1:25 A.M.
Jugpot Royal Palace, Phantomile

"I can't tell if you guys are receiving this or not," Klonoa said, speaking into the computer console. "But Lolo and I are fine. We're currently working on stopping Ghadius in this world, and hopefully we'll be back after we're done in this world."

"We should be able to handle the situation on our own." Lolo said. "You guys just go ahead with whatever plan you're planning on doing, and we'll catch up after we've cleaned up here. We hope..."

"...hope that you can understand." Klonoa finished. "We'll be back shortly. Dream Traveler out." He said, cutting off the transmission.

"So.. they'll receive that transmission?" Lolo asked, looking unsure.

Klonoa nodded. "They should have. Even with the static interference, it should have gotten through. Now, let's get to Coronia. We can get it up and running and hopefully be able to get to Cress from here."

Lolo nodded. "So, where is it?"

"From what the Chieftess told me," Klonoa said. "Coronia crashed somewhere along the coastline. If we follow along the caves to the southeast of here, we should make it there."

Lolo nodded. "Then we need to get going... If we're gonna stop Ghadius..."

3:42 P.M.
Tails Workshop, Mystic Ruins

The transmission cut off, and soon Tails looked back at the group, baffled at what came through.

"Wait, so that was Klonoa?" Shantae asked. "What's going on?"

"Well, I'm not sure. But from the sound of it, Klonoa and Lolo are busy cleaning up house in whatever dimension they're in. Either way, they said they're meeting back with us later."

"Well, that's enough dictation for me!" Sonic said. "Let's load up! We head out now before the flying circus shows up and try to wreck our stuff."

Terra nodded. "Let's get the ships up and running."

The large engines whirred to life as the two large ships whirred to life, rising up from their drydocks. The Falcon, now outfitted with the new advanced weapons systems, and the Triforce ship, now outfitted for flight, rose into the sky before taking off, the Tornado with Sonic and Shantae on board.

"Alright, all systems are go?" Tails said over the transmitter.

"Everything's fine aboard the Falcon," Mimic radioed. "And young Twitch is getting anxious about getting into firing the guns now..."

"Well, tell her to lay off on the trigger fingers until we get attacked. Last thing we need is G.U.N. on us for weapons firing in an airspace for gits and shiggles." Tails said back through the transmitter. "So keep her under wraps."

"I... don't know what that phrase means.. but she's not firing a single round until we get the clear." Mimic replied. "Now, how are Link and the brothers doing?"

"I'll check in on them." Tails said, switching the channels on his transmitter. "Tails here. Everything good on your end guys?"

"We're-a all good on-a this end." Luigi said. "Link-a has the main cannon a-ready for firing, and Mario is ready in case we-a need to get a-physical."

"Ok, sounds good." Tails said. "Just keep your eyes open for any of the enemy forces and we should be fine."

"Eh, not like they have a chance when we have the Chaos Emeralds." Sonic said, holding the lavender gem. "They even try to take us down, they're gonna get a load of Chaos Energy right up theirs!"

"Agreed." Shantae said, holding the green gem. "We're gonna need these if we're gonna stop them..."

"Hm? Still a little broken about your hair?" Sonic asked, looking over at Shantae, the usual glow in her eyes gone.

"Eh... a little..." Shantae said. "I'll get over it eventually, but..."

"Heads up guys!" Tails said. "Looks like Eggman's calvary has just arrived!"

Looking out into the sea of clouds, a large fleet of ships in varying shapes and sizes were appearing through the massive white fluff. Various ships of the Koopa Troop, Eggman Empire, Pigmask Empire, and Ghadius's Nighmare Forces rose up and set their sights on one main target: the heroes coming straight at them.

"Well, looks like it's time to rumble!" Sonic said. "Ready Shantae?"

"No problem!" Shantae said, transforming into her harpy form. "Everyone else ready?"

"We're ready!" Terra said from the Falcon, her hands cloaked in fire while Celes' were cloaked in ice and Relm' hands in electricity. "Just give us the word!"

"I wanna show those fuddy duddies who we are!" Relm squealed. "They're not getting past us!"

"Let's light 'er up boys!" Twitch said from the cockpit of the giant gun cannon on the bottom of the Falcon, a semi-sadistic grin on her face. "About time I get some blasting done!"

"I got your back Twitch!" Vinegar said from the targeting computer module above Twitch. "Just make sure they don't blow ya sky high!"

"All right! Let's-a go!" Mario said, grabbing a Cape Feather from his vest pocket. Tossing it onto himself, a yellow cape soon appeared and he ran off, jumping off the ship and flying forward toward the looming fleet...

2:15 A.M.
Crystallized Caverns, Phantomile

"K-Klonoa..." Lolo breathed. "H-h-how close are we to the temple?"

"It shouldn't be much further.." Klonoa said. "As long as we keep moving, we should be okay, and Coronia shouldn't be much farther."

"I-I-I hope..." Lolo breathed, her cheeks flushed red from the cold. "S-s-so... cold..." She breathed, collapsing to her knees.

"Lolo!" Klonoa gasped, running over and scooping her up in his arms. "Oh no... c'mon Lolo, stay with me!"

"C-c-c-cold... s-so... c-c-cold..." Lolo breathed, barely hanging on to consciousness.

"Oh no..." Klonoa breathed to himself. "Lolo..."

2:17 A.M.
Crystallized Caverns, Phantomile

"Great. Just great. Now we're lost in the middle of some sort of ice cave with no way to get out!" A lavender cat, female, growled to herself. She wore a dark violet jacket with gold trim with a black sports bra underneath and long white pants with a red pendent hanging off the side with light red shoes with heels. She had a frayed lavender ponytail near the base of her head tied off with a red scrunchie, and a small red gem embedded in her forehead, and her neon yellow eyes said all of her annoyance in one glare.

"You're complainin' mate!" A voice said from behind her. The voice belonged to a younger orange and brown raccoon. She wore a light green vest with a black long-sleeve undershirt and long black jeans with a yellow scarf and green-and-orange sneakers. She had two ponytails with brown tips and a couple bangs in front of her face. Attached to a belt on her waist were two boomerangs and a cutlass scabbard. "This place is so bloody cold I can't summon my water! It keeps freezing before I can even do anything with it!"

"Look, we're finding out way out of this frozen waste, even if I have to burn it down!" The cat said, her fists glowing red with flame.

"Jeez Blaze, calm down!" The raccoon said. "You go nuclear, we bloody drown in here!"

"Well, you wanna keep wandering around this cave for god knows how long?" The cat, Blaze, asked the raccoon. "Look Marine, I know you want to be precautious, but we can't just wander these caves like a bunch of lemmings!"

"I bloody know mate!" The raccoon, Marine, said. "Strewth! Why ya gotta go and lose your cool now?"

Blaze started shooting her flames, melting the ice in front of her while Marine lagged behind, trying to stay out of her way. It wouldn't be long before an inevitable meeting would occur...

2:20 A.M.
Crystallized Caverns, Phantomile

The cabbit jumped at the sound of sizzling before a blast of fire shot through the wall. With Lolo in his arms, he dodged out of the way of the giant fireball to see a lavender feline cat, hands ablaze and an irritated look on her face. Quick to react, Klonoa got to his feet and transformed his ring into his Wind Sabre. "Alright, what business do you have here?!"

"Maybe I should ask you the same thing!" The feline said. "Now where the hell am I?!"

"This is Phantomile..." Klonoa said, before dodging out of the way of a fireball.

"Now why the hell am I here?" The feline growled, her hand smoldering. "And I expect an answer before I turn you to ash."

"Blaze!" A raccoon squealed, running up to the cat's side. "Ya bloody drongo! The heck are ya doin', trying to kill someone?!"

"Stay out of this Marine!" The cat, Blaze growled. "This is between me and the cabbit! It's none of your business!"

"I make it my bloody damn business when you're trying to kill someone for no reason whatsoever!" Marine retorted. "Besides, why don't you notice the girl that's bloody unconscious on the floor?!"

"What are you..." Blaze growled, before noticing the unconscious Lolo on the floor, soon realizing the error in her way of interrogating.

"Yeah, not so high and mighty now, are ya?" Marine scoffed. "Now bloody help the poor mate! She'd be a popsicle in this frozen wasteland soon!"

Blaze nodded before rushing over to the poor girl, heating her hands to try and warm the unconscious Lolo...

3:47 P.M.

Bullet Bills and bombshells were being blasted left and right as Shantae flew Sonic amidst the chaos, flinging him and having him spin and slam through multiple Koopa Troop airships, taking them down. Mario flew through the airships, spinning bombshells back at the ship's cannons and blowing them outta the sky. Several blasts of magic were blasted left and right, the airships exchanging blows until the enemy airships started dropping like flies.

"Oh heck yeah!" Sonic yelled, smashing through another airship, getting caught by Shantae's talons as he flew away on her. "Nothing like taking down a couple of Egghead's airships to delay his plan a little longer!"

"You got that right!" Shantae said before noticing a blue streak dart across the sky. "And it looks like we've got company!"

"Well, this shouldn't be too difficult. Let's show 'em a thing or two!" Sonic cockily said as the metallic blue streak flew straight at the two...

2:23 A.M.
Crystallized Caverns, Phantomile

"I apologize for that rather uncouth entrance..." Blaze said as she tried to warm up Lolo from the cold. "We're a bit on edge right now because of this entire mess."

"No kiddin'," Klonoa said, crossing his arms. "We've got bigger issues. With this entire world-freeze, Lolo and I have no time to waste. We're on our way to a crashed ruin in order to get where we need to get going."

"Strewth, mate, sounds like a REAL bloody drongo yer goin' after!" Marine said. "Hey, Blaze, mind if we tag along to help 'em a bit?"

"Marine, please," Blaze said. "We don't have time to mess around when we're lost in a foreign world. Until we find some way back or someone we know, we can't afford to putz around and waste time."

"Aw, you're just upset cuz you're not in power, huh?" Marine teased. Blaze gave her a single look and shut her up quick.

"We've got no time for sarcastic remarks right now. We need to find our way out once this girl regains consciousness." Blaze said. Soon Lolo started shuddering before Blaze turned her attention to the girl, as her eyes slowly opened and she sat up.

"Owww..." Lolo moaned as she held her head in pain. "Wh...what happened?"

"You've been out cold for quite some time now. I've only just recently managed to get you awake," Blaze said, helping Lolo up.

"Oh, well... thanks.." Lolo said, scurrying over to Klonoa. However she never fully got there as she slipped on the ice and fell forward, the white Chaos Emerald falling out of her skirt pocket and plinking across the ground. Both groups remained still in silence, looking at the Chaos Emerald, before Marine walked over and picked up the emerald.

"Blaze... you see this?" Marine said, holding up the white gem and handing it to Blaze.

"Yeah, this looks like one of the Chaos Emeralds..." Blaze said, looking at the two. "How did..."

"Look, I can explain," Klonoa said, taking a step back. "I ran into this guy named Sonic and-"

"Oy! You met Sonic, mate?" Marine said. "Blaze, I think we can trust these blokes!"

"Why do you say that Marine?" Blaze said, holding the emerald. "How do you know we can trust them?"

"Listen, we're friends with Sonic." Klonoa said. "We're trying to stop this guy named Eggman who's allied with other villains from other worlds, including ours!"

"Hmph, sounds like you're in a hell of a predicament." Blaze remarked, tossing the emerald back to the two, Klonoa catching it. "I'd love to stay and chat, but Marine and I really need to get going now."

"Aw, c'mon Blazey, why don't we help 'em out?" Marine said. "The blokes look like they could use a hand."

"Marine, we need to go. Now." Blaze said sternly. "We have no time to waste for something so trivial."

"The life of an entire world isn't trivial!" Klonoa said. "If we don't stop Ghadius, this entire world goes under!"

"What is your deal anyway?" Lolo said. "You don't seem like you want to help."

"C'mon Blaze, can't you just help them?" Marine said, pulling out the puppy-eye face. "Would you do it for Sonic?"

"Sonic..." Blaze said to herself. Blaze went silent, thinking over the situation. The other three stood in silence, waiting for Blaze to answer.

"Uh, Blazey?" Marine asked. "You okay?"

"Hmmm..." Blaze muttered, before turning to Klonoa and Lolo. "Very well then, let's get going. Where is this fallen ruin you need to go to?"

"Just through this cave." Klonoa said, indicating a path through it. "If we just get through here, we can make it to Coronia."

Blaze nodded. "Then let's get going. We won't have much time."

Klonoa nodded, then the four took off for Coronia...

3:49 P.M.

"Yo, metal head!" Sonic said, latching back onto Shantae's talons. "Try this one on for size!" He yelled, Shantae flinging him and him curling into a spinball at super-fast speeds, slamming into Metal Sonic at full speed, knocking him sideways and off course.

"Let's keep it moving people!" Tails said from the Tornado. "We've only got a couple more ships to take down before they'll have to retreat! Don't let your guard down!"

"Oh yeah! It's-a Mario time!" Mario said, spinning through the air, knocking Paratroopas sideways into Bullet Bill cannons, causing them to detonate and send more ships down in a blaze of not-so-much glory.

"Nice shot!" Sonic yelled to Mario. "I bet ol' Flames for Brains ain't gonna be too happy about that!"

"You-a got that right!" Mario said, jumping off the sinking airship and flying up with the Cape Feather. "He's-a gonna need a lot more to stop us!"

"Ohohohoho! Don't think we'll be giving up that easily!" Eggman's voice boomed from the flagship speakers. "You haven't even seen our newest weapon yet!"

"Yeah, yeah, what is it? Another Metal Sonic?" Sonic sarcastically remarked, bouncing off of Metal's head. "I've fought dozens of those models. You act as if they keep working!"

"I suggest you silence yourself, copy!" Metal Sonic retorted, blasting the blue blur straight up into the sky. "Less you want to become pulverized mincemeat!"

"Hah! Nice try, bolt bucket!" Sonic said, slamming back down on top of Metal's head. "Mincemeat ain't even a meat!"

Metal Sonic soon grew irritated at his flesh-filled copy's snide remarks. "Doctor," He said over his transmitter. "Now would be the time to release her..."

"Ah, yes, right away!" The doctor said over the speakers. "You brats, get the butter ready..."

"Eggman!" Risky's voice interjected through the loudspeakers. "What kind of sick joke ar-"

"I'M GOING TO MAKE TOAST!" Eggman yelled before a large casing fired from the flagship. The capsule then burst in midair, with a figure soon appearing as the smoke cleared. The floating figure was definitely female, with dull orange hair and cyan, almost robotic eyes. She wore a grey cloak with a red pearl-like gem at the neck of it. "I'd like to introduce my newest member of the Empire, under the Kefka division, a revolutionary breakthrough in human genetics and android robotics, Android 71N4! Codename: Tina!"

"An esper?!" Terra gasped. "He managed to create an esper?!"

"It doesn't seem like any normal esper," Celes remarked. "It appears to be a copy of you, Terra."

"Then I'm going after it." Terra said, jumping off the Falcon and flying off in the direction of the android.

"Hmph, so you copied Terra, big whoop!" Sonic said, still standing on top of Metal's head. "What makes her so special compared to our HALF-ESPER?"

"Oh, I suggest you take her for a little 'test-drive'." Eggman mocked. "That is, unless you're too scared!"

"Pfft, us? Scared?" Shantae said. "Please, you're about as threatening as a bag of chatter-teeth!"

"WOULD YOU GET OFF MY DAMN HEAD!" Metal Sonic roared, grabbing Sonic by the ankles and slammed him into the nearby airship. "I am not a platform for you to just stand on me!"

"Eh, I dunno, was kinda comfy!" Sonic remarked, getting up before Android 71N4 landed right behind him, fire in hand, ready to roast the hedgehog...

2:25 A.M.
Mechanical Ruins, Phantomile

After a few more minutes of wandering the icy caverns, Klonoa and his group made it out of the caves and were soon met with a large crashed foundry, frost clinging to it like a parasite. Multiple bronze walls were destroyed and decorative pipes had burst, leaving the entire ruin as a sorry wreck. Klonoa could only stare at the entire place with horror. Had the assault launched on Coronia by Ghadius did that much damage? Did anyone even survive the wreck? Seeds of doubt started planting themselves in Klonoa's mind as the four walked toward the ruined Coronia...

"Well, this was one hell of a crash." Blaze muttered. "Alright cabbit, how are we going to get this thing off the ground?"

Klonoa shook his head out of thought. "We're gonna need to get to the main funrace of this place. It's been what's keeping Coronia aloft the entire time. Without it, well, this happens."

"Place is a wreck, mate." Marine said, thumping the side of the crashed foundry with her fist. "Exactly how this scrap is gonna fly again I ain't sure."

"We'll know once we get in." Klonoa said. "Now keep your guards up. Chances are Ghadius has already caught wind that we're coming."

"Uh, does that cement that statement mate?" Marine, unsheathing her cutlass and pointing it in a direction. The other three turned to see a large amount of robots coming at them from the nearby plains. "Looks like we can officially confirm our suspicions of Eggman having a hand in this!"

"Well then, they wanna rumble?" Blaze said, her hands igniting. "Well, I haven't had a good fight in a while. this should be fun..."