Hello fans of the Dark Knight. Hope you love this story and the characters I created who helps Batman defeat many villains in this story. His name is the Bounty Hunter and he doesn't kill like how his name sounds like. He uses stun weapons only and close combat.

I don't own Batman or the other characters. I do own The Bounty Hunter, his story and his gadgets.

Chapter 1: The Bounty Comes

Gotham City
October 31, 9:00 PM

It was nearly time for Batman, Gotham's Dark Knight, to go home from his patrol for looking for Julian Day AKA Calendar Man who escaped from Arkham Asylum until a police radio said," All units, this is Copper 5, we have confirmation that Calendar Man is in the Gotham Merchants Bank. I repeat Julian Day is in the Gotham Merchants Bank."

"I'd better get there fast," Batman said as he grabbed his Grapnel out of his belt and shot a claw into a gargoyle and flew to the bank.

At the Bank:

"Remember everyone. He has hostages. no body goes in till they're released and Batman takes him out," said Commissioner Gordon.

Just then, they saw a huge bat-like creature enter the building from a vent on the roof.

A guard said," Well sir, he's here."

Inside the Bank:

"There's no way Julian could get in here without Roman's eye or someone who could hack into it, but no one can hack it," thought Batman as he crawled through the vent.

When he opened the vent he activated his detective vision and saw three armed guys and two unarmed men.

"Well this will be easy," he said until a sniper guy came out of the door while Julian told his men that if they saw even a pinch of bat ears, they should use the gun enhancers to get him down.

"Well maybe it would be a little bit harder."

He then flew behind a guard unseen and put his hands around his neck and mouth to incapacitate him. Then he placed him on the ground, toke one of the chips in his radio and used his grapnel to get to the nearest gargoyle.

"Now I can hack into Julian's radio transmissions," he said as he grabbed out a Cryptographic Sequencer and started to hack into the chip.

"Now everyone, if the Bat gets in this room and you guys fail, then I'm coming for each and everyone of you on July 4 when I get out," Julian Day said on the radio.

"Well then I better get to work."

He then hanged by a gargoyle and a guy who was under it got picked up by him and hung by the leg on the statue, screaming.

"Hey who was that," said a guard as everyone ran to the guard hanging.

"Oh no. How'd you get up there," asked a guard.

"Go, run. He's... He's...," the hanging guard almost said until he feinted.

"Oh great. Now he can't tell us who tied him up. Let's spread out and find him."

As they moved around trying to find him, Batman brought out his Disruptor and shut down three guys guns without them knowing.

"Now I'll taking the rest down and leave one to interrogate," Batman said.

He then flew behind an armed guard and incapacitated him, and used his Remote Batclaw and it toke a guard and a gas canister and then collided them so the guard would be knocked out. After that, the last guards looked for the source when Batman grappled to the gargoyle.

"Now there is only the last guard to interrogate," he said as the guard finally gave up.

Batman then flew to him and grabbed him in a choke hold for the interrogation.

"Why did Calendar Man want to get into Gotham Merchants Bank and how," he said in a fearful voice.

"I'm not going to tell you nothing boy," said the guard,

"Well then I hope you won't be planning to walk the next three weeks."

"Alright, alright. Mr. Day used a device that shot out these bugs and then they walked into the machine and after that, the door opened," said the guard.

"Good. Now why did he want to get in here."

"Well he don't like Sionis, so he wanted Black Mask to remember what happens when you leave him in the gas chamber and some other kook comes and saves you."

"Thanks. Now you can take a nap," Batman said as he used his elbow to knock out the guard.

"So Julian was using Nano Bionics to get into the room and some weapon enhancers. But who's his supplier. I know he's not one with money," Batman thought.

"Alfred," said Batman," Get me anything about stolen weapon enhancers and Nano Bionics and the time of the theft."

"Yes, sir," said Alfred, Batman's butler," Well that's strange. The last theft was about two hours ago right before Julian Day escaped."

"Then his supplier has been on top of things."

The he grappled to the nearest gargoyle and watched as Julian got into the room he was in.

"What happened," Julian said," Who did this. Is there anyone still up."

After that Batman grabbed him and toke him to the gargoyle.

"How'd you get the Nano Bionics and the weapons enhancers."

"I'll... I'll never tell," Julian said.

"You better because I'm close to crushing your larynx. So it's either tell me and walk to your cell, or walk in a cast without your throat."

"Alright, alright, it was...," he started to say until he picked up a fire extinguisher and made it go out and Batman couldn't see. Then Julian escaped all the way to the parking lot until a dart hit him in his neck and he got knocked out. Batman caught up after the smoke cleared up and saw a figure with a mask like marks man until he left.

"Who was that man," Batman said.

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Next Chapter: Fear Meets The Master of Fear