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The four Pevensie's knelt before Aslan. His clear, strong voice rang throughout the hall.

"To the clear Northern Sky, I give you High King Peter, the Magnificent.

"To the Radiant Southern Sun, I give you Queen Susan, the Gentle.

"To the Great Western Wood, I give you King Edmund, the Just.

"To the Glistening Eastern Sea, I give you Queen Lucy, the Valient."

Mr. Tumnus crowned each as their name was called. A crown with golden oak leaves, a crown of leaves and golden daffodils, a crown of white-gold leaves, and a crown of innocent white-gold flowers.

Aslan led them to their thrones as all the creatures in the Great Hall cheered for them. "Long live King Peter! Long live Queen Susan! Long live King Edmund! Long live Queen Lucy!"

As the siblings sat on their engraved stone thrones, four nymphs stepped in front of them, one at a time, and in the order they were crowned, a scepter was placed in each of their hands. Each scepter was identical, perhaps too big for them now, but they would grow into them eventually. The scepters would remain in the throne room, next to the thrones at nearly all times. They were rods of ebony, with silver and gold twisting around the stem like vines. At the top of each was a clear, sparkling crystal, held in place by more golden wire.

Aslan spoke and the hall quieted, "Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia." There was a pause like the hall was holding its breath, then the Narnia's cheered once more. The doors were all open, and through the Eastern, you could hear the merpeople singing over the noise. For at that moment, the Sea, the forest, the hills, the talking animals, the non-talking animals, and all of Narnia rejoiced, at the defeat of the Winter.


Lucy smiled as they sat down at the feasting table. Or one of the many feasting tables. The tables were loaded with food. The cooks had outdone themselves. Tables were placed high and low for the different sizes of animals. Even the centaurs had the thick yet filling food they so enjoyed. Nuts, jams, berries, fruits, fish, vegetables, breads, rolls, meat from dumb beasts, roots, juices, wines, water (which was almost as good as the wines), even things like loam for the dryads.

Peter stood up as the meal was drawing to a close. Everyone quickly noticed and soon all attention was on the High King. "Friends, dear friends." He looked around the room smiling. "We thank you all, for your bravery, loyalty, and unerring faith. To us, but most importantly, to Aslan. For without you, we could not have defeated the White Witch. We could not have made peace in Narnia. We could not be free again! I, King Peter, vow to serve and protect you all of my days, with sword and with word, with all of my ability."

Edmund stood up next to Peter. "I vow to be fair, and honest, and to protect you always."

Susan took a deep breath and got to her feet as well. "I vow to help you, listen to you, and to always put Narnia first."

Lucy stood, "I vow with all my heart, that Narnia will be safe, and loved, and happy. To Aslan!" Lucy raised her glass, as did her siblings. Everyone in the hall stood, and raised their glasses as they echoed the sentiment that was so close to their heart.


The night continued blissfully. There was dancing, and eating, and talking, and all manner of wonderful things. Wine and water flowed as the water is nearly as good as the wine. Food was continually brought until no one could eat another bite, they then moved on to desserts. The Four gave gifts to all who had helped them. Mr. Tumnus the Faun, and to the Beavers, and Giant Rumblebuffin, to the leopards, and the good centaurs, and the good dwarfs, and to many others.

At some point during the night, much of the party moved outside to the beach. Magnificent bonfires were erected, and the party continued just as joyfully, perhaps more so. The merpeople were found leaning on the rocks near a bonfire that had been erected nearby just for them and those they talked to. The Giant Rumblebuffin also came, though he was made to sit down and stay down so as not to crush anybody on accident.

And the dogs chased each other in circles as they wove around the fires. And bats came to join as well, away from the light, but merry and happy just the same. And the big cats and the small cats stretched out on the still warm sand. And the birds flew around and talked to a good many people, though they flew slowly so as not to hit each other. And the Naiads kept drinks flowing. And the Dryads wove between everyone, offering wisdom or flirting. And the Fauns and Satyrs flirted back. And the nocturnal animals were thrilled that the party so late in the night. And the non-nocturnal animals couldn't care less, and stayed as long as anyone else. And Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were the happiest they had been in a long while.

The yawns were ignored, and no one were truly tired until the early morning hours. The sky became gray as the fires were finally allowed to die. The animals all returned home, the merpeople sank below the waves again, the children were practically carried back as they protested and yawned at the same time, falling asleep in their parents arms. Peter and Susan smiled as Susan dragged Edmund up and back toward the castle, and Peter picked up Lucy who had finally fallen asleep. They slept for many hours after their first day as Kings and Queens.


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