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Chapter 6: Suicide at Hand Part 1

At Cadmus:

Amanda Waller was watching the security film from Belle Reve. All of a sudden, some criminals started to escape.

"This is Amanda. We have a Level 10 Security Breach. Call up Task Force X. We have another Suicide mission," said Amanda Waller as she saw Killer Frost and Killer Croc escape. ( Just so you know, I'm only using Deadshot, Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, Harley, and Bronze Tiger.)

Back at Gotham City:

The city had went silent. No escapes, no villain, not even an assault. Batman was about to head back to the cave until he got a call from Waller.

"What do you want, Waller."

"We're having some "problems" here at Belle Reve."

"Why don't you have your squad handle it?"

"That's the problem. I sent them in 3 hours ago and I haven't heard back from them."

"And why should I help?"

"Cause if you don't, I'll let everyone who you are, rich boy."

Batman stood there, remembering that Waller knew who he was.

"Fine. I'll help. What's the problem?"

"When I sent the squad to Arkham a few months ago, they shut down the chips I put in them. Well at least some of them did. The others didn't risk it. Now they've escaped and they've taken the rest of my team. I need you to get in there and take the rogue ones down."

"Fine. I'll help you Waller this one time. After this, I'm taking your squad down." Batman said as he shut down the com link.

At Belle Reve:

When Batman flew over Belle Reve, he saw complete destruction and chaos. He then landed on top of the medical facility and looked around to see how much chaos it's in.

"Just like home," Batman said as he flew towards the holding cells. When Batman looked inside, he saw insane inmates running around, killing each other or the guards there. When they saw Batman, they started to run at him. Batman threw a smoke bomb at their faces and ran towards them. While they were dizzy, Batman kicked one into the wall, another through a window into a bush, and the final one back into a cell.

"More or less," he said as he walked down the hall way. He activated his Detective Vision when he entered the next room and scanned the area to located the Suicide Squad.

"Where could they be," Batman said to himself as he continued looking through the cell blocks. He then entered the execution room where he saw Deathstroke sitting in the electric chair, with another guy watching.

"If I'm seen, Slade will be dead. I have to sneak up on the guard without him seeing me," Batman whispered as he snuck around the glass to a vent.

"So you're the master assassin that people talk about. Don't look so tough to me," the thug said.

"Believe me, if I weren't stuck in this chair you would be dead by now," said Slade.

"Oh, I'm so scared."

"You should be," said Batman as he toke out the thug without him pulling the switch.

"Nice of you to drop in, Batman," said Slade.

"I'm surprised you were captured, Slade. You're skilled in almost every fighting style there is."

"Well we're talking about a person who can freeze stuff and an overgrown Crocodile. You may be able to beat them, but you were able to beat me."

"Where's the rest of your team."

"Deadshot's in the isolation chamber, Harley's in the church, Boomerang is in the infirmary, and Bronze Tiger is in a guard post."

"Fine," he said as he cut Deathstroke free.

"Don't bother trying to hunt me, Slade. You'll be put in the infirmary this time instead of Harkness."

"Empty threats from a bat with no wings."

Batman then left the execution room and went after Harley.

At the prison church:

Batman started to scope out the area. All of a sudden, a grenade was thrown by the door. Batman grappled to the gargoyle and saw that they got their hands on military grade weapons.

"The Tyger Guards weapons must be held here. That puts a lot of people endangered. They should have been destroyed."

He saw Harley cuffed by a prisoner.

"Don't think the bat will save you."

"Like I want him to. He killed my Mr. J. I'd rather die," Harley said, referring to Arham City.

"We can arrange that."

"No you won't." Batman said when he grabbed the thug holding Harley.

"Crap, cover the gargoyles. I'll guard Harley." the guard said as he grabbed Harley and put her in the holding cells outside the church.

The guards then grabbed thermal scanners to scan the gargoyles.

"I'll have to take them down first before I go get Harley. If I leave them, they'll kill me and Harley before we can escape."

He then grappled to another gargoyle and as a thug was scanning it, he grabbed him by the leg and tied him to the gargoyle with his mouth taped. He then went after another thug by the podium and silently toke him out.

"4 more guards left. They never learn." Batman said as he grappled to a side vent that he used to get into the floor grates. When one of the guys got under it, Batman jumped from it, grabbed the guard by the neck and threw him into the floor.

"What was that," asked on the guards as they all went to find the source of the noise. They then found one of their allies knocked out and started to separate from each other.

"Now they're making it way too easy." Batman said as he grabbed a guard and tied another guard to a gargoyle," Time to end this."

Batman then flew to the floor and threw smoke bombs in the thugs faces. Batman used a Batclaw to pull one guard to the other and knocked them both out at the same time.

"I'm surprised you were captured, Quinn. You used to be a pain."

"I'm not talking to you Batbrain. You killed Mr. J, and I'm going to make you pay."

"Then you can stay here till Waller comes here and gets you."

Batman then left Harley in the cell and went to go get Bronze Tiger.

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