew?"

She nodded at him from the shadows, her eyes bright with psychic power. "It wasn't simple, Mew was a tricky and extremely intelligent creature, but I eventually tracked her down. She's with the others."

A man stepped forwards from one of the luxury benches, his face hidden behind a full headed mask decorated with three sets of rippling circles, one each around the eye holes and one over his mouth. "Well done Ash." Sir Aaron said in his deep tone. "Well done to all of you. We now have in our possession every legendary except for Arceus, and once we get hold of him, the door will finally open!" The eyes in the holes of his mask alighted slightly, glowing with the barest hints of power. "Colress has already begun extracting their primordial essence, so we should be ready to initialize our plan as soon as Arceus falls into our hands."

The largest man in the room, and indeed the entire world, stood up from leaning against the wall, his long white hair spilling down his back and past his chin. He regarded them all slowly with his one visible eye. Standing over nine feet tall, he dwarfed everyone else in the room quite easily. "So…" AZ rumbled in a voice deeper than a canyon. "We move onto the next phase…?"

"You talk too damn slow!" Came a boisterous voice from beside him having just taken a beer from the organization's fridge. "When it comes time to battle, I hope you'll pick up the pace a little. War is all about fast commands and tactics," Lt. Surge laughed as he slapped the giant on the back. "No time to wait for slowpokes!"

"Ash?" Came a new voice from the gathered group. The spikey haired leader of the organization tilted his head to regard the speaker.

"Leaf? What's troubling you?"

She waved him off. "Nothing really. Could I have a word with you in private for a moment?"

He nodded and walked after her as they made their way down an empty cave system, out of sight and earshot from the rest of the group. Serena made a face as she watched them leave, although she didn't feel jealous, given that they were related. Not much, at any rate. She attempted to follow them to try and eavesdrop what would be so important that the two of them couldn't share, when a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"Don't," Came the relaxed and nearly eternally bored voice of Lucas. "Just let them talk in private. Whatever they're discussing clearly isn't meant for us." He knew out of everyone, that he was the most level-headed and emotionally stable member of the group. Everyone else was so eccentric as to be laughable. "Besides, you know how Leaf can be when she's annoyed."

She pouted slightly but nodded. "Yeah, okay."

Soreimaru leant against the stone wall of their naturally formed hideout, watching everyone carefully without anyone realizing. He liked to do that a lot. It gave him perspective – and potential leverage, should he ever need it – about the people he now lived with. Half of them, like himself, were Ketchum Clan descendants, but the rest were people handpicked by Sir Aaron because their goals aligned with their own and he found that their powers were useful. That was saying a lot, given the amount of powerhouses that made up the organization. Thinking along those lines, he turned his attention to the only member of the group to have not yet spoken, and by far the most mysterious of the bunch.

Cyrus sat in the opposite corner to Sabrina, his cloak's hood up, covering his face with shadows, yet enough light found its way through to illuminate his features somewhat. His spiky light-blue hair had turned completely silver since he returned to this plane of existence, and he seemed to have aged two decades in the short year he was gone. He rarely spoke, and when he did it was always cryptically, speaking of vague futures or some impossible reality that he'd witnessed in Arceus knows where he'd ended up. His battling skills were formidable enough though, given that he was rank eight out of some of the most powerful trainers this world has even witnessed.

Yes, Soreimaru thought with a smirk, Cyrus definitely is a mystery…

Five minutes later Ash and Leaf returned to the group, with more than a few curious eyes landing on them wondering what the secret meeting had been about. Neither of their faces gave away any clues, both looking as stoic as ever.

Seeing that everyone except Colress was finally back and settled, the shadow leader of the group, Sir Aaron, stood and clapped his gloved hands together to gather everyone's attention. "Now that we're all here and everything is in place, the time has come to start the second phase of our plan."

No one moved except for their eyes, the many powerful orbs trained on their founder with rapt attention. "The final piece of the puzzle to unlock the Eternity Gate is Arceus, and in order to summon him fully down into our plane of existence we're going to need power. While we have massive stockpiles of power in terms of the legendarys we've captured, all of their essence will be needed once we come to unlock the gate.

"However, there is a simple solution to this problem that will give the world an awakening in the process." He paused for a while, noting that everyone's eyes were still watching him keenly. Especially Ash's. Good. "My friends… we're going to start a war."

As he expected, no one immediately reacted, and silence followed his proclamation was as loud as the beating of the largest drum.

The first one to respond was Surge, who pumped one of his muscle-bound arms into the air. "Hell yeah! It's been too long since I was able to let loose on the front lines!"

Leaf, ever the voice of caution, immediately followed suit. "Is this really the best option? One of our founding principles is never to harm innocents, to protect them from the evil that the League cannot."

"Which is why our war will be against the League itself. We'll use the opportunity to show the world just how inadequate the League and World Government truly is, and, we'll also be able to use all the energy expended during the fighting to summon Arceus. Once he's been called to us, we'll disengage the League and focus on capturing him."

"How are you going to collect all that energy to use for such a specific purpose?" Lucas asked, adjusting the position of his cap.

Sir Aaron turned to regard him for a second. "Colress is currently working on a specific device that will do just that."

"I wondered where that slime ball had gotten too." Drake laughed, throwing one of his Pokeballs in the air and catching it. "So you're sure this device will work?"

"We've tested it repeatedly over the last four years, and it works exactly as we hoped. Colress is just adjusting it to encompass the large distances the war will take place in." Sir Aaron replied, turning and eying them all each in turn. When he finished his eyes lit up in the holes within his mask. "In a month's time… the Guardian's shall once again sit atop the world!"

At that, everyone's mouths' transformed into satisfied grins.

Ash met the eyes of the masked Sir Aaron, both of their gazes blazing with azure power, and behind his wooden mask, the founder of the group Shinonome genuinely smiled for the first time in years.

To be Continued…

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