Author's Note: Hi again! One thing: I know Rich's name is very lame. Sorry. That's what happens when certain people are never referred to by name in a movie. And no, he's not an OC. Just very close.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my first chapter (because I forgot to put in an author's note), but many thanks to my awesome beta reader, JoMiSm.

Chapter 1: The First of Many Councils

Rich Armymarcher could never quite remember how he found himself at the Jedi temple. He remembered a strange ringing in his head and a grating voice that spoke with atrocious grammar. He remembered travelling on a starship with Queen Amidala. But how, and why (especially why) he eventually was standing before the Jedi council at Padme's side, he could never recall.

"Grave danger I sense," said Yoda impressively, leaning his chin on his stick and wrinkling his forehead meditatively.

"Let me explain what is going on." said Mace Windu, leaning forward in his chair. "The Council has become aware of a recently opened portal in the middle of the galaxy. We have been keeping an eye on it and have observed huge armies entering through it. It would seem that Dooku is at the bottom of it, as usual. As the armies enter, he ships them off... we're not sure where to."

"Why hasn't the portal been closed?" asked Padme.

"All in our power has been done," said Mace. "We can't seem to close it. We'll keep trying, of course, but as of yet, we have had no success."

"What's the problem?" asked Rich. "Why can't it be closed?"

"It was generated by the Force. The Force is an inexhaustible energy supply and you can't shut it down."

"What do we do?" asked Padme.

"We get ready."

"How?" asked Rich.

Mace shifted in his seat. "That's where we three come in." he said.

"We three?" asked Padme.

"You, Armymarcher, and I." said Mace. "Our spies have been sent to find out why these armies are here. They discovered where these armies are coming from."

"You want us to travel to that galaxy and close down the portal from the other side?" asked Padme.

"Unfortunately, it's not that simple. If it was, we wouldn't have chosen you."

Rich was unsure whether to take this as a compliment or not.

Mace continued. "These armies don't come from a different galaxy..."

"A different universe?" asked Padme, awe in her voice.

"No," said Mace. "A different fandom."

"A different fandom?!" The murmur went round the room and every Jedi master shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"Two different fandoms, to be exact." continued Mace. "They are coming from the Hobbit and Avengers fandoms."

" want us to enter those fandoms through movie switching and close it down from both of those sides?" asked Padme.

"Not quite. In all likelihood, we can't shut them down either. We can't be sure, but we suspect that the portal was opened on those sides by the Arkenstone and the Tesseract. Someone used them to open this portal on purpose. We're almost certain it was Loki, with help from Dooku, or Saruman as he is called there. After that mistake in the Avengers, I'm inclined to believe Loki would be more careful than to allow a possibility of closing the portal. If there is any possibility, it would take someone who is extremely knowledgeable in science to find it."

"So what do you want us for?" asked Rich.

"We still need movie switchers, just not for closing the portal. We need an army. The forces we have will do nothing to stop the huge armies that are coming in, should they intend to do us harm, which we are all but certain they do."

"What are these armies like?" asked Padme.

"Like nothing you've ever seen. They're made up of Orcs and Chitauri, and there are hundreds of them coming in every day. Millions have already entered...and as I said, we're not sure where they went."

"How are we supposed to defend ourselves against so great a number?" asked Rich.

"As I said, we have to gather an army to deal with them. There aren't enough soldiers in the galaxy to make up such an army. We have to gather them from other fandoms. Queen Amidala, between you switching into Thor and me switching into Avengers, we should be able to round up a team of supporters who will help us out. Not a very big team, but a strong and courageous one. Armymarcher, the greater burden falls upon you. Other than Count Dooku, you are the only person we could find who could switch into Hobbit... or even Lord of the Rings. You alone can persuade the Middle Earthians to help us. And, if you succeed, we will have a powerful army."

"But..." said Rich, caught off guard, "I'm nobody! I only appear in one scene in Star Wars, as far as I know, and though I had one line, I think it got cut out of the movie! Why would they listen to me?"

"In their world, you are Thorin Oakenshield. They will listen. You must at least try. You are our only hope... and it's a miracle we even found you." Mace gave him a steady look, bordering on a glare, then looked at Padme in the same way. "Are you two willing to help us?"

"Yes." said Padme.

"But what good will it do?" asked Rich. "If the portal remains open, they'll just keep sending more forces."

Mace did glare at him now. "The Jedi will concern themselves with finding a way to close the portal. We ask you to concern yourself with gathering an army to defend your galaxy. Are you going to help us?"

"Yes." replied Rich reluctantly.