Heya! I know I haven't been writing and I hope that you won't kill me for keeping you waiting so long. This is just how I think that Grissom would come back to Sara. I have to admit that I am not really up to date with the story (SA is a little behind), so I am making this an AU.

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The diner she was sitting in was quiet, but if you looked at the time, it wasn't that surprising. It was just after seven in the morning. Sara had just finished a very long and difficult shift, but the text she'd gotten last night were more a shock than a surprise- wasn't that the understatement of the year!

The night before:

While at a crime scene, her phone chirped, signalling a text. Taking off her gloves, she checked her phone, thinking it was Hodges giving her the results of her case. Opening it, she almost fell over. Something must have shown on her face, because Russell asked her if she was ok. The text was from the one and only Gil Grissom, telling her to meet him in a diner the next morning. After, that the whole night was a blur. Questions flew through her mind…

When did he come back?

Why didn't he tell her?

The biggest of all, Why was he here?

She wanted to ask all those questions, and she tried to phone him, repeatedly. He never answered, the call going straight to voice mail. The whole night, she phoned whenever she had a chance, all the while making sure nobody was around. This wasn't something she wanted to share. She knew that Nick and Greg would be happy to see Grissom again and Brass and Al would be over the moon, but he didn't answer his phone. After her shift, she quickly went home to change, hoping that he would be there and silently praying that he wouldn't. Her prayers were answered: he wasn't at the townhouse. Another question burned her mind…

Where was he?

Is he okay?

Did something happen?

They hadn't spoken for months and the decision that their marriage wasn't working had been a hard one. It didn't mean that she didn't still love him or that she didn't care. He was just so far away, and not just physically either. With these thoughts running through her head, she got in her car and started driving.

And she ended up in the diner where he told her to meet him. She played with her coffee cup; the beverage itself had gone cold a while ago and still she waited. Every time the door signalled someone entering the small diner, her heart sped up and, so far, it wasn't him. She looked at her watch and sighed. It's still too early.

Taking a sip of her cold coffee, she heard the door open and this time she didn't look up, because she knew it was early.

But his soft voice shook her to the core.


She looked up and was shocked at the changes in him- the biggest one being his eyes. His normally bright blue eyes were dull and pain-filled. He gestured to the empty seat across from her,

"Can I sit?" his voice was unnaturally uncertain. She nodded and studied his face while he sat down and waved at the waitress to bring him coffee, there were more lines on his face than she remembered. His hair was whiter and together with his beard, it made him look very old. Sara still couldn't find her voice. Her heart beating a mile a minute, her brown eyes searching and picking up the changes easily. Goodness knows, she spent enough time studying him while he slept.

"You look good. Did you get some sleep after work?" He asked, trying to start a conversation, she almost laughed. Grissom was never one for small talk.

"Uhm, n-no, I, uh I couldn't sleep, just went and took a shower. Was a long night." Sara stammered through her answer. Grissom gave a rueful smile, nodding his head. She was once again struck at how much weight he'd lost. His shoulders were slumped even though he was sitting up straight.

"Ask your questions, Sara. I've known you long enough to know that you have a lot whirling through that head of yours." His idea of a joke fell flat. There was no smile or chuckle. Just silence. An almost dead one.

"Why?" Sara's voice cracked one that one word.

"Oh, there are quite a few answers to that question, my dear Sara. If I start explaining, will you give me the opportunity to say what I have to, without interrupting me or walking out on me?" He searched her face as he spoke. Sara couldn't think of anything. Her brown eyes locked on his sad blue ones. She nodded and he looked relieved. She briefly wondered if he thought she would say no.

"When you came back to Vegas, I was confused. In a sense, I was angry as well. I had thought you were happy, that you enjoyed being my wife and that things were great. I had no idea…I never once thought that you didn't want to be there. When you told me about your choice, you said you needed to find yourself again, that you had disappeared. I let you go and convinced myself that it was the right thing to do. That our love is stronger than the long distance between us. As the months went by, I started to become painfully aware of the gap. I started to realize that you were what I needed. Once again I was at a cross-roads. You seemed happy here and you were doing well. I could not be so selfish as to ask you to come back to me. So I left it. My second biggest mistake." He stopped, swallowed and then took a sip of cold coffee. Sara wondered how long he had sat working up the courage to talk to her, how many times he had written out what he wanted to say only to scratch something out and start over. She wondered how many quotes were written down somewhere while he couldn't find his own words to say what he meant. She was broken out of her thoughts, first by the door signalling another person coming in, and secondly that Gil's body posture changed as he sat forward, leaning his forearms on the table. He looked around at the door and waved at the waitress for another cup of coffee. She looked up as well and noticed the new arrivals were two young guys standing by the counter. She thought that it was odd that they both were wearing hoodies in the Las Vegas heat, but Gil chose that moment to start talking.

"The last time we spoke you were talking about getting a divorce. I probably lived up to my legend of being oblivious, because I did not see that coming. Thinking about it, I should have seen it coming. I was too occupied with my own things rather than keep your life in mind as well. After careful thought and a lot of internal debates, I came to the conclusion that I need to do something. I need to either let you go or fight for you. That is why I'm here. I don't want the best thing that has ever happened to me, slip through my fingers just because I was too much of an egotistical asshole to do anything about it. So, Sara, I'm here to try and win you back. To show to you that our love is strong and worth fighting for. I came to ask you for another chance to prove how much I love you. If you tell me now that you don't want to, I'll walk out and you can go on with your life. All I ask then is that you be happy and not contact me again. But if you are willing to give me that chance, I will make it up to you."

Sara sat staring at him, at a loss for words. She had no idea he still felt this strong. She had always told herself that this separation might be what he wanted; he had never tried to stop her. Grissom's face showed fear and even a little relief. Her thoughts flew through her mind, could she do it? It was worth it. She was never as happy as when she was with Grissom. If he was willing to try again, shouldn't she meet him halfway?

She must have been quiet for a while, because she suddenly heard Grissom sigh. She looked back up and saw his eyes brimming with tears; he swallowed again and took a deep breath. He cleared his throat.

"I waited too long. I'm sorry, Sara. I should have done something sooner. I wish you happiness and..." He stopped, his voice cracking and Sara's heart broke a little more. After all the years that she knew Grissom- it always amazed, and even frightened her a little, how deeply he felt. He mistook her silence as refusal and she silently cursed herself. By his own admittance, Gil was never very good at relationships and goodness knows, she wholeheartedly agreed, but this was a whole new level for them both.

"Gil, I…" she started to say, but she was interrupted by a loud voice.

"Nobody move!"

The young thug that had come in earlier was holding his gun in the air while his friend waved a knife. Sara looked at Grissom, his face was neutral, but after years of knowing him, she could see the fear and worry in his eyes. She reached for his hand and he gripped it tightly.

"Hey! You there! Stand up and walk to the front, slowly. Hands where I can see them!" The thug with the gun screamed.

Sara stood up and moved to the front, Grissom copying her movements, but letting her go first. All of a sudden her phone rang. The diner went quiet, everybody froze. Then the young guy with the gun pointed it at her and time stood still. Sara closed her eyes; she heard the gun go off and waited for the pain to hit. Suddenly she heard a shout that sounded like 'oh shit!' and then she was on the floor. What just happened?

"Sara? Are you ok?" She opened her eyes to see the concerned blue eyes looking down at her. How did he get on top of her? She thought, I don't remember that happening.

"Y-y-yeah, I uh I t-t-think so. But I think he missed," she said as she made a move to get up.

"No, no he didn't miss." Sara looked at Grissom and his face seemed to change right in front of her. His eyes became pain-filled, his cheeks lost all colour. He moved to one side to let her get up and as soon as she was out from under him, he fell back down with a pained grunt.

"Gil!" Sara shouted. She moved to her knees and sat next to him. He was lying on his stomach, a blood pool rapidly growing around him. She searched his back and found the entry point on his shoulder. She quickly removed her jacket and pressed down, ignoring his groan of pain. She looked around at the shocked faces, the young thugs were nowhere to be seen. Then, everybody started talking all together. The waitress shakily called 911.

"Can I help?" a young woman asked and Sara nodded as she took over holding pressure on the wound. Sara grabbed her phone that had fallen to the floor and speed-dialled Brass.

"Brass," came the rough answer.

"J-Jim, I n-need help." Sara said her voice catching on every word.

"Sara? What's going on?"

"Gil, Gil was shot at the diner…"

"Whoa, Grissom? Sara, what's going on?" Brass asked again.

"Gil came to see me; we were at a diner that was robbed and, oh fuck, Jim they shot at me and he took the bullet!" Sara said as she started to cry.

"Ok, I'm on my way. Which diner?" He asked.


"Be there soon." And the line clicked off.

Sara turned her attention back to Grissom and saw his half lidded eyes staring up at her.

"Oh, Gil. I love you; please I want to try again, too. Don't leave me, please. Just hang on." She kissed his hand and she saw a faint smile around his lips.

"T-this i-is h-how…..much I love you…" his voice croaked and his eyes closed. Sara's tears were streaming down her cheeks.

The sirens were heard approaching the diner- things were going to be just fine now.

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