Hello, people of fanfiction! I was not really planning on returning, but after seeing How To Train Your Dragon 2, probably three times, (and cried all three times) and I couldn't help but feel the inspiration. Yes, it was an absolutely marvelous movie, and I fell in love with it. No doubt, the best movie I've ever seen. I could not get enough of the ending, and I've listened to the soundtrack many times, and yes, I know the lyrics to "For the Dancing and Dreaming."

So, out came this story. Yes, I will say now, there are SPOILERS, do you UNDERSTAND?! SPOILERS. I am saying this now, because I don't want to be that person that ruins great things. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Disclaimer: I do not own, How To Train Your Dragon, nor How To Train Your Dragon 2. (or 3)

She was the curious one; The one who spent time wondering, only to realize that it didn't matter. What did she want, anyway?

She wanted to search, but she couldn't. She yearned to search... but for what? What else could there be? Perhaps her life might not have been a preferable one. She might of had her own shelter, but it wasn't an environment.

She had the chance to glance at the sea, but wasn't there so much more of it? Wasn't there an endless amount, with so much contained that her imagination could burst?

What about the sky?

She could only see it from a distance, though. Still, she knew that the sky was just as endless as the sea. The sky was not a limit. The sky was to be followed. She wanted to follow it, follow the sky to find out what really lied up there. The stars were dull from the ground and the moon didn't shine quite as bright. If she could go up in the skies freely, she could feel that if she followed it, she might finally be somewhere.

She was currently nowhere. Well... That's what it felt like.

She was in Drago's Dragon army, which was similar to nowhere. When she wasn't being put to "good use," she being trained for most of time. She was the secret weapon, one to be used in-case of an emergency. Her job was to eliminate anyone who got in the way. She was valuable to the plan, and they couldn't risk her, how could they? Night Furies weren't common.

So, when Drago disappeared, the Bewilderbeast had stayed. Without Drago it was even worse for her. The Bewilderbeast decided to take charge of Drago's remainder of scraps; he controlled any of the remainder of the dragons that were left. She didn't know where the large Dragon Army had gone, for the Bewilderbeast refused to tell them. Yet, when the large dragon had returned, one of his tusks had been broken off, and he had been more hostile towards her. The large Alpha Bewilderbeast seemed to despise her completely.

It puzzled her, but it seemed clear to him.

Her missions became close to brutal, her training had intensified, and even though she was the next in command to the mighty Alpha, she was treated horribly by him. No longer was she called by her name, rather, by her species; Night Fury.

Why so much rancor? Of-course, she didn't want to be controlled, but what choice did she have? All it took was one look into the Alpha's eyes, and she was no longer herself.

She was no longer, SkyClimber. She was the Alpha's servant.

Many times, she tried to rebel against him, but that was when she used to under-estimate his strength and true power. The Alpha's intense glare would bore into her eyes. It controlled her mind, and it moved her muscles. It was like a wave of control washing subduing her. SkyClimber spent so much time being controlled by the Alpha, that she couldn't even tell when she wasn't. SkyClimber was rarely free of his grasp, most of the time being a watcher for her own game. She merely looked out through a window, and she watched the horrible acts she committed.

SkyClimber was a lost dragon who even forgot how to fly on her own, she forgot what it was like to taste the clouds, and roam the skies to her desires.

Yet, she couldn't leave, the Bewilderbeast was her Alpha, and all dragons listened to their Alpha. SkyClimber had no choice. She remembered that long ago, to before she could remember, she had thought that The Alpha's protected their own. This one, only ruled over them and made sure that everyone was beneath him.

Only a hero could change that. But, SkyClimber was no hero. She sometimes believed that she was the villain of the story. The monster in the tale. How could she tell if she was the same Night Fury as the one being controlled? Maybe that was her problem... she couldn't.

Over the past couple of months since the mighty Alpha returned, the ill-tempered Bewilderbeast seemed to get more and more impatient. That meant that SkyClimber had to complete more than one task. She was sent around almost everywhere, that only meant more lack of sleep. Sometimes SkyClimber couldn't even tell how many days had gone by.

SkyClimber stood there, in the "haven" that The Alpha built on a lone island. Her head was set down on her paws as she tried to get some sleep, but she just couldn't. Her mind buzzed with thoughts, but her body stood almost motionless. SkyClimber moved her paws, and stretched out her claws. They moved; albeit a bit slow, but that's how she knew that she was uncontrolled. She relaxed and sighed deeply.

SkyClimber looked at the stony ice in-front of her. She noticed how there was only a cold silence with a small breeze whistling. The cold was merely more company, it didn't even bite her, as her armor protected her. The blue-white ice stood tall and intimidating. SkyClimber let her eyes rest down, and her whole body finally relaxed.

Moments passed. It all seemed timeless as she slept with a blissful ignorance that she was at least safe in her dreams. Unfortunately, it didn't last.

SkyClimber felt herself being disturbed and dragged out of her comfort. Her eyes opened, but her ears didn't stand up; she wasn't alarmed. Her body tugged at her, and she immediately obeyed. SkyClimber flew through the large openings of the ice-shelter. She made her way to the shadowed resting spot of the Bewilderbeast.

The giant dragon was almost as rare as herself. Though in her mind, (or what was left of it) he would always be stronger than she. He would always be the smarter, or the more powerful one. He would always tower over her, seeming to have mist and darkness follow him.

The black Bewilderbeast never seemed to make up his mind. Sometimes, she swore that she saw kindness leak through his actions. Though, her hope for that was immediately squashed.

The Bewilderbeast had, and would be a cruel leader with malevolent intentions. Still, the only thing she could do was see the good of things, (though sometimes she didn't even do that.) So, it was nice to think that under all of the nightmares that the Bewilderbeast made her have, that there was good. Just a bit of sympathy. Wasn't there always good that came with the bad? If so, where was the Bewilderbeast's good? He couldn't have just gotten rid of it... could he?

When she made herself noticed in his presence, she bowed and stayed in the position until he fully acknowledged her. The giant Bewilderbeast huffed at her, and she fully looked at him. The large dark silhouette loomed over her in a way that made fear bite at her.

Without a warning, his eyes outlined with an intense blue and SkyClimber's eyes narrowed into slits. She didn't even have the energy to fight back. The Bewilderbeast watched her with unabashed contempt and offered her no explanation, as he simply continued.

"Bring me back more Dragons. Collect as many as you can, any ones you encounter are acceptable. If someone happens to get in the way..." the Bewilderbeast continued in a low voice, "Eliminate them. You cannot rest until you have returned in the time of two days. Go now!" SkyClimber blinked, processing all of his commands. There was no need for him to speak more, nor did he want to. With a mighty wing-beat, she was gone.

Deep, Deep inside her, she was actually seeing what she was doing. (That didn't mean she was any closer to controlling her actions.) SkyClimber's actions and moves were instinctive to the Alpha. She wasn't the one flying, it was the commands that were making her fly and moving her muscles. She was just a watcher for now. On the inside, she felt as stiff as a log. Her mind was still in the process of synchronizing completely with the commands, and it would take a while... unless she found a dragon soon. Until she did, she merely continued to fly with a blank emotionless face.

The loud wind burst past her as she continued to travel North. It only increased her speed because of the special armor she wore. It was the armor Drago had placed on her before he vanished. It had begun to get a bit tight on her, as she continued to grow, but there was nothing she could do about it. She wasn't able to take it off, and no other dragon was able to take it off for her either. It was made so only the humans (or possibly specific dragons) were able to get their hands or claws on it.

Nonetheless, her flight was continued forward. She had probably passed islands with dragons already, but she wasn't able to stop like she had wanted to. Instead, the female Night Fury continued flying farther away from home. SkyClimber knew that this was a bad idea because she wasn't allowed to rest until she got back, and that only meant that she would exhaust herself more on the flight back.

With her instincts finally agreeing with her, she landed on the closest island that was in view.

She payed no mind to the vivid colors of the leaves she passed, her mind intently focused on spotting any new dragons. If she caught any sight of them, she would assert her dominance and have the dragons follow her. Most of the time all she had to do was beat them in a confrontation, fighting was sometimes unnecessary. SkyClimber was hoping that it would apply to these encounters with the dragons here.

As she got deeper into the brightly colored forest, her vision felt like it was clearing away of the fuzziness. Yet, the moment it would clear away, it would immediately return. It was beginning to give her a headache. Shaking it off, her body forced her to continue.

Again, SkyClimber continued the trace to see if she could sense any rogue dragons.

Fortunately, luck was on her side, because she caught the scent of a dragon near by. SkyClimber wasted no time as her tail whipped and slitted eyes stood attentive. She crawled left to right as she approached the dragon unseen. She couldn't recognize what dragon it was, since she was approaching from behind, but she could smell that it was male. She continued crawling, and didn't really make great attempt to remain unseen. She wanted him to know that she was near. SkyClimber made a small amount of noise, still heard by the other dragon. The dragon turned around quickly and SkyClimber dashed away, and continued to crawl around him.

Slowly, she traveled away from the camouflage of the trees, and into the sights of the wary black-scaled dragon.

The other dragon had sensed SkyClimber, but her scent was everywhere, and it was hard to get a clear idea of where she was. The unknown dragon immediately turned around once there was a clear scent in the air.

There was silence. Both dragons were stunned to finally have a clear view of one another. They were shocked to see that they were both in the presence of another Night Fury.

SkyClimber blinked, feeling a bit uneasy. This was her first time meeting another one of her species, and this was also the first time she was asserting her dominance on a Night Fury. Her surprise and caution didn't last long when she suddenly began to hear the words banging into her head.

"Bring me back more Dragons."

She clenched her teeth as the numbness began to spread throughout her body. She shook her head and opened her slitted eyes at the male Night Fury in front of her. The male watched her with uncertainty. He tilted his head in a puzzled manner, and had his large docile eyes wide open. However, he was not in a was not a submissive position, which meant that he would not follow her commands just yet.

SkyClimber stood up straight, and still managed to look down at the Night Fury, even through he was taller than she was. The male caught the look and snorted indignantly. He knew she was challenging him, and he would not submit.

The male Night Fury's puzzled look was replaced. He stood up higher, extending his wings.

SkyClimber knew that she would have to battle him now. She bared her teeth and deeply growled. The male was not about to back down, and snarled at her in return. The spines on his back began to glow faintly.

Inside, SkyClimber felt anxiety bite at her. Though on the outside, stood a cold stoic Night Fury.

SkyClimber leaped up with her jaws open and attempted to bite the male, but he was quick enough to move out of the way. She growled, moving so he wasn't behind her. Exactly when she turned around, the male stopped creeping slightly, before pouncing on her. Both mighty wings flapped roughly on one-another. The male continued to latching his jaws on her neck, while the female began to roll and take her weight up on him.

The male responded with using his claws, though SkyClimber had the advantage of her armor. SkyClimber started to hit his skull with her armored one. The two Night Furies wrestled and tussled for a bit longer. It seemed that the male was getting no actual damage, while SkyClimber was taking the impact of the fight. He didn't seem to be even trying. Unfortunately, for SkyClimber, her lack of sleep was also taking a toll on her, and her fatigued body wasn't going to last any longer if she kept pushing past her limits.

"And if someone happens to get in the way, eliminate them."

SkyClimber clumsily threw a plasma-blast at her opponent, to which he dodged. Gasping for breathe, SkyClimber stopped and laid on her stomach, completely worn out. On the inside, she wasn't sure that she even felt a thing, but that meant she couldn't prevent any mortal wound.

She looked up at her winning opponent. Her position meant that she lost, and it exposed her vulnerability. While on the outside, she was still completely stoic and nonreactive, on the inside, she was struck with fear. Her body did one thing, but her mind thought of another.

SkyClimber wanted to desperately flee away, but she couldn't. It was as if she was glued to the ground, and it didn't help that she had no control of her body. She could only look up at the larger male, hoping that in the next moments she wouldn't be killed.

The male approached her carefully, not knowing if she would still attack, he kept his guard up. The male stopped when his eyes were suddenly glued to hers. He observed her drained eyes, and how lifeless they looked. It almost reminded him off... His eyes widened at the memory.

Instead of attacking her any more, the male Night Fury looked straight into her eyes. SkyClimber's ears began to shake and twitch, and she trembled softly. Her mind slowly began to take control of her movements. That meant that she was beginning to feel the true pain on her body, and the weight of it all. The stiffness seemed to be going away, and SkyClimber couldn't hold up her body for much longer. The commands that banged and echoed in her head seemed to permanently fade away, only leaving behind a memory.

Finally, the brown fuzziness of her vision was clearing, and she could feel her eyes dilating. She took in deep breathes, processing her surroundings. Her head snapped everywhere, as she finally broke out of the trans. After looking around, her eyes came in contact with the male's. She could see the lime-green outline his pupils, but as soon as he saw her, his eyes reverted to a bright green-yellow.

"W-what did you do?" SkyClimber asked hesitantly. The male moved closer to her, but as SkyClimber backed up, he could still see the wariness she held.

"I freed you, didn't I?" the male asked softly, as he stared at her with interest. SkyClimber looked at him, almost in panic. Then, she began to hyperventilate at everything coming back to her in a rush. She whimpered and backed away from the male. The other Night Furies' eyes widened at the fearful female.

"Don't worry! I'm your Alpha now," he said quickly but soothingly. That caught SkyClimber's attention. She stopped for just a moment, and Toothless saw the vulnerability she held with fear completely evident in her eyes.

"I'm your Alpha," he repeated slower, "I'll protect you." SkyClimber stared up at him, and she could not sense in any way that he was lying; she only saw sincerity. SkyClimber gave him a tiny smile, before completely fainting onto the soft grass.

The male Night Fury looked down at the fainted female. The Alpha, also known as Toothless stared at the female. He let his tail brush up and curl against her snout and armor. He crooned softly before uttering in low words, "I will protect you."

*Smiles like an idiot*

I bet you guys just loved that I left it there, right? That last part was pretty interesting to write. I couldn't help myself to the options I had. This was planned to be a weirder story, but I stuck with this because it made more sense.

I'm deciding to make SkyClimber and Toothless very distinct Night Furies. I think it'll better represent them by them having different mannerisms and you can already tell by their way of fighting. (Because guess who's been watching lots and lots of animal documentaries?)

I'll explain later, but I like what I had to work with, and yes, this does take after How To Train Your Dragon 2. Toothless is Alpha! How could I NOT write about that? I think that I still have long ways to go with this story, but summer is full of hours, right? Better get writing then.

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