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It had been three days... and SkyClimber only had two friends, of her own species that is. It wasn't that she feared them (anymore.) Berk had now begun seem much more differently than when she first arrived. The structures of the surroundings didn't seem as towering, the bright colors that overwhelmed her seemed to dull down just enough for her to admire. SkyClimber felt like she had found a piece of herself while studying every little detail with rigor.

Everything on Berk had a position. Everyone played a part in coexisting with one another, dragons and humans the same. SkyClimber didn't know what she was supposed to do, but then again, it might have been because of her refusal to talk to anyone besides Toothless and Cloudjumper. It wasn't that she didn't want to... but SkyClimber felt that she had no need to speak with anyone else when two good friends were there.

It was also because SkyClimber didn't know what her place on Berk was. Everybody had a place on Berk. Everybody knew what they were doing. She felt obligated to do the same. It made her feel different... When she had told Toothless, he simply said that her only task was to get used to her new environment.

That did not satisfy her one bit.

Of-course, SkyClimber internally and verbally protested. How was it, that everybody else had something important, and she only 'get used to her surroundings?' That wasn't fair, neither to her nor to the other dragons. SkyClimber wanted to do something to help. Feeling useless wasn't a good one. It was harsh reality that she came to, or rather, she crashed into.

She felt useless. Perhaps she wasn't, but after countless hours of watching the dragons do at least one thing, SkyClimber felt like any potential she had, was being wasted. Well... first I have to find out what my potential is.

What was she good at? SkyClimber wasn't particularly astonishing or flawless in any specific talent... but she still held on to her argument. I won't know what I'm good at until I search for it. That was the statement that built her virtue. SkyClimber began to rely on that simple statement and even fall back on it as an excuse. It was that statement she used to debate with Toothless.

So far, Toothless always won their little verbal spars, but SkyClimber was counting on the day when she would win and leave him speechless for the first time. For now, she could only attempt.

SkyClimber talked regularly with Toothless when he came back to the house. Otherwise, she always stood tense when others would see her speaking with Toothless. It made her anxious to see that from what she inferred, Toothless was to be treated with respect. She saved their small talks only when they were alone, and when Alpha Toothless liked to be only Toothless.

Even though SkyClimber didn't see Toothless as much as she did before, she oddly felt closer to him. It had nothing to do with a proximity close, but more of a feeling of connection. Her delightful true colors were showing, and Toothless (and sometimes Cloudjumper) were the only ones to see them. Her sparks of personality had aided in making her feel welcomed with herself. It gave her a slight self-confidence. It was a huge advancement that relieved her.

Ironically, SkyClimber was beginning to realize that Toothless had a much more liberating personality than she did. He was introvert while she was extrovert. They were different, yet alike in some ways. It was something that SkyClimber treasured. Much to her embarrassment, it made her almost beam when Cloudjumper said she was alike to Toothless. She didn't care or ponder too much into it; no matter what, that would always be a compliment to her.

Toothless was a dragon she looked up to. Since they had gotten to Berk, SkyClimber had felt a strange bond with Toothless. He was just so... great... and SkyClimber wasn't over-stating it when she said that she was lucky to have a friend like him. Although, saying it aloud didn't provide an entirely pleasant feelings; it made her more fuzzy than her liking. Sometimes, in the presence of him, her heart would lurch out, begging her to near him.

Yet, she would refuse.

When in the presence of others, SkyClimber treated Toothless with the utmost respect like an Alpha should receive. Toothless had made it obvious of his slight disdain of the fact, but she would not let him convince her that what she was doing was incorrect. (Luckily, she had Cloudjumper to back her up.)

Speaking of the dragon... he hadn't made any noises on the roof to signify that she had to awaken. Cloudjumper usually made small noises, audible to only her ears... but this morning seemed different.

That didn't alarm SkyClimber... it was only her fourth or fifth day there. She didn't expect it to become a routine. That's why she didn't bother in waking up and leaving herself. If Cloudjumper or Toothless wasn't there, there was no way SkyClimber would step out there on her own. Not yet, at least. It was still too early... or so she told herself.

SkyClimber encased herself with with her wings tighter as sign that she wasn't going to open her silver orbs soon. That was what she thought, before a warm liquid substance captured her scaly cheek.

Her heart began to drop down at the fright that had disturbed her tranquility. A coldness ran through her body as her eyes opened to catch a glance of the intrusion that had been caused.

The cold quickly descended into a heat when SkyClimber apprehended who the the disruption was. Her wings rattled in a testy manner. She was obviously discontent at haven to been rudely awaken.

Toothless laughed at the displeasure written all over her face.

"Toothless?!" SkyClimber asked through her agitation.

"Did you expect it to be Cloudjumper?" he asked, his amusement evident in his voice. Toothless stood tall in an almost cocky manner at the accomplishment of him still having the ability to scare SkyClimber. His smooth wings were raised to clearly signify that pride he currently held, and alert in case SkyClimber decided to retaliate.

"No!" SkyClimber quickly composed herself and regained any dignity she had left. "I expected it to be an attack!" she spat in a hidden good-natured manner. Toothless knew that she was teasing.

"Well, you're mistaken. It's only your favored friend." Toothless cheekily remarked. SkyClimber threw him a look.

"In my defense, I don't have many friends." she dimly stated.

"That doesn't mean I'm not your favored. If you tell me that Cloudjumper is your favorite I'll throw you out the window." Toothless said. SkyClimber chuckled at his humorous teasing. It filled her with a softer warmth. She rested her head on her paws, and lazily replied.

"Okay; Cloudjumper is my favorite." she come-backed. SkyClimber never missed a single chance to use Toothless's antics against him. Knowing that she would win at least once, would definitely be good for her pride.

"I'm not stupid, darling. I can see past and of your 'deceits,'" Toothless said, hinting at his annoyance, "But, I no have choice but to throw you out this window." SkyClimber's eyes warily opened as she saw a black figure pouncing towards her.

"Wait-!" the words were taken out of her mouth when the larger Night Fury forcibly made her roll as he tussled with her. Playful growls erupted around the room as they pounced with each other.

In the end, Toothless showed his superior strength when SkyClimber was tipped out the window. She fell with a ruff 'oof,' but otherwise, she was fine. Unless her riled emotions counted.

Toothless innocently poked his out out of the window and gave her a visible and much audacious smile.

"That was an accident." he stated giving a smirk.

SkyClimber growled slightly before shaking the dust off herself. She tossed him a slight glare.

"Accident? I'm not stupid, darling. I can see past your deceits." SkyClimber grinned. Toothless elated expression quickly dimmed.

"You've been hanging around Cloudjumper for too long." Toothless grumbled.

"I don't see the problem." she stated, quirking one of her ears. Toothless didn't take much time to jump off, landing beside her. Toothless perked up his head, meeting the gazes of the bystander dragons staring at the pair.

Most of them held their gaze, engrossed in how both Night Furies interacted. As soon as Toothless caught their gazes, they averted them, quickly resuming to their own business. Still knowing that ears were still pointed to listen to them, Toothless turned to SkyClimber.

"I do. That's why you're coming with me." Toothless stated. SkyClimber stood up, eyes wide with excitement. Her ears perked up, wondering if she heard right.

"I get to come with you to guard Berk?" she asked. Toothless gave a curt laugh.

"No, you get to come with me elsewhere." he replied. SkyClimber's ears immediately lowered in disbelief. She narrowed her eyes. She stiffened when she realized that some glances were being thrown her way. She decided to quiet down her voice.

"Where...? Will you be staying there, Alpha?" she asked quieter, yet still becoming wary of Toothless. Toothless hesitated and took a moment to answer.

Luck seemed to be on his side when a familiar voice interrupted them.

"Toothless? Where are you..?" a new voice called out. Both Night Furies simultaneously turned their head.

Hiccup promptly appeared from the direction of his voice was coming from. Hiccup smiled once he saw that he had found his best friend, as well as SkyClimber. He briefly rubbed both of their snouts as he approached.

"Good, you found SkyClimber." Hiccup stated, "Is she ready to go?" SkyClimber noted that some of the words he said sounded clearer than others. Hiccup's dialect had begun to become more understandable, albeit a small portion.

Toothless nodded in response to Hiccup's question.

"What am I ready for? Where am I going?" SkyClimber asked, her interest riveting. Hiccup gracefully mounted the saddle, careful of Toothless's lengthy spines.

"Follow me." he said abruptly spreading his wings. He gave a forceful flap that was able to catch wind, and propel him vertically. SkyClimber frowned, knowing that Toothless didn't answer any of her questions. Nonetheless, she obeyed his commands, and took off as well.

The flight was short, but it required many turns, as they avoided the large structures in the way. They traveled towards a certain section on Berk that was more secluded. It was closer to the sea, which SkyClimber enjoyed.

Toothless folded his wings as she entered a small opening towards a revealed cave. SkyClimber glanced at her wings and attempted to do the same. Her landing ended a little more sloppy than his.

SkyClimber composed her posture. She shook her head briefly, just before the smells became more apparent. SkyClimber lifted her head, her pupils slitting. There were small amounts of dragons and humans all staring intently upon her arrival. The prickling feeling of discomfort began to return for the female Night fury, as the stares didn't leave. It was as if they all expected her to do something. What do I do?!

"She did come," a voice stated. Approaching her was Valka, her palm harmlessly raised in the air as a comforting motion. SkyClimber softly allowed it to brush against her.

"Yeah, it was easy, thanks to Toothless." Hiccup said. Toothless gave a triumphant smile.

"That's because he didn't tell me where we were going." SkyClimber said spitefully, but unable to hide her teasing smile. Valka chuckled, and began leading SkyClimber forward towards the eager humans and dragons.

SkyClimber stayed back, not wanting to move and leave Toothless. She glanced at Toothless, looking torn between following Valka and staying in her current spot beside him.

"Let us meet the others, SkyClimber," Valka spoke. SkyClimber still looked hesitant. Toothless came forward.

"The humans and dragons are very interested in you. They want to learn more about you. Lucky for you, only friends close to Hiccup are granted that 'privilege.' Even Hiccup is staying." Toothless reassured.

"Does that mean you're staying?" she automatically asked. She realized that those weren't words to be spoken when the dragons and Valka were most-likely watching. SkyClimber unconsciously leaned into Valka and lowered her head.

"If you interact with the others, I will stay." Toothless replied nudging her forward. SkyClimber sighed and followed Valka.

"It'll be fine, these dragons are quite friendly. Why don't you go talk to them," Valka suggested.

"Will the humans want to... learn about me, like Toothless said?" SkyClimber nervously asked.

"Yes. Unfortunately, they cannot learn without observing. Do not worry, they are very respectful towards dragons." Valka replied. Despite her reassuring words, SkyClimber began to get nervous.

"Can I... can I first interact with the humans...?" she asked, hoping that in time she could get comfortable.

"You do not need to feel nervous, but I understand your choice. I hope that by later today, you will feel comfortable enough to join the dragons. They too are eager to meet a new arrival." the female human replied. SkyClimber lowered her head, hesitantly glancing in their direction.


Valka wasn't lying when she said that the humans were very eager to learn about her. SkyClimber wasn't one to complain. The humans were gentle and precautious with her. They didn't frighten her, rather, something about the species fascinate SkyClimber. They were obviously a weaker species, but they enthralled in their skill of knowledge. She had such capability, but she didn't know humans did too. It was incredibly interesting watching the humans work.

They seemed to examine every little thing about her. Though, most of the time, Valka and Hiccup talked. They spoke in words she couldn't fully comprehend. The things Valka had told her to do were also a bit strange. They had made her fly, pounce, and use her claws. There were some tasks she didn't want to complete, but it was all worth it when SkyClimber caught glimpses of the human's expressions. She had felt something new with the humans... Was it... appreciation?

SkyClimber watched as Hiccup spoke to Valka. She noticed that Toothless wasn't by his side. It didn't surprise her at all. During her interaction with the humans, Toothless had stayed at a distance. He was next to Cloudjumper, and both seemed to be engaged in some sort of conversation. SkyClimber couldn't help but deflate. She had hoped that she would be beside him during the interaction... it would make her a lot more comfy... not that being in the presence of unknown humans wasn't. But, Toothless told her that he would stay if she interacted with others... As long as his presence remained near her, she would be reassured.

It still didn't sting any less, when Toothless didn't come near her when she was with the humans. There was no other way to put how she felt. SkyClimber had first thought that Toothless was going to take advantage of his day of freedom from his duty. But, he didn't. He watched her, and looked away when she wanted to have eye-contact with him. That was also no pleasant feeling.

SkyClimber stared at Toothless, waiting for him to acknowledge her. Much to her dismay, he continued exchanging words with Cloudjumper. Was it something I did...? Did I make him mad..? A feeling off self-disappointment overwhelmed her.

As she continued to muse, SkyClimber failed to notice a blue dragon happily approach her.

"I see you've noticed the Alpha," a voice perked up. SkyClimber jumped in surprise at the sudden voice. She flinched even more when she noticed Stormfly was right next to her. Her eyes widened, and she tensed. The dragon again, seemed oblivious to any discomfort shown.

SkyClimber didn't reply, rather observed Stormfly. The blue dragon nudged her forward. The female Night Fury lowered her head in slight hesitation. There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Of course I've noticed him. He is our Alpha, and my friend." SkyClimber responded rather quietly. Stormfly chortled.

"No, no! I mean in a different way," Stormfly said suggestively. Realization hit SkyClimber hard. She looked at at Stormfly, embarrassment apparent.

"Oh," she squeaked, "Oh.."

"So... it looks like you have an infatuation with our Alpha, huh?" Stormfly said. Her excitement was heard through her voice. SkyClimber felt the heat of more embarrassment. Her insides began churning at the thought of seeing Toothless in that certain way. Why was it that everybody else created those certain assumptions when her and Toothless didn't even mention it?! They didn't see each other in that way... right?

"W-what?! N-no..! I-I m-mean... I d-don't-"

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone."

"What are y-you...?!-"

"Does Toothless know?!"

"No! Y-you're mistaken! Toothless and I are very much only friends!" SkyClimber exclaimed. Stormfly frowned. She was obviously displeased at this fact. SkyClimber sighed in relief when Stormfly didn't push the subject any further.

SkyClimber glanced at the curious blue dragon. She turned her head away once she made eye-contact.

"Are you going to just sit there?"


"Come on! You can't meet all of the other dragons staying here!" Stormfly beckoned. The Night Fury didn't respond. It was much easier to ignore her, and hope that Stormfly would take the hint and leave. Well, that was what she hoped. SkyClimber turned her gaze at where Toothless was. Key word, was. To her surprise, Toothless was gone, only leaving Cloudjumper in the same position.

"Where's Toothless?" she asked aloud, the words unconsciously slipping form her mouth. She quickly tried to cover up her words. "I mean, Alpha Toothless! Not that it matters if he left..." she murmured.

"Alpha Toothless? I'm not sure... but if you want to see him that badly..." Stormfly pointed out. SkyClimber cursed at herself for her foolishness. How could I be as stupid enough to let that slip?!

"That... is not what I meant.." she responded quietly.

"Relax, I'm only teasing." Stormfly joked. SkyClimber's wings fluttered with irritation. What was the point of that then?!

"I do not see the amusement." she stated, her voice flooding with annoyance.

"It doesn't matter. How about to get that sour expression off of you, you come meet the others!" Stormfly suggested.

"Others?" SkyClimber questioned. Stormfly burst forward and began to nudge SkyClimber forcefully. The amount of force was enough to get her moving forward. SkyClimber slightly slumped on the ground from being pushed. She pulled herself up, narrowing her eyes in warning.

"Lets go! For a Night Fury, you sure seem to be slow." Stormfly said, nudging her forward. SkyClimber jumped in alarm again. She leaped forward, letting Stormfly know that she wanted to walk on her own. Stormfly took the hint and led her towards a small group of dragons. Fortunately, they didn't crowd her, likewise to her first day.

All of them stared at her.

There was silence.

All of the perturbing gazes on her.

The silence slowly turned awkward.

SkyClimber would either respond or ignore them.

"Hello..?" she questioned. Her small word was enough to cause a visible reaction among the group.

"I'm glad that you're finally allowing yourself to shown around the humans," blurted out a brown dragon. SkyClimber acknowledged her with a stare.


"I'm glad she's finally allowing herself to be shown in front of us dragons." complained a red dragon. SkyClimber recognized this dragon. She tried to remember his name.

"Hookfang..?" she asked. Hookfang regarded her with an arrogant grin. This caused SkyClimber to narrow her eyes.

"The one and only," he replied, wryly bowing. Stormfly leaned towards her.

"You'll get used to him. His pride only lasts as long as his fire does," Stormfly said. SkyClimber regarded her in a questioning manner. Before she could voice her question, two green heads began to almost slither her way.

"No one asked you, Stormfly!" Hookfang remarked.

SkyClimber backed up, glancing at both heads, wondering where the bodies were. Much to her surprise, only one body appeared. She realized that it was a two headed dragon. Her eyes widened and her pupils narrowed. Shock was clearly written on her expression. Her wings raised in a wary manner.

"Greetings Climber." the right head greeted. The left head warily eyed her, and didn't seem to have the same courtesy to acknowledge her with words like the other did.

"M-my name is actually SkyClimber." she corrected, backing up from the dragons.

"Yes... but it's easier to remember you as Climber," the right head responded. SkyClimber glanced at the left head and saw that he was still glaring at her. She flinched back, unaccustomed to such a gaze.

"U-uhh.." she stuttered.

"I'm Belch and that's Barf." the right head introduced. SkyClimber gave them a bewildered expression.

"Y-you're attached... together!" she exclaimed. The left head seemed to roll his eyes.

"Tell me something I don't know," Barf said spitefully. SkyClimber looked taken aback at his comment. Her ears twitched with irritation. She shot him a look of indignation. Before she could shoot a comment of her own, Belch stopped her.

"Don't listen to him. He's just a very spiteful head." Belch apologized. Barf snorted. Stormfly pushed them aside, coming in SkyClimber's sights again.

"Ignoring them, now you've seen all of us! Good! Now that you've been-" Stormfly was cut off mid sentence.

"Stormfly, you're babbling has gotten ahead of you. You forgot that SkyClimber here doesn't know my name." the brown husky dragon interrupted. She looked rather annoyed at being forgotten.

"What's there to know? She's Meatlug." Hookfang interluded. Meatlug looked very offended at his snide comment. SkyClimber looked at the group of dragons with slight agitation and curiosity.

"No! I don't want someone introducing me! I can very much do it myself!" Meatlug proclaimed. Stormfly gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Go ahead, introduce yourself." the blue dragon wearily stated. Meatlug gave a bright smile. Barf rolled his eyes again.

"I'm Meatlug!" she introduced. All of the dragons turned to her to observe SkyClimber's response. She slightly flinched back, unnerved by all of the stares. She stood stiff at the expecting gazes. She lowered her head, unable to meet them.

Hookfang let out a huff of impatience.

To SkyClimber, it was as if they were searching her for some sort of entertainment. She didn't like it. If they wanted to be amused, they should have chosen a different dragon to pester. She was only there because of Toothless, heck even then, she was dragged by Stormfly.

"What?!" SkyClimber snapped. She snapped her narrowed silver eyes at them, in an almost bold manner.

"Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Meatlug questioned. SkyClimber looked slightly bewildered.

"Why? Don't you already know my name?" she asked. Meatlug's smile slowly dissipated into a sad frown. SkyClimber gulped and stepped forward.

"But if you'd like, I'll do it anyway!" she blurted, not wanting to dismay the larger brown dragon. SkyClimber realized that she barely could take glares, much less looks of sadness. Her response was enough to have Meatlug's smile reappear.

"Yeah, but you gotta make eye contact," Hookfang spoke up.

"Oh yeah, genius? There's four of us-" Stormfly was cut off yet again.

"Ahem!" spoke a voice that was similar to Barf's.

"Ugh. Fine! There's five, of us. Who's she gonna make eye contact with?" Stormfly deadpanned.

"Easily. With me," Hookfang responded easily. His narrowed pupils stared straight at her. SkyClimber nervously chuckled and turned to Stormfly.

"Oh great. You're ego is freaking her out. Nice job, Hookfang." Stormfly complained, raising her tail to swing it on him.

"C'mon! The humans are here! We should not resort to violence." Meatlug intervened. Hookfang ignored the brown dragon and raised himself to a higher position, as if daring Stormfly to try something.

"I bet on Stormfly.."

"My fish's on Hookfang," both green dragons spoke. SkyClimber turned all over the group, overwhelmed by the sudden turn of events. All I did was speak! Then, how come I feel like I caused this?! Her eyes flashed all over the dragons. It seemed that the attention was no longer on her. While that was relieving, it wasn't as much when she saw both dragons glaring at each other, about to stat something. She thought quickly.

"I'm SkyClimber!" she blurted out. SkyClimber realized that, that was the loudest she had been since talking to the group in front of her. Not that she had said many words in the first place.

Again, all eyes were on her. SkyClimber began to feel the stiffness of being uncomfortable.

"There. I'm introduced." she said, swallowing her nervousness. SkyClimber raised her head just a little higher, and kept her eyes focused into Hookfang's. A sudden streak of boldness hit her, and it might have been because of her pounding heart, but she felt as if she could do anything. SkyClimber was completely unaware of the slight challenging look seen on her. Hookfang clearly saw it, as he's challenged many before. He suddenly wore a smug expression, but didn't say saw anything. His silence was enough to scream at SkyClimber.

Her ears twitched with slight anger.

"Welcome to our humble group." Meatlug spoke. SkyClimber tore her eyes away from the larger red dragon, and focused into the kind ones of Meatlug. The kind golden eyes of the dragon managed to extinguish some of her anger. It was astounding how different her eyes were in contrast to Hookfang's. There was all intentions and characteristics behind them, and it amazed her even more how easily they became apparent to her. It wasn't like she made eye contact with others that often. Maybe they aren't even correct inferences.

Even if SkyClimber was able to see no malevolence through Meatlug, her eyes were narrowed warily. SkyClimber was aware that they were. This was meant as a warning. She wanted them to know that she wouldn't trust them as easily. It seemed like her trustworthiness towards others would be a permanent characteristic of her.

Her hesitation towards the others was also apparent by the way she held herself, wings pressed against her, as well as her tail.

"No need to get defensive! We're all friends here!" Stormfly exclaimed beginning to drag SkyClimber back. The Night Fury flinched back from the contact, and narrowed her eyes more at Stormfly. Again, her warning stares were ignored, much to her annoyance.

"Yes! We are! Thank you, Stormfly, for your positive attitude." Meatlug beamed.

"I'm forced to be here." Barf replied snidely. Belch launched forward and purposely bumped into Barf. He glared at the other head. Hookfang did nothing to hide his laugh. SkyClimber seemingly raised an eyebrow at their behavior.

"W-why are they..." she trailed off, unable to think of a good word to describe them.

"-Annoying? Stupid? I'm not sure. You know how males are." Stormfly casually responded. SkyClimber made sure to put some distance, this time much more aware of Stormfly. She was sure to not get off-guard and let Stormfly drag her around.

Hookfang's head perked up. He whooshed over towards SkyClimber, wrapping his tail around her. He glared at Stormfly.

"Don't listen to her, 'Climber. She complains about everything! I'll show you what's it's like to live funly." Hookfang responded. SkyClimber began to wriggle out of Hookfang's tail.

"Funly?" SkyClimber asked. She cocked her head in curiosity.

"Duh. These females don't know what's it's like to live." Hookfang boasted. Stormfly scoffed.

"His idea of 'living' is almost getting himself killed." the blue dragon rolled her eyes.

"You're idea of living is preening yourself," the horned red dragon scowled. SkyClimber looked behind her and saw Meatlug, Barf, and Belch close to the humans. Valka and Hiccup seemed to be gesturing to them. Maybe I should go to Valka. This isn't my idea of comfortable... I think I like the humans better.

Just as SkyClimber was about to slip out, Hookfang pulled her back. SkyClimber yelped and narrowed her eyes at someone making contact with her yet again. These dragons really don't value ANY space.

"Let me hear your voice, 'Climber. Why is your name, SkyClimber?" Hookfang asked. SkyClimber felt a wave of anxiety cloud at her. What could she respond? She didn't remember her parents... neither why she was named like that. SkyClimber was lucky enough to remember her own name. The feeling of doubt began to return again. SkyClimber didn't like to over-think her past (if she had one) and every time she did, she couldn't help but feel a bit melancholy. SkyClimber slightly lowered her head.

"U-uh... because... I like... to climb... skies..?" she responded, almost in a question. This answer did not satisfy Hookfang. He rolled his eyes and gave a deep sigh. SkyClimber couldn't help but feel offended. She leaned forward.

"I'm not an idiot." he said.

"That's up for debate," Stormfly piped up. Hookfang threw her a glare.

"If you were going to respond like that, then I shouldn't have told you," SkyClimber snapped. She recoiled at her own words, becoming speechless at her own response. SkyClimber ducked her head, realized how ill-behaved she was acting towards the others. Not wanting to see any upset expressions, she turned a different direction.

SkyClimber unexpectedly jerked right on impulse. She startled herself and that was apparent by the way her pupils narrowed. Once she turned her head, she was able to see Hookfang standing in the spot she was in. How did I get over here?! Did I... did I avoid him? Was it me that jumped? She had seen Toothless use similar reflexes, but SkyClimber thought herself too slow to acquire them.

"Where are you going, 'Climber? Come on, don'tcha want to me my friend?" Hookfang asked, giving a large grin. His sharp teeth unnerved her and she felt a hiss on her lips. Hookfang looked taken aback for a moment. His shock was quickly replaced with a laugh. SkyClimber gulped.

Much to her dismay, another voice was added. Hooray... more dragons. SkyClimber sighed. She was beginning to miss the wonderful company of Toothless. Conversing with him was never as difficult as this was.

"Hookfang, you're being disturbing again." Stormfly spat.

"Being?! You are disturbing. Plain and simple," he remarked. Indignation was written all over Stormfly's face. She raised her tail, practically seething. "See, this is why I'll take 'Climber under my wing. If I don't, she'll turn in to one of you."

"What do you mean by that?" the spiked dragon asked. SkyClimber slightly back up, tentative at the sharp objects being raised near her direction.

"What is the point of this useless arguing?! I do not see any amusement." she snapped, making sure to interrupt both dragons. Both dragons stopped their banter.

"Hookfang is arrogant enough to think that he could teach you about the things on Berk." Stormfly accused.

"W-why do I need to be taught?" she asked hesitantly. Both dragons paused once more.

"So, you can learn not to be like her. You could also be a fighting dragon, like me!" Hookfang exclaimed. SkyClimber lit up.

"Fighting dragon?!" she asked.

"Or, you could be a night dragon, like me." Stormfly butted in. SkyClimber's excitement was doubled. Stormfly smirked with triumph.

"Who do you choose as your teacher?! I'll give you a hint; it's me." Hookfang added. Stormfly gave a wry laugh.

"What makes it think that it's you?!" she asked. SkyClimber nervously looked down at her claws. She was scared to choose the wrong answer. Disappointment from either of them was not what she wanted. That meant she had to think wisely. That means I should think like Cloudjumper...

"Actually, I'm teaching her," a new voice stated.

Three pairs of eyes glanced in the direction of the voice, only to become shocked to see that it was none other than Toothless. The young Night Fury stood there untroubled by any of the stares. SkyClimber envied his calm.

When SkyClimber looked back at Stormfly and Hookfang, she noticed how quickly they silenced. She gave a confused frown.

"Well... I can't believe this happened sooner than I expected." Hookfang muttered. Stormfly hissed at Hookfang in warning. SkyClimber glanced at Toothless and saw that he was rolling his eyes, amusement lit up in them.

"You don't mind if I steal SkyClimber away for a while, right?" Toothless asked Hookfang, an emotion hidden in his voice. Stormfly lit up, large smile apparent.

"No! No! You go ahead and take her all the time you need, Alpha. We'll just leave you, right Hookfang?" Stormfly asked, in an almost threatening manner. Hookfang grumbled a forced agreement before he was taken away.

Stormfly gave SkyClimber a sly glance. The female Night Fury snapped her head away while slightly flushing. Toothless chuckled, once again bring her attention to him.

"Where were you?" she asked curiously.

"I didn't think you'd notice me leave."

"..." silence was her best response. I did, she thought. Toothless brushed it off.

"There were signs of smoke up North. I went to go see it."

"Did you see anything?" she asked.

"I could smell it, but whatever was there, was gone."

"What was it?"

"I have my suspicions." he replied. SkyClimber narrowed her eyes, wanting to know more. That was all she could do; eye him warily. He never told her any real information, and at times it irked her. Curiosity was her hazard, or so Toothless had said.

Knowing that this conversation was going to get nowhere, SkyClimber quickly searched for a new topic. What was it I wanted to ask him...? Then, she quickly remembered that he had intruded (more like saved) the conversation between her and the two other dragons.

"You are teaching me?" she asked very surprised. Any formality was forgotten because of her bemusement. She wasn't aware that Toothless had been listening to them before, nor that he would establish that he would specifically teach her. It made her insides a bit fuzzy.

"You're against me teaching you?" Toothless asked, seemingly raising an eyebrow. His lips raised slightly in a smile at SkyClimber's baffled expression.

"That was not what I meant," she began, "Why would you want to teach me?"

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing. I think it would be an honor teaching you," Toothless said. Her insides fluttered. SkyClimber glanced to the right, and saw that heads had quickly turned.

"I did promise you that I would teach you how to use your spines." he replied. SkyClimber perked up, but stayed at a distance from him. Toothless was finally going to allow her to use her spines? And teach her, nonetheless?! If he was going to teach her... that meant she would get to sight some action? How wonderful would it be to a Berk fighter?! Or perhaps even a night dragon?

"You're going to allow me to use them to defend Berk?!" SkyClimber asked.

"No." Toothless responded. SkyClimber visibly deflated at Toothless's serious look.

He grinned.

"I'm kidding!" he blurted out. SkyClimber's smile slowly returned.

"Really? You are considering... to let me help defend Berk?" she asked, momentarily forgetting that he had once again tricked her.

"If you pass my teachings." he said.

"Teachings?" asked SkyClimber.

"You can't go and fight without any experience." Toothless rolled his eyes. Ignoring his gesture, she kept her smile.

"Thank you-...!" SkyClimber cut herself off when she realized that Stormfly was taking glances at them again. SkyClimber took another step back and gave a curt bow. "Thank you... Alpha Toothless." Toothless made a sour expression.

"There you go again," Toothless groaned. SkyClimber narrowed her eyes at him.

"Yes, I will go there, Alpha." she said. During their little reunion, she had almost forgotten to address Toothless properly. She made sure to rectify that. Though... there was one doubt about addressing him as Alpha.

SkyClimber knew it was incorrect and not-to-mention rude and partially disrespectful... but she would continue to call him Alpha because she knew how much it annoyed him. Toothless had various things to jest about her, but SkyClimber in contrast had absolutely nothing to do the same with Toothless. So, once she found out about his dislike, it was gold.

"Then, Darling, what would you do if I tackled you right here?" Toothless asked.

"Well, I would-..." SkyClimber stopped mid-sentence when she noticed Toothless's smirk. He was giving her a trick question. Her ears flickered with irritation. I'm smart enough to play this game too! "I would submit." she replied.

"Then, you don't mind if I tackle you right now?" he asked, his smirk widening a hair. SkyClimber began to get nervous. She didn't like verbally losing to Toothless, even though she always did.

"N-no... I d-don't!" she proclaimed boldly. SkyClimber stubbornly looked away.

A moment passed before a new weight was added on to her. Her silver eyes snapped open when she saw a black blur above her. The was forced to the right. Her and the black blue rolled around for a few seconds before parting. Once the weight was taken off, SkyClimber noticed how... gentle it was.

When SkyClimber caught her breathe, she glared at whatever was in her way. Unsurprisingly, she found that it was Toothless. He was standing above her, smirk very apparent. She forced back a growl.

"Do not do that again!" she hissed. Toothless threw his head back and chuckled.

"And why?"

SkyClimber paused and bit her tongue. Her eyes wandered away from his green mischievous ones.

They wandered far enough to see that they had captured an audience. The dragons were mostly looking them. The humans were also continuing to speak while gesturing to them.

Oh no... Did they see... all of that?!

SkyClimber flushed hard, feeling as if she had done something demoralizing. Shame began to overcome her as she realized that this was not how she wanted to treat Toothless in front of others.

The dragons had seen her get tackled by Toothless! How shameful can I get? Stormfly spoke to Meatlug in clear laughter... something that SkyClimber didn't like. I guess I didn't realize that Toothless and I weren't going to be the only ones watching each other in our conversation.

Hookfang didn't look pleased, while Belch (or who she thought) looked amused. Barf was probably the only one with indifference towards her.

"Because Stormfly is watching!" SkyClimber blurted, voicing the first excuse she could think of. When the words escaped her lips, she realized how foolish she had sounded. Toothless laughed only worsening the feeling.

"Oh really?"

SkyClimber stiffly nodded, stubbornly forcing back any embarrassment.

"Well, tell her to watch this-" Toothless stopped and gave the side of her face a large lick, rubbing their ears together in the process. Shock was written all over her face. SkyClimber was hoping that sooner or later the dragons around her would stop assuming certain romance between her and Toothless. Now, that hope was completely extinguished.

What bewildered her more, was why Toothless had chosen to complete such a gentle gesture... with her! Were there real feelings behind it?!

SkyClimber was afraid to turn her head. She stiffly did so, ignoring Toothless's hearty laughter.

Much to her dismay... Stormfly was watching.


The situation was... difficult now.

Extremely difficult, in an almost discouraging way. Him and his Smokebreathes had found her. Mostly him, for her scent was apparent on the male Night Fury they had almost encountered. It was almost too close. Obscurity would have surely perished if that Night Fury had gotten to them. He recognized him to be the Alpha Night Fury.

Obscurity could feel the power that radiated off him.

What befuddled him the most, was how SkyClimber managed to escape... Escape to freedom, no less! No! This would not do good at all! She had been near that Night Fury. Hopefully no attachments had been made... that would complicate things more.

He couldn't and more importantly wouldn't, come back empty-clawed. Not only would the Bewilderbeast be furious, Obscurity would be the one to be the slave! No... if he thought that Obscurity would let that happen... then how wrong he was.

Like the majority of the time, Obscurity decided to keep his calm.

Even though he had urges to strangle anything. He would leave the anger for later.

What mattered was that he would retrieve SkyClimber. If she was under the protection of that other Night Fury and all his loyal little dragons, then that would surely be a complex task. All he needed was to find one specific thing.


As soon as he found it, returning her would become drastically easy. And, drastically interesting.

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