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"Family of Gilbert Grissom?" A bored looking guy in a white lab coat suddenly asked from the door.

"That's us," Sara said, standing up and moving towards the man.

"I'm sorry, I have to ask, but what's your relation?" the man asked, not looking sorry at all.

"I'm his wife, and this is his best friend," Sara answered in a tone she normally reserved for murderers, a sure sign that her patience was wearing thin.

"I'm Doctor Jack Ash, I am treating your husband," the man introduced himself. "Can we go somewhere a little more private?" he asked glancing at Jim.

Sara's patience had run out.

"Oh, for fuck's sake! Will you just tell me what's going on with my husband or so help me God, I will shoot you!" Sara shouted at the doctor. She felt Jim's hand on her shoulder, but the last couple of hours had taken their toll on her. She looked at the doctor with a glare that could wilt flowers.

"There is no need to shout, ma'am. I'm just following protocol here," Doctor Ash actually looked offended.

Jim looked at Sara and when he saw the look on her face, he decided to take over before the waiting room turned into a crime scene.

"Look, doctor," Jim spoke up just as Sara took a deep breath for another tirade, "we are tired and we really want to know what's going on with Gill. Now are you going to tell us or should we go and find someone more capable of talking to us."

The doctor stared at Jim; there was no mistaking the fire in his eyes or the underlying threat to his words.

"It's too early to say whether he will make a full recovery or not. The bullet went straight through the scapula and imbedded in the shoulder muscle. Mr Grissom..." Doctor Ash started, but was cut off by a very angry Sara.

"Doctor Grissom," she said with gritted teeth.

"OK, Doctor Grissom will have a lot of physical therapy in his future to help regain some form of function in his arm. He lost a lot of blood and there might some brain damage because he stopped breathing on the way here, so we will have to wait for him to wake up," the doctor finished.

"I want to see him," Sara said, tears in her eyes.

"I would prefer it if you wait before you see him. There are some tests we need to perform and I don't want anyone to be in the way," Doctor Ash turned to walk away.

"Ok, let me rephrase," Sara began, her eyes flashing, "I demand to see him and then I want another doctor."

Just then an older man came walking up to the group.

"Excuse me, I'm Doctor Berndt. I was the surgeon that worked on your husband. Let me take you to see him, a friendly face might help him wake up sooner. In the meantime, Doctor Ash, I'm sure you have other work to do," the older man looked to the other doctor, who left with a sigh.

"I'm sorry about his behaviour, he's new and I think his people skills are seriously lacking. My theory is that he watched House too much when he was younger," Doctor Berndt said with a smile as they were walking down the passage.

"Thank you, I almost shot him," Brass said and the tense atmosphere was broken as they reached the door.

"That would have given me more work to do, but I like the idea," the doctor stepped aside. "There you go Mrs Grissom, talk to him, sometimes it helps." With that the doctor left the pair alone.

"Jim, I'm scared," Sara said, her eyes locked on the figure on the bed.

"Go to him, kid, bring him back to us," Jim pulled her into a hug. "After he wakes up, you worry about the rest. I'm gonna go call the boys and Russell to tell him you won't be in."

"I don't want to have that conversation, Jim. Nick and Greg were even more pissed off than I was," Sara sighed.

"I'll deal with them, you go to your man in there," he said motioning to the room. With that he turned around and made his way back to the waiting room, Sara watched him go and with a deep breath steeled herself and walked into the room.


Ring Ring


"Hey Al, its Jim. Uhm, can you come to Desert Palms? Sara's here with Grissom."


"Please just get here; I'll explain everything when you get here"

"Ok then, see you soon,"


Ring Ring


"Hey, Greg, can you come to Desert Palm?"

"Brass? Sure what's wrong?"

"Sara's here….with Grissom"

"I'll be there soon,"


Ring Ring


"Nick, its Brass. Can you come to Desert Palm?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way, what's going on? A new case?"

"No, at least I don't think so. Sara's here with Grissom. I'll explain when you get here."



Sara sat down next to the bed and took in her husband's pale features. It seemed as if his gaunt face was highlighted by the stark white pillow. It then occurred to her that these last couple of months she hadn't thought of him as her husband; no, to her he was Grissom. These last couple of hours had made her think though, and as she sat in that hospital room, she thought of all the things she loved about the injured man. All the things that made her fall in love with him in the first place.

She remembered the first time they had met in San Francisco. She kept asking him questions, but it was more to keep him talking than it was for her to get answers. She loved the sound of his voice. The coffee afterwards was just the cement to the foundation of her love for this enigma of a man.

The emotions he felt so deeply, but shared so rarely came to mind- the determination to solve cases, the right way, regardless of the consequences even if he got suspended. His compassion when working with kids, his anger towards those cases or rather the guilty party in those cases. The love he has for his kids, even if none of them are biological. Nick and Greg will always be his kids, no matter how experienced they got or what they thought of Grissom.

Grissom always seemed in control, regardless of the situation. The only time, Sara had ever seen Grissom even remotely vulnerable was that day in his office. He was in his undershirt because Warrick's blood was all over his clothes. Even then he just held on to Sara. It was only the next day in the shower that she heard him cry and just the sound broke her heart. When he found her in the jungle, he was defeated. Depressed was another thing she had never thought she would see in Grissom. They got married and went to Paris and things were good for a while, so where did they go wrong? What changed? Goodness knows she still loved him and he said that he still loved her.

Just then her thoughts were interrupted by a groan coming from the bed.


"S-Sara?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

"I'm here, the doctor's on his way,"

"You stayed, you really stayed," he had a weak smile on his pale face.

"Yeah I did, and I'm not going anywhere," Sara said and after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, moved aside to let the nurses have access.

For the first time since the phone call, she felt that things would be relatively okay.



Brass heard his name and turned to face the newcomer. Jim Brass was never one to be speechless; he always had something to say. Granted his punch lines were never as effective as Grissom's, but his came a close second. So why was he speechless now? The newcomer was followed by Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders. Al Robbins came to a stop in front of Jim; the confused expression on his face was mirrored by his two companions, but with added anger. Brass knew the two younger men was angry at Grissom for what he had put Sara through, the two older men had reserved comment, both because they knew Grissom and because they also knew that there were two sides to every story.

"What's going on Jim?" Nick wanted to know. His eyes flashed with anger. "We get a phone call to meet you here and the only thing that you tell us is that it involves Sara and Grissom. Then Russell calls and says that Sara was involved in an armed robbery."

"Sara was meeting Grissom at the diner where the robbery took place earlier this morning. Grissom got shot and now we're here," Brass said, not wasting anytime with small talk.

"Grissom's here. Is that son of a bitch coming to mess with Sara again?" Nick asked his anger clear on his face.

"Nick," Al said softly, "let Jim explain." Doc Robbins turned to Brass. "Please explain what exactly what's going on."

"The only thing I know is that Grissom came back to try and prove to Sara that he still loves her and maybe get a second chance. They were meeting in the diner before it got robbed. I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line, Sara's phone rang and one of the thugs shot at her. Grissom took the bullet." Brass ended with a shrug. He couldn't help, but notice that the angry look in the younger men's faces turned slightly to concern.

"Grissom was shot?" Greg asked. Jim smiled slightly. The man had always seen Grissom as a hero. He was the young man's mentor and Greg just sucked up all the knowledge Grissom gave him.

"Yeah, in his back. Sara said it happened so fast, she didn't even notice anything. I waited to phone you because I wanted to find out if he was gonna be okay," Brass said with a sigh.

"And?" Al prompted after a while.

"The bullet him high in the back. It went straight through his shoulder blade and caused major muscle damage. Besides that he lost a lot of blood and was still unconscious a while ago. Sara went to sit with him."

"Oh boy." Was all that Al said as he sat down heavily on one of the chairs. His quiet words made Jim's blood run cold.

"Al, why don't you explain it to me in layman's terms, please?" Brass asked, sitting down next to the older doctor.

"Best case scenario, with physical treatment he'll be able to use his arm with only a little bit of weakness," Doc Robbins was looking down on the floor as he spoke. Brass looked up to see the two younger men looking slightly more concerned. Not so angry at Griss anymore, are you? Brass thought.

"Doc, what's the worst case here?" Nick asked a slight waver in his voice.

"He could lose the use of his arm," Al said quietly.

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