Child Taken

Life Unexpected

June 30 2014

(This was inspired by MTV new show was Finding Carter)

Instead of giving Lux up for adoption Cate and Baze raised her, but the nurse still named her.

Laura Rodriguez worked in the newborn center at The Birth Center, on January 18 1993 she was watching the newborns when she got the news that she could never have any kids, well on that day a baby was brought in she was born to two teenage parents and they were going to give her up for adoption but then they decided keep her.

2 years later (Cate p.o.v)

Lux and I were walking around the supermarket getting things ready for the coming week "okay sweetie you stay right while mommy turns around to get some milk and eggs, when I turned back I was expecting to see my little girl but she wasn't there so I dropped the milk and eggs and went screaming for someone to help, no one had seen Lux then I talked to the cops and then Baze showed up "what happened?" I looked at everyone "I turned around for a second to get milk and eggs and when I turned around she was gone.

Months had passed and we have yet to hear anything about Lux or who had taken her. Now it has been fourteen years since Lux had been kidnapped since we had no idea what had happened to her, so Baze and I had three kids.

Lux (Fourteen years later)

My mom and I are very close since we only have each other my dad left before I was born, I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my mom has black hair with gray eyes, I always thought that it was strange that we don't look alike, aren't all children supposed to look like their parent(s)?

I was sitting at the table with my mom we were talking about this weekend and since it was my sixteenth birthday "mom I just want to have cake with you Tasha and Bug," I looked at my mom and wanted to ask her a question I knew that she shouldn't like it "mom why don't you have any pictures of me when I was a baby?" she looked scared and alarmed "when you were four our house caught on fire and destroyed everything."

Later that day our school took a trip to the police station to get our finger prints taken, it has been four hours since we did that and I was sitting on bed doing my homework when there was a knock at the door, when I got there my mom was in handcuffs and was crying "Lux Rodriguez can you come with us?" So I followed them to the police station and waited for someone to talk to me "Lux Rodriguez can we talk to you about something?" so I followed them and sat down.