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Chapter 5: The Queens and The Jesters:

Star City

November 8, 11:00 AM

Bruce Wayne had just left Metropolis to Star City to meet up with Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow who is the CEO of Queen Industries for a board meeting about the new flight suit they created.

At the Queen Mansion:

"Hey Oliver," said Bruce.

"Hey Bruce. How's Gotham doing?"

"A little hard with my two new vigilantes now."

"Two? I only heard of that Bounty Hunter guy. Who's the second?"

"A guy named Johnathan Crane. He calls himself The Scarecrow. He's been using his fear toxin on some of my foes."

"Well that's going to be tough to beat," said Oliver.

"Well, let's get to business. Let me see the flight suit."

"Okay. Follow me," Oliver said, leading Bruce to a lab he installed to the manor.

Inside the Lab:

When Bruce went inside the lab, he saw many new types of technology. He saw some trick arrows and the new flight suit.

"Now, with this flight suit the wearer can of course fly in the air and can disarm weapons."

He then walked over to a new case that held a liquid.

"And thank goodness you told me about this Scarecrow because we've been working on an antidote to work on most toxins so it might work on this fear toxin," said Oliver as he gave it to Bruce.

"Hey maybe later we can," go out into the city," and get something to eat," said Bruce.


10 Hours later:

On the roof top, Batman was waiting for Green Arrow when he got there.

"Anything going on right now," asked Batman.

"Yeah. We got a break in the Star City Chemical Lab."

"Let's go then."

At the Chemical Lab:

When they got there, they saw a clown like guy messing with the chemicals.

"Wait. How is The Joker here? Isn't he dead," asked Green Arrow.

"He is. This is someone ripping off his MO. Who are you?"

He then turned around and saw Batman and Green Arrow.

"Oh. New playmates. You can call me The Jester."

"Now this is a joke," said Oliver as Batman turned his head towards him," You know. Jesters and Queens. They're part of a kingdom. Never mind."

"Why are you here," asked Batman.

"Oh, I lost fun in Draco City, so I came here."

Batman then realized who his nemesis is.

"Arrow, get down!" he yelled as he and Green Arrow ducked. Just then a dart went passed them and the Jester missed it.

"Aw, here's the party pooper," said the Jester as the Bounty Hunter zipped lined into the building.

"I'd better get out of here," The Jester said as he ran off.

"He's mine," yelled the Bounty Hunter.

When he caught up to the Jester. he released a toxin that had a similar effect as the Joker Toxin.

"I'll take care of this," the Bounty Hunter said as he turned on a gas mask and jumped into the room. Just then, some men came in the room to fight Batman and Green Arrow.

On top of a building:

The Bounty Hunter had just taken The Jester to a near by building.

"Why did you come to Star City," asked the Bounty.

"Because you left Draco City and I lost someone to play with," said The Jester as he laughed.

"You're just as insane as The Joker, but you always have some reason."

"Oh fine. Because my benefactor wanted me to distract you and Batman from the real problem back at Draco City."

The Bounty Hunter then checked the police radio.

"All Units, there has been a break in at Kings Chemical Lab. I repeat there has been a break in."


"Maybe, maybe not."

"I'm taking you back to Dracon City where you scum belong," the Bounty Hunter said as he knocked The Jester out.

Then, Batman and Green Arrow got to the building where the Bounty Hunter was.

"So now you have a villain who is just like The Joker," said Batman.

"We had some problems like you with a Hood gang."

"Let me guess. Blue Hood."

"Yeah pretty much," said the Bounty Hunter.

"Well, just take The Jester out of here," said Green Arrow.

As Batman and Green Arrow turned away, Batman turned back as was going to talk to the Bounty Hunter, but he wasn't there," So that's what it feels like."

Back at the Bounty Cave:

The Bounty Hunter had just entered his lair and said," Tom, pull up the security feed at the Kings Chemical Lab from 10:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M."

"Sure thing, Rick."

A video feed pulled up with The Scarecrow entering the building and taking chemicals that make his fear toxin.

"I knew it. He hired The Jester to make me lose sight on Draco City. So careless!"

"It's not your fault, Rick. The Jester would of killed tons of people if you hadn't stopped him," said Tom.

"Yeah, but Scarecrows been on the run for a month and he now shows himself. Why though?"

"You'll have to keep watching, like a hunter watching his prey."

"And now you come with a hunter pun."

"I've been saving it just for this time."

"Well Batman was at Star City with Green Arrow. But it was like they know each other."

"They should. I mean they are part of the Justice League after all."

"Yeah, but it was different this time. Like they've known each other for years. Green Arrow joined the Justice League a year before I came in."

"Well, we'll never know."

"Maybe you should sleep. I mean you do have school tomorrow."


What is the Scarecrow up to? What is his plan? How does the Bounty Hunter know him? You'll have to keep reading to figure that out.

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