I am Abnegation; I will give you my chicken and fries.

I am Dauntless; I will steal your chicken and fries, and laugh as I eat them.

I am Amity; I will not accept your offered chicken and fries (it is your entire lunch, any way).

I am Candor; I will tell you that your chicken and fries are disgusting.

I am Erudite; I will test your chicken to see if it is a fish in disguise. The results are positive: it's a fish in disguise.

(A/N: this is something that my little cousins and sister (mostly my sister) came up with while eating lunch in an Ikea cafeteria. My oldest cousin is completely obsessed with Divergent, even though I, personally, think that they're almost exactly the same as any other teen novel in the bookstores. And yes, it was totally random. And somewhat hysterical.)