10:53 A.M.
First National Hexaeco Bank

It was a rather quiet time at the back. People coming and going, checking rising and falling stock prices, making withdrawals and deposits...

In line for the teller, a cloaked figure waited in line, a small smirk appeared on her face. As soon as she got to the booth, she reached for a holster on her side.

"I'd like to make a withdrawal." She said to the teller.

"And how much would that be?" The teller asked.

"Everything," She said pulling out what looked like a flintlock pistol and shot it twice into the air. People ran in panic to get away from whatever was happening.

"Everyone, on the ground, NOW!" She yelled. "On the ground! Next person to call for authorities gets a taste of lead!"

10:55 A.M.
Hexaeco City Mall

"Seriously, Ames?" The blue anthro hedgehog said. "A shopping trip is NOT how I wanted to spend my afternoon."

"Oh, cheer up, you blue sulk," The perky pink female hedgehog said. "You need to lighten up more."

The blue hedgehog merely rolled his green eyes at the statement. SHE wasn't the one carrying nearly everything she had bought.

"I'm not the one having the easy time here, now am I?" He retorted.

"Lighten up." She shot a sharp glare at him. "Just three more stops and then we'll be done."

The blue hedgehog sighed. 'Why do I put myself into these situations...'

The next stop had the hedgehog waiting outside a store with multiple TVs. A news broadcast suddenly came on.

"We interrupt this program for an important news broadcast." The reporter on the TV said. "There has been a break-in at the First National Hexaeco Bank. Reports have been accounted of large amounts of money have been stolen, along with the Chaos Emerald."

At the mention of the term "Chaos Emerald", the hedgehog's spines perked up. "Eyewitness report one of the customers threatened the teller at gunpoint before forcing him to open the vault. We will try to get more information when the culprit is captured..."

A large smirk appeared on the hedgehog's face. 'Finally, some action...'

The pink hedgehog walked out of the storefront to see the stack of what she bought on the ground, and just in time to see a blue blur take off toward the city's downtown. She soon took off after it.

"Sonic!" She yelled. "Get back here!"

"Open the safe!" The person yelled, pointing the firearm at the teller. "Open it!"

The teller nodded hastily and typed something into the keyboard. Sirens blared loudly as the safe opened, showing large amounts of money. In the center of it was a small pedestal with a emerald green colored diamond on it.

The thief's eyes lit up as she went for the gem in the safe. Smaller minions seemed to pour into the vault, gathering up large amounts of money.

"Ah, here we are," The thief said. "This must be the gem. Now just to take this back to-" She was interrupted as a blue blur blazed right in front of her, and suddenly the gem was gone!

"I'm sorry, looking for this?" A voice said. The thief turned around to see the blue hedgehog, holding the Chaos Emerald in his right hand. "Sorry, but petty thieves like you don't need these."

"So," The thief said. "You must be the hedgehog the doctor told me about..." She chuckled a bit. "Well then," she said tearing away the cloak. "You are about to mess with the greatest pirate in existence; Risky Boots!"

"Pfft. 'Greatest windbag' is more like it." The hedgehog sneered. "Like I'm gonna believe you're some pirate captain. What do I look like, an idiot?"

"Oh, I see." The piratess said. "Looks like the little rat has an attitude."

"Look, do I need to take you to get glasses before I kick your can?" The hedgehog said. "I'm not a rat, I'm a hedgehog!"

"Rodents all the same." The piratess said. "Nothing like a little extermination to secure this operation."

"Look, some ones leaving this place first, and it ain't m-" The hedgehog was cut off as a bullet whizzed by his head, striking the vault wall behind him.

"You wanna repeat that?" The piratess said through gritted teeth, gun barrel smoking from the shot she just fired.

"Oh, so you wanna play THAT game, do ya?" The hedgehog said with a big smirk on his face. "Well then, been a while since I had a good rumble. Let's do this!"

"You'll regret this..." The piratess gritted through her teeth.

"Lady," The hedgehog, Sonic, said. "The only one around here who will regret anything will be YOU!"

"We'll see about that, blue rat!" The piratess aimed her gun and started firing off bullets like mad. Sonic immediately dashed to the right, out of the line of fire the piratess kept aim on the hedgehog until she got fed up and switched it to a different setting.

"Man, you're really a bad shot!" Sonic sarcastically said. "What did you graduate from Egg Pawn Academy or something?"

"Ah shut up!" The piratess yelled before firing off her weapon again, this time releasing a small missile. A look of shock appeared on Sonic's face as he dodged out of the way of the missile, blowing up the wall where he was standing just a few seconds ago.

"Since when do guns fire missiles?!" He yelled.

"Since that scientist was able to modify this weapon." The piratess said. "Now hand over the gem!"

"Pfft, yeah right." Sonic said, thumbing his nose. "You really think that I'm gonna just hand over the gem and leave? Fat chance."

The piratess nodded. "Then you have just sealed you fate, blue rat..."

"I'm a hedgehog!" Sonic yelled. Almost immediately the piratess fired off several missiles at Sonic. Sonic immediately dashed to the side, moving away from the missiles.

"Hold still, you little..." the piratess muttered. Before she could even finish her sentence, four large golden rings flew out, destroying the missiles.

"Wh-what?!" The piratess exclaimed, shocked. The golden rings flew back and linked around the wrists of a girl standing in an opening caused by one of the missile blasts.

Sonic was dumbstruck, but the piratess knew exactly what was going on. She merely smirked.

"So we meet again, half-genie..."

The girl jumped down from the opening, and Sonic got a better look at her. The girl was definitely not from around here, noting by her tanned skin. Her lavender hair was pinned up into a large ponytail, cuffed by a golden cuff at the base. She wore a golden headband with a sapphire gem in the forehead of it, and wore a red bedlah with golden trim, a sleeveless brown vest, and red shoes. Two golden rings wrapped around each of her wrists, and if looks could kill, her piercing blue eyes said it all.

"Should've expected that you got fed up with your failed attempts to conquer the island and ran off again." The girl said. Sonic was baffled at exactly what was happening.

"Hmph, persistent as ever, I see," The piratess said, putting a hand on her hip. "What, the old man of yours find a way to track me?"

"When other pirates don't attack Scuttle town for a while, it's generally a relief. YOU, on the other hand, if you don't attack the island, something's going on," the other girl said.

The hedgehog looked back and forth, confused as to what was going on. "Ok, what is this?" he said.

"Hmph, well then," the piratess said, drawing her sword. "Perhaps you would like to taste my blade?"

"Did you forget?" The other girl said. "I've beaten you so many times before, it's gotten old."

"That's why the old scientist installed this..." the piratess said, pushing a button on the hilt. The sword then started glowing a blue aura glowing around the blade.

"What the..." The other girl said, and barely had any time to react before the piratess fired off a blue wave of energy at the girl. She barely managed to dodge out of the way.

"Hmph, maybe that old kook had something goin' for this..." The piratess said. She then jumped back up to the ship floating back outside the bank.

"Get back here!" The other girl said. She ran out of the bank, with Sonic shortly following.

"Listen up!" The piratess said from the deck of the airship. "This is only the beginning of what is to come! Either admit your surrender," She said. "or every single one of your worlds will succumb to the wrath of the Empire!" At that moment the airship took off away from the bank, the piratess with a smirk on her face.

"Hey, get back here!" The other girl said. But the airship took off without turning back. The girl stamped her foot.

"Ah, shoot!" The girl said. "Thought I had her this time..."

"I'm sorry," Sonic said. "But who exactly are you?"

The girl looked over at the blue hedgehog. "Oh, sorry, didn't explain myself." She said. "I'm Shantae."

"Shantae, eh?" Sonic said. "Nice name." He extended his hand. "Name's Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog."

"So, you're not from around here?" The hedgehog asked the girl as they walked down the sidewalk of the cities.

The girl shook her head. "No, not really," She said. "I'm actually from Sequin Island."

"Sequin Island?" Sonic asked, a confused look on his brow. "Odd name for a place. Don't think I've ever heard about that place before."

"Hey, it's home for me." She said. "Definitely a lot more laid back than around here."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Sonic said. "Never a dull moment in this city."

"SONIC!" Yelled a voice from behind the two.

"Case Number 1." Sonic said before he was tackled by the pink hedgehog.

"That is the LAST time I'm letting you run away from me!" She said, nearly smothering Sonic.

"Yeah, yeah, get off Ames," Sonic said shoving her off.

"And exactly who is this girl?" Amy asked.

Sonic got up from the sidewalk. "Well, meet Shantae." Sonic said. "She helped me stop that bank holdup earlier."

"Oh, she did?" Amy asked. "Well, I was wonderin' where you went after you ditched me at the store."

"Hey," Shantae said. "To be fair, he was useful in helping me."

"Yeah, yeah," Amy said, rolling her eyes. "So, where are you going now?"

"Not really sure," Sonic said. "We don't know where that pirate girl flew off to but I don't like the looks of this." His wristwatch was then beeping suddenly. He clicked a button on one side, and a voice message started playing.

"Sonic, can you hear me?" A voice of a young boy spoke from the watch.

"Roger that, good buddy." Sonic said. "What's up?"

"Get here, and fast! We've got trouble!" The voice said.

"Roger that, we'll be there as soon as possible." Sonic said. "Sonic, out." He then clicked the switch again and ended the message.

"Who was that?" Shantae asked.

"Tails, an old friend of mine." Sonic said, pulling his gloves on. "C'mon, I'll get the formalities after we get to the Mystic Ruins." With that Sonic took off, the other two following him in hot pursuit.

"So, this is the place?" Shantae asked as she looked out the window as the train rolled into the station.

"Yeah," Sonic said. "This is the place. C'mon, I know where his place is."

A quick trip up a hill had the group arrive at a workshop overlooking a long straightaway over a cliff. Sonic knocked on the door to the building.

"Yo, Tails!" Sonic shouted. "We're here like you asked!"

"Great!" A voice said. "You guys can come in!"

Sonic opened the door and walked inside, Shantae and Amy shortly followed.

"Good thing you guys could make it." A young, twin-tailed fox said.

"So, why all the hubub, Tails?" Sonic asked. "Usually things aren't this hectic."

"Let me explain that." Tails said, turning and rapidly typing something into the computer. What flashed onto the screen was a sattelite feed looking near a giant Spherical space station.

"So?" Sonic said. "It's just the Death Egg."

"Yeah but look carefully." Tails said, redirecting the video feed near an area nearby the station. A large swirling portal openned, and four large airships flew out and headed for the docking bay.

"Looks like Eggman's calling on reinforcements," Tails said. "Guess he decided to hire others to finish us off."

"Wait," Shantae said, stopping the video footage. "Go back, to the part where the ships are exiting the portal."

Tails nodded and rewound the footage to where the ships were leaving the portal.

"There," She said. "Pause it right there."

Tails stopped the video footage. Shantae pointed to a mechanical ship exiting the portal. "That's Risky's ship." Shantae said. "The same one that was docked outside the bank earlier this day."

"Wait, you KNOW her?" Sonic asked.

Shantae nodded. "All too well."

"Wait," Tails said. "Then, if you know the person on that ship, and that ship came from another dimension, then that means..."

"You got it," Shantae said, whipping her lavender hair back. "I'm from the same dimension she is."

Tails jaw almost dropped in awe. "Wow, this is incredible!" He said. "I never thought we'd have ANOTHER dimensional crossover ever since Blaze!"

"Who?" Shantae asked.

"Blaze. She's an old friend of mine." Sonic said. "Anywho, what are we supposed to do now?"

"Well, let's see," Tails said, turning back to his computer. "If I can find out what all dimensions Eggman somehow managed to link to, we might be able to get our own help!"

"And blow that Egghead right out of the water!" Sonic said. "Nice thinking, Tails."

"No problem," He said, before turning back to his computer. "Ok, so I know our dimension number is #06231997... so, if I trace all dimensional openings within the past 24 hours... Got it!"

Several other dimensional pins flashed up on the screen: #09131985, #12111997, #04021994, #06062002, and #03222001.

"So," Sonic said, crossing his arms. "These the other dimensions he's linked with?"

Tails nodded. "Yeah, and who knows how many more he's planning to access!"

Suddenly an alarm started blaring on screen. Tails frantically typed into the keyboard to find out what was going on.

"Looks like another portal's been opened!" Tails exclaimed. "And it's right over the Mystic Ruins!"

"Which one is it coming from?!" Sonic yelled.

Tails frantically typed onto the keyboard again. "Dimension #04021994!"

AN: Well, looks like the events of the story are starting to fall into place. Another dimensional portal has opened, but what is coming out of it? What is Eggman's grand scheme? And just what is going on? Next chapter will be up soon, so stay tuned!