"Its good to be back"(gonya)

End recap.

Gonya got all of her stuff and took it back to her real home, the sons. While living there, gonya learned a lot of martal arts.

(The next day)

Gonya woke up and got dressed. She walked down stairs and sat down at the table next to her father and brother. Gonya ate breakfast and went to school.

At school during gym, gonya was with her friends, marisa, madison, kimberly, katlyn, Ashlee, and brittany, when all of a sudden an explosion was heard. They were sent flying into the walls. Gonya was still conscious while her friends were unconscious. She look ped up and saw a green human beetle. His name is cell.

Gonya shouted at him," HEY! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR HURTING MY FRIENDS!" She flew up at him and gave him three uppercuts and another couple of kicks before she jumped away from him and said," KAMEHAM- MADISON!"

While gonya was charging up her attack, cell shot a blast at madison and it killed her. Gonya was that madison was dead and started to shake." You will die for HURTING MY BEST FRIEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNDDDDDDDD!" She yelled the last part and swhen she did, her hair went alot spikier and became blond while her eyes became teal.

Gonya has become a super saiyan.

Gonya flew really fast at cell and yelled," KI FIST!" The attack hit cell and killed him. Gonya turned back into a normal saiyan and flew back to her friends, who woke up during the fight. They saw her and where happy that she was OK while sad that one of their best friends died.

Gonya told them," dont worry guys. I have a way to bring her back to life. I will find the dragonballs and wish for her to be alive again." They said alright and gonya took madison`s body to her house.

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