"Do you remember when we had Hermione and you revealed your little secret" Harry asked his wife Denise.

"Yes you were mad not because I kept the secret"

"But because you were hypocrite" Harry remembered very well.

"Yes but by the time I revealed it, it was to late" Denise

"Were you ever going to reveal it"

"Eventually but I really hadn't used it in long time since I was sixteen"

"I know" Harry says.

"And when Hermione started showing signs of my kind of magic I panicked"

"But you binded her powers"

"Yes but look how that turned out Evan"

"It turned out fine"

"Except our daughter is going up against the greatest evil of the wizard world"

"They're all the same Denise"

"Yes but our daughter could die"

"And that's why we're going to Meekly to train her with your father"

"Yes dear old dad landed like you in Meekly where he stands guard for the King and Queen personally"

"Yes but where was he when they were attacked"

"He was on vacation Harry"


"He was visiting us remember"

"Yep remembered that they called him back but it was to late"

"I know" Denise says "That is the reason why he has to train her not just in wizard magic Harry but in our kind of magic the elemental magic"

"And magic of the Gods"

"Yeah that too" Denise says

"How is old man Salazar doing anyways" Harry smiles

"Good and he would say the same thing about you" Denise smiles and they give each other a kiss and the kiss grew even more heated. Their daughter was currently at a friends house the same friend of Denise her daughter. They had the house all to themselves.

"We have the house to ourselves Harry what shall we ever do"

"I have a few idea's" He smirks and picks up his wife as she wraps her legs around him. He takes her into the bathroom. He was still kissing her as he gets his wand out and starts a bubble bath with his wand. They take each other's clothes off. They only stopped kissing to get into the bathtub. She scoots closer to him. She whispers

"Please conjure up some wine"

"As always De" Harry says conjuring up some wine. They drank some and then continued to kiss. The candles making their own light as the bathroom was dark.

"I love you"

"I love you too" Harry says. Denise scoots closer to her husband.

(AN: And you can use your imagination as to what happens next)

After their bath Harry takes Denise to their bedroom. They both continued to make love through out the night in everywhere room except Hermione's in the house. They're favorite spot was the kitchen and the piano that Hermione use to play as a little girl. At dawn they fell asleep in each other arms and Harry was just thanking fate for the wonderful life he's had so far.

His daughter who was more then what met the eye, she was more then a bookworm she was an accomplish ice skater and in any kind of skates including skateboarding. She was also in love with horses as well. She had a horse named midnight. Denise use to have to pull her away from either of those activities for Hermione to do the necessary studying and such, to spend with her parents and to work on some military moves. They were to Hermione unknown mind giving her lessons into fighting a war. A war more then against old Voldermort but a war against the mums that was Harry's promise to the King instead of being a Royal Guard himself or be casted out of the muggle world and if his children were wizards they would help Meekly fight against the one's that killed off the Royal family. She would go to Hogwarts instead of the Royal Academy but every summer after she went to the Weasely's she'd go to the RA"s summer boot camp where she excelled in but she still hadn't learn to control her elemental powers and that was the last thing Denise and Harry had to teach her. They had avoided teaching her about her elemental powers they had hoped the mums would go away. Mums are and Harry was to afraid to even think about them but this was keeping up and his wife needed her beauty sleep. Her father had his powers taken away from him when he became a guard because the King did not trust him and doesn't fully trust him nor Harry.

Mums are half vampire half wolf. They look wolves but they stood up straight. They are like Bill Weasley and Fenir Greyback except they were weaker and the mums weren't. If Voldermort ever found out about the mums then so help them all. Maybe the key is to kill Voldermort first and then kill off the mums. Harry yawned. He got out of bed and went down to the kitchen for some warm milk and Advil to stop his headache from getting worse. Then he went back upstairs held his sleeping wife gave her a kiss on the forehead and fell asleep. The next day they were headed to Meekly were Hermione would start her training. He didn't want her to go to the Weasly's anymore. He had a bad feeling about them and it wasn't good.