I do not own The Yellowfang & Nightcloud show, Empress Tansy does and if you have not read it yet, I suggest you check it out.

Squirrelflight was bored. She walked around the streets of Starclan. Finally, she stopped in front of a large building. It had faded, peeling words on the side the spelt: T E ELLO FA & NI H CLO D S OW. Squirrelflight knew this was the set of the famous Yellowfang and Nightcloud Show. then she had a brilliant idea. she could start her own show! She looked around, looking for someone to be her co-host.

Mapleshade was angry. She wondered around, sipping her coffee and scowling at the world. She was in an especially bad mood today because she had had Jayfeather out on a date and when they came back to her house he spilt his tea on her very expensive carpet. She had chased him around the house and all the way to Daisy's Ye Olde Muffin Shoppe. She had no money to pay for it because she kept wasting it on coffee.

Squirrelflight rushed up to Mapleshade as she rounded the corner.

"Do you want to start a show with me," she asked. "Come on it will be fun, and you can earn enough money to pay for the carpet," Squirrelflight said without waiting for an answer. She knew about the carpet because Jayfeather had posted a picture of it on Pawbook.

"Fine," replied Mapleshade, "But only until I have enough money to pay for my carpet."

"Great," cried Squirrelflight excitedly as she rushed off to prepare.