Child Taken

May 1st, 2020

Life unexpected

On Monday I was sitting next to my locker when a guy with blonde hair and green eyes sat down next to me "hi my name is Jones Butler," I smiled at him "I'm Lux Rodriguez Cassidy" we both sat there staring at the other lockers and before we could say anything else to each other the bell rang, when I got to class I sat next to Jones and he started telling me about the class and the teacher.

It had been a couple of weeks since I found out the truth and moved to a new school, one night Bug and Tasha had invited me to hang out with them and I told them I had to ask my parents and the next day Jones had invited me to a party at his house and I told him that I had to ask my parents, so that night I had asked Cate and Baze had said yes I could go out on Friday and now all I had to ,do was decided where to go.

I had chosen to go to Jones party so I told Tasha and Bug that I couldn't go out with them, I felt bad for lying to them but I kind of wanted to fit in at my new school and make a least one friend for school, when I got to the party Jones waved to me " do you want something to drink?" so I nodded my head and we walked into the kitchen and he gave me a can of soda and we started talking and then he looked at me " would you like to dance?" I nodded again and I followed him into the living room.

We danced for a couple of songs and then I thought I saw Tasha and bug walking around the party so I excused myself and we to look for them and I found them drinking a beer " hey what are you doing here?" Tasha gave me a dirty look "we went to your house to hang out over there and Cate told us that you came to a party."

I looked down "I'm sorry that I lied to the both of y'all but I was trying to trick Cate into thinking that I am making an effort in making friends at the school," they both looked at each other " well let's get out of here and go and do something fun," I nodded my head and we started walking to the door and Jones had stopped us " hey Lux are you leaving?" I was about to respond when Bug spoke up "yes Abercrombie she Is going so back off."

I looked at Jones and said sorry about that," we walked outside and I turned to look at Bug and saw that he had the keys to Jones jeep " what are you doing with the keys?" he looked at Tasha and said "we are taking Abercrombie's jeep and going for a ride," I knew that it was a bad Idea but I knew that they were mad at me so I got in the jeep and bug took off.

Five miles down the road a cop had pulled us over and saw that the jeep was stolen and he had arrested the three of us, so I had to make one phone call and I knew that Cate was busy with some work thing and Baze was busy with the bar and I knew that he couldn't leave the bar so I had called Baze's father and had asked him if he could help me out and he agreed.

Since Baze had two strike against him they were going to keep him until court on Monday and since Tasha was living at Sunnyvale she was going to have to wait till Monday also, when I got home Cate and Baze were sitting on the sofa " why did we get a call from jack and he had told us that you had gotten arrested ?" I looked down "well Bug had stolen Jones jeep and we went for a ride and then got arrested."

Of course I got grounded again and wasn't allowed to see Bug or Tasha for two months, so on Sunday I stayed in my room and tried to study but all I kept thinking about was Tasha and Bug and how they were doing.

On Monday morning I had told Cate and Baze that I had a group project and I had to leave early and they said "okay" so I took the bus to the court house and saw Bug and his court appointed attorney waiting in the hall so I walked up to them and Bug didn't even look at me so I sat next to them and waited.

The judge had said that it was up to the Magner family if they were going to press charges against Bug for steeling Jones car and if they did press charges Bug could get five years in Jail, so I came up with a plan and when I got to school I saw Jones siting on the bench talking to some guys so I waved him over.

"So, are you going to press charges against Bug?" he looked at me "I'm not sure yet but my dad wants me to why?" "well he had court today and they said that if you press charges against Bug then he will be a jail for five years," he just looked at me " I will talk to my dad tonight and see what he says.

Later after school I was waiting for Baze to pick me up then jones saw me he pulled over " do you need a ride?" I nodded and got in his jeep and he drove to my house, when we got to my house Bug was sitting on the steps.