Honeyfrost: We are back! Sorry for the break. Sienablaze88 was going through tough times, and she was also incredibly lazy.

Sienablaze88: Oi!

Honeyfrost: you were!

Sienablaze88: Fine.

Honeyfrost: finer.

Sienablaze88: Finest.

Honeyfrost: Finer than finest.

Mapleshade: Shut up! What are you? Children?

Sienablaze88: I'm actually a teenager.

Mapleshade; Then act like it.

Sienablaze88: you are not my mother.

Mapleshade: I don't want to be.

Squirrelflight: *bangs head against conveniently placed wall* Can we get on with the show?

Mapleshade: yes. Today on the show we will- *is abruptly (no idea what that means, but it sounds cool) cut off*

Sienablaze88: *abruptly cuts off Mapleshade* HAVE A FOOD FIGHT!

Mapleshade: No. We are NOT having a foo- *gets hit in the face with a apple pie*

Sienablaze88: I'm the authoress and I say we are.

Honeyfrost: YAY! FOOD FIGHT! *throws marshmallows at Silentnight*

Silentnight: ... *walks over intimidatingly to Honeyfrost*

Honeyfrost: oops.

Silentnight: *towers over Honeyfrost*

Honeyfrost: *crouches in terror* *squeakes* Please don't kill me. *closes eyes*

Sienablaze88: I'LL SAVE YOU! *hits Silentnight with a Lemon Meringue Pie*

Silentnight: *bursts into tears and runs out of the studio*

Sienablaze88: oops.

Honeyfrost: You saved me! You're my hero! *hugs Sienablaze88

Sienablaze88: please don't hug me to death.

Honeyfrost: *ignores Sienablaze88* thank you so much?my life literally flashed before my eyes.

Sienablaze88: someone save me! And turn off the camera.

Honeyfrost: thank you and good day!

A/N I am so sorry it took so long! Please forgive me!!