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The moon was full and brilliant, it's pure white light cast a glow on the castle. The waves glittered and the sand looked like snow. The night was more peaceful than the country had known in over a century, but one castle inhabitant couldn't sleep. A young girl, unlike anything the castle, or indeed the country, had seen in a hundred years, stared out at the sea into the east. She was not a nymph or a dryad, nor a water goddess or a talking beast, but a human girl. She was the reason that Aslan had come, and she was one of the four reasons the Winter had been defeated. The other three reasons happened to be her two brothers and sister. She had softened a faun's hard heart and had shown her siblings how to believe in the impossible again. And she simply couldn't sleep, her fears fighting against the peace she had felt only hours earlier.

A sea breeze ruffled her hair and caressed her cheeks. A warm voice whispered in her mind peace, dear heart. It helped a bit. But her memories intruded again so she turned away from the Eastern Sea and went in search of something else to calm her down.

Lucy Pevensie, for that was the girl's name, wandered the halls, gliding down corridors and skipping up steps, and had anyone seen her they would have thought her a fae. And perhaps she was, in Narnia, for everything is better there.

After wandering an eternity, or perhaps less than an hour, Lucy found the kitchen, it had been her favorite place at home. It was dark, but there was a window showing the sea, and moonlight lit up the kitchen enough that Lucy didn't need to worry about stumbling. She realized she was standing in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for something, like a taste on her tongue that she couldn't name.

A warm glow settled on her hair and back, and Lucy slowly twirled until the fire reflected off of her eyes. For a moment she couldn't see past the light, a floating candle, but her eyes adjusted and a shape took form holding the candle. Lucy felt a warmth in her chest that had nothing to do with the candle and tension she wasn't even aware of fled her body. "Susan."

Susan smiled gently at her sister and took another step forward. "Hey Lu, can't sleep?"

Lucy nodded, and gave a guilty smile, "Yeah."

"I couldn't sleep either. Thoughts keep you up?" She lit candles around the kitchen until there was a golden glow, and their faces were no longer cast in sharp shadows.

"I guess. I had a dream that woke me up, and now I can't stop thinking about it."

Susan grabbed a bottle of milk off one of the cabinets and poured it into a started pouring into Lucy's favorite mug. "What was the dream about?"

"Mum and dad." Lucy said quietly. Susan glanced over at her, concerned, but Lucy didn't look up.

"Sit down Lu, you look like you're about to fall over." Lucy slid onto one of the stools the cooks used. Once she was sitting Susan turned back to the mug and started pulling out spices. Neither said another word as Susan sprinkled cinnamon and nutmeg into the milk. Lucy finally looked up when the mug was pushed across the table to her. Lucy nodded and took a sip.

"Thanks Susan." Lucy couldn't even summon her normal cheerful smile, and that worried Susan more than anything,

Susan nodded, not knowing what to say. They were quiet again, Lucy didn't mention that it had always been their mother who had made the milk when she was upset, and Susan didn't mention that it was her first time making it.

Lucy finished the milk and stared into her cup. Susan wanted to say something, but she had an odd feeling that seemed to hold her tongue in place, so she simply sat across from Lucy, waiting.

Lucy took a shuddering breath and began with halting words, "It was mum, and dad. They were trying to reach us. But they kept getting further away. They were looking in the wrong place. And I needed them, and they weren't there." Lucy's eyes filled with tears and she couldn't stop them. "Susan, they're not here." Lucy's bright blue eyes stared at Susan, completely lost, and Susan recognized the 9 year old girl she was. The monarch she had become when the sun was still up was nowhere to be found, the girl who had charged into battle fearlessly wasn't afraid of dying, she was afraid of losing her parents forever.

Susan realized she was holding a shaking Lucy in her arms and whispering comforts in her ears. Her hand started slowly circling Lucy's back, "I'm here for you Lu. And so is Peter and Edmund. We'll protect you, we'll take care of you, and we'll get through this together." Susan kissed her hair. "I don't believe we'll never see them again. We'll find them. We'll find them and you'll always be their little girl, no matter what."

"Maybe they'll come to Narnia." Lucy said hopefully.

Susan nodded, "Maybe they will. They would love it here."

A long time later when Lucy's tears had stopped, Susan led her away from the kitchen.

"Susan, you never said why you couldn't sleep."

"Just an odd feeling Lu, but I think I'll be alright now." Susan and Lucy found their way back to their corridor, and even though Susan's room wasn't far down the hall, she stayed with Lucy.

It wasn't until they were both bundled into far too many blankets and snuggled together that Lucy whispered into the darkness "Thank you, Susan"

"Of course, Lucy."

They fell asleep to the sea breeze drifting through the windows and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore.