London, United Kingdom. Orange clouds hung in the sky, fading to bluish black as the sun began to set over the horizon. The city streets were starting to clear as people started to go home to sleep peacefully for the night. They would have succeeded, too, had it not been for a commotion caused by a certain duo.

Two vehicles speeded down the thankfully barren streets, pacing each other, the sides occasionally scraping against each other as they tried to force the other off the road. One of them was a black Rolls Royce Phantom, and the other, your run-of-the-mill Cadillac.

In the Cadillac were four men of a questionable nature, and in the other, two young men clad in black. The driver was blonde with icy blue eyes and a cat-like face. His name was Jim Macken; or, as he prefers to be known: "Alois Trancy". The man next to him in the passenger seat was what could only be described as a "bluenette" with a singular, sapphire eye. The other was covered with an eyepatch. His name was Ciel Phantomhive and in this ruckus, he was making an attempt to talk on the phone while his partner worked the wheel.

"Hello, is this Clos Maggiore?" he asked, covering one ear with his hand while holding his cell phone up to the other. "I have a reservation for tonight at six, but it looks like I've had a change in plans and need to cancel."

He paused for a moment before looking to the lad next to him and asking: "Did you make the reservations under 'Macken' or 'Trancy'?"

"Trancy!" Alois replied, turning the wheel and nudging their attacker's car with his own. Ciel nodded and went back to talking on the phone.

"It's under the name 'Trancy'." He said. "Do what? I'm sorry, I'm in the car, right now."

Suddenly, the blonde's eyes widened as he looked at the other car. Machine guns. The men in the other car had machine guns! He leaned his head out the window and placed his hand on the door of the Cadillac. He grit his teeth and his eyes glowed crimson as he pushed hard against the other vehicle and caused them both to separate.

The men in the Cadillac opened fire on the Rolls Royce, riddling its side with bullets and shattering its windows. Angrily, the blonde menace took his gun out of his coat with his right hand while keeping his left on the wheel. He started firing back, blowing out the windows on the other car.

"Ow!" he shouted. "Ciel! I could use a hand, here!" With that, the bluenette ended his call and placed his phone in his pocket.

"Aim for the wheels." The bluenette instructed. "The front one, specifically."

"On it." Alois replied, aiming his gun. He pulled the trigger, completely blowing out the front tire and making the driver of the other car lose control of his vehicle. The four men in the Cadillac crashed into a pole, completely bending it as well as the front of their car. The blonde grinned.

"Yes!" he said.

"Jim." Called the bluenette.

"You see that shit?! Totally wrecked it!"


"It almost flipped!"

"Jim, for the love of God, keep your eyes on the ro-!"


Alas, while indulging in his victory, the Macken boy ended up tasting the bitterness of defeat. The Rolls Royce had veered off the road and crashed into a pole as well, completely knocking it over and hoisting the front of the car off the ground. Both boys sat for a moment, staring straight ahead before the Phantomhive turned to the man in the driver's seat. The blond tapped his finger on the steering wheel and avoided eye-contact, nodding slightly to himself.

"Yep." He said finally. "Sebastian's going to kill me, isn't he?"

"No, I won't let him do that." Ciel answered. "You may be getting some passive-aggression for a while, though."

Alois opened his mouth to reply, but closed it as a bullet whizzed by the car. Quickly, he opened the door and crawled out, helping the bluenette crawl over from his side, which was currently being bombarded with ammunition. The two took shelter behind the wrecked Rolls Royce as the poor car was turned to Swiss cheese by machine guns.

"Why is it that whenever I try to take you out on a date, this sort of thing always happens?" asked the blond menace with a sigh. His beau had been returned home from the Black Annis mishap for three weeks, and he had worked rather hard to plan this outing for the two of them. Ciel only smiled.

"I don't know, but you're the best date-planner ever." The bluenette said, pulling his own gun out of its holster.

"As long as you're having fun, I guess." Alois replied. "Think we can continue this after we stop getting shot at?"

"Of course. Then after the police show up, the evening is ours." Answered Ciel, leaning in to peck the other man on the cheek. "Fire when ready, but don't kill them. We still need them for the investigation."

"Aim for the knees?"

"Yes." The Phantomhive stated, standing up during a gap in their enemies' fire while they reloaded. His beau did the same.

"Whoever gets the most pays for dinner." The blond stated.

"There's only four of them…"

"Go!" Alois said without warning, firing off four shots. Each one struck an assailant in the knee each, forcing them to drop their weapons and fall to the ground. He looked back at the other gentleman with a smirk.

"Now I'm paying, and you can't argue with me!" He said, poking the bluenette's shoulder. His smile faded, however, when the side mirror of the car fell off, reminding him of the damages.

"I… uh… I can cover that, too…" he added, bashfully scratching the back of his neck.

"Don't worry about it. It's insured." Ciel stated. "I sort of can't wait to see the look on Sebastian's face when he finds out, though."

"Oh, God, I killed his baby…" the Macken said, running his hands through his hair while examining the damage. "I practically begged him to use it since the Mercedes hasn't been replaced…"

"That's what makes it even funnier, though. This certainly isn't the first car of ours to be wrecked, and it certainly won't be the last. It would appear that we'll be using Taxi services quite a bit, now, though."

"I can cover the bill for that, too…"

"What is with you and insisting on paying for things?" the Phantomhive asked with a laugh as he walked around the car and out into the street. The other man wrapped both arms around the bluenette's as he walked, resting his head on his shoulder.

"I want to spoil you sometimes, is all…" he said with a small pout. "You shouldn't have to pay for everything, you know…"

"I really don't mind." Ciel replied.

"But it makes you seem like you're my 'sugar daddy' or something. That's really gross…"

"Then don't think of it that way." He stated, kicking a gun away from one of the injured men with his foot. He looked down and examined the man. "This this is our guy?"

"Looks like the guy in the picture Bailey gave us." Replied the blonde. "Drug dealing, human trafficking… He's scum, Ciel. I know scum when I see it."

"It was awfully nice of him to just drop by, like this." The bluenette jested. "It makes our job so much easier."

"He really should have called ahead, though." Alois quipped. "It's awfully rude to just pop in uninvited, you know."

"Indeed." The Phantomhive stated, reaching into his pocket with his free hand and pulling out his phone. "The police have probably been called already, from all the commotion we caused. Want me to ask Detective Bailey to pick us up a pizza on his way over?"

"Only if there are breadsticks involved."

The date continued with the two sitting on the roof of the crashed Rolls Royce, eating pizza and watching criminals get put in ambulances. It wasn't exactly what Alois had in mind, but in a way, Ciel was right, this was better than eating at a fancy restaurant like ordinary people.

They weren't ordinary people. They were demons. This was their territory, and this is how they lived happily lived their lives; being madly in love and having absurd adventures.

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