10:45 P.M.

Death Egg, Outer Atmosphere

The large egg-shaped scientist slammed his fists against the console of the control room of his gigantic orbiting satellite. The blue hedgehog had foiled his plans again, for who knows how many times at this point. Every time he came close to completeing his plans for domination, that blue blur had made everything come crashing down to the ground.

"There has to be a way to stop that hedgehog... but how?!" He though angrily, slamming his fists against the console again. He looked over at the white crystalized diamond within the command console. A thought occurred to him.

"Wait a minute, that's it!" He said, rapidly typing into the command console. "If the Chaos Emeralds are powerful enough to manipulate time, they may just be enough to manipulate the dimensions as well!" A smug grin appeared on his face. "If I can use the Emerald I have now to contact across the radio waves between dimensions, I can assemble the ultimate league of villains! Now then, time to establish the connection..." He said, rapidly typing across the keyboard. The grin grew on his face as the connection was established between several other dimensions; Dimension #09131985, Dimension #12111997, Dimension #04021994, Dimension #06062002, and Dimension #03222001.

"Wh-what?!" An annoyed female voice said. "Who is this?!"

A grin appeared on the scientist's face. "Fellow villains!" He triumphantly announced. "We have a lot of discussion to unfold..."

12:56 P.M.

Death Egg, Outer Atmosphere

"Ah, that must be them now." The egg shaped scientist said from his view above the hangar. Multiple airships of varying sizes flew into the hangar. "It would have been nice to get some formal introductions before this actual meeting, but, I guess you can't have all your Egg Pawns coming off the assembly line in perfect working order."

The first figure to depart from one of the more traditional pirate airships was a giant, lumbering, spiked-shelled turtle-dragon. A fierce look in its eyes meant one thing: death to traitors.

Departing from a more technologically advanced pirate ship was a pale skinned pirate captainess, having purple hair, most of which was kept under her captains' hat, large golden earrings, and a rather odd getup.

Departing from a more dark and shadowy airship was a tall and rather dark figure, cloaked in a dark robe and wore a large golden helmet of an odd bird creature. Leaving with him was a small imp-like clown.

Finally, leaving from the last, steampunkesque airship, was a rather odd figure. Dressed in multiple colored robes, and white face paint, he was definitely an odd sight.

"Fellow villans," The egg-shaped scientist said. "I appreciate you coming on such a short notice. We will get the formalities out of the way once you all get to the meeting room..."

The other characters looked at eachother in confusion before heading into the odd technological sanctum.

"This is definitely a different departure then my castle back home.." The turtle-dragon said. "Feels like there's a severe lack of lava.."

"Hey, I'm more used to sea travel, and this isn't really bugging me all that much." The piratess said. "Maybe you're just homesick. Ironic that it's the big bruiser that's the one!"

"You makin' something out of it?" The turtle-dragon said. "I could fry you to well-done in a matter of seconds!"

"Oh suuuure you could." The piratess said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Settle down now, all of you," The scientist's voice rang over the speakers. "You can commence with the arguing after what I explain."

Soon the group stopped at a door the yellow guide line had led them to. The door opened to a meeting room, oddly enough each chair was crafted that it mached each of the villain's personalities. at the far end, a large white, egg-shaped chair sat, unmoving.

The piratess felt a bit unnerved at the tone that the room was giving off. Each villain sat at their respective chairs.

"Now then," The white chair turned around, showing an egg-shaped man with a large mustache. "We have a lot to discuss..."

"Alright," The piratess said. "Why are we here in the first place again?"

"Ah, yes, about that," The scientist said. "I have called you all here to discuss about a certain issue that seems to plague us."

"You mean the ones that keep us from getting our way, am I correct?" The large turtle dragon grunted. The scientist nodded. "That and the fact that no matter what we do on our own doesn't seem to succeed."

"Look, I'm not here for any sort of pity-party," The piratess said, crossing her arms. "so get to the point."

"Fine." The scientist said. "I am proposing an alliance to stop these little menaces for good, and to finally claim the worldly titles we truly deserve!"

"And how exactly do you propose we do that?" The jester said.

"I' will show you." The scientist said. "Follow." The scientist left through a back door, with the others shortly following.

The piratess eyed the the tall dark figure for a second seemed to be a bit unnerved by his presence. "You know," she said to the turtle dragon. "Tall, dark, and creepy needs to lighten up a bit..."

"Now, then," The scientist said. "Our concern is to gather these." He held up a small, white, diamond gem. He could have sworn he saw dollar signs appear in the piratess' eyes.

"So," she said. "What's the going price on a clean-cut gem like that?"

"Risky, please," The scientist said. "These gems contain far more power than you could EVER put a price on."

"You mentioned something about gemstones in your message you sent out, didn't you?" The small imp-clown asked. "Lord Ghadius seemed rather interested in whatever you had planned."

"Well, let me get to EXPLAINING THAT, would you?" The scientist said, rather annoyed. "These gems are known as the Chaos Emeralds." He said, typing something into the touchscreen in front of him. "Obtaining all seven of these gems can grant the user near-ultimate power..."

"That definitely something that sounds like something that could be useful..." The turtle dragon muttered. "Could use that so crush a certain Italian plumber..."

"Now then," The scientist said. "I have managed to track down the location of at least one of the gems," He typed more into the touchscreen keyboard. A map of a city showed up, and a red blip binged on the map. "and it's here. Risky, I'm leaving this one up to you."

The piratess saluted. "...you don't need to salute me." The scientist said.

"My troops will be departing there shortly." The piratess said, then turned to leave.

The other villains soon then departed, but the scientist was stopped by the shadowy figure when he tried to leave the control room.

"A word with you, sir..." The tall dark shadowy figure said to the scientist.

"What is it Ghadius?" The scientist said.

Ghadius held out one hand, and a small dark crystal formed in his hand.

"What is this?" The scientist said. "It's not like anything I've seen before."

"This," Ghadius stated. "is part of a failed plan I had a while back to control Phantomile. It is a fragment from the Egg of Destruction..."

"Explain," The scientist said. "I don't seem to understand as to what this thing is."

"It will be revealed later," Ghadius said. "Should all else fail, this will be our final weapon..." He turned and walked down the other way of the corridor.

The scientist looked at the odd crystal. "Computer, analyze." He said, placing the crystal into the scanner. "This is an interesting substance... now if only Risky is holding up her end of the plan.."

Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at a mega-crossover. I've seen a couple floating around here, but not something to this big a degree. This will be several, and I mean SEVERAL chapters per dimension world, often introducing characters, epic boss battles, and a deep, intertwined story. Rating is K+ due to small traces of blood in the story itself. Characters are kept to their characters as best as possible, though a couple areas have been merged together, and a couple locations have had slight name edits. Hopefully I won't get ridiculed for that.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but if any sort of degrading reviews for no reason are seen on here, I will delete them, and I WILL block you from my work. If it continues, I WILL report you.

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