Me no own you no sew


"What have I done! I killed Tantei-kun!" KID I'm not really dead you know now will you unhand-cuff me now. Ohh? no can do. One does not like a angrey hostage that posses the kicking skills and force as a high schooler. Now if you would excuse me. Poof.

Conan's POV

"Damm KID! I WILL KICK YOUR SORRY ASS TO KINGDOM COME!" KID waltzes back in to the room with a bag. I brought toys." I'm am not a 7 year old KID!" Not those kinda toys Tantei-kun."OH FUCKIN MOTHER OF PERIL! YOUR A FRIKIN PEDOPHILE!"

Ran's POV

"Tousan we have to find conan. KID might hurt him. ? ゚リᆳ? ゚リᆳ?." We are working on it Ran. It's ok Ran-San. Conan-kun will be back before you know it. Kay? Ok sniff.