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Silence. Deafening silence. The light breeze brushed the faces of the still crowd. Harry stared at Voldemort, his body crumpled on the floor. His friends and teachers in the crowd stood in shock. Suddenly a roar of cheering and shouts of over-whelming joy was heard throughout the courtyard. People were hugging their fellow comrades and straining over the crowd for their loved ones.


Harry felt Hermione's hand on his shoulder, as he stared down at the still body that had haunted so many dreams, and taken so many lives.

"Harry, are you alright?" She asked again. "It's over, you did it. He's dead. Voldemort's dead."

Harry was pulled out of his daze and felt a surge of relief, he turned to look at Hermione and Ron. His best friends looked tired, concerned and worn out, with dried blood stains splashed on their torn clothes.

A smile slowly crept on to his face. "I did, didn't I? It is finally over!" His smile grew to a wide grin, he threw his head back and yelled happily. "Haha! It is finally over!" He grabbed his best and closest friends in the world and hugged them with all his might.

They jumped up and down, laughing and whooping with joy, whilst tightly hugging each other.

"We did it! It's over!" They cried happily.

For anyone looking over, they would have seen the relief and pressure from the past seven years dancing off the three youngsters. They would have seen the pure delight and joy surrounding them. And they would have seen three teenagers who absolutely and unconditionally cared and loved one another with all their hearts.

However, this went un-noticed, as the rest of the crowd suddenly stopped and looked around them. Surrounding the perimeter of the castle's courtyard were dozens of death eaters, trolls and dark creatures.


Harry, Hermione and Ron spun round and faced the screaming voice. Bellatrix stood, her eyes red raw with blazing fury, her black hair standing wildly around her horror struck face.

"You thought you won? YOU REALLY THOUGHT YOU HAD WON? Well no!" She sang in a voice lined with pure hatred and insanity. "You will watch POTTER. You will watch as your beloved friends die in front of you. Their screams will shake your core." She laughed. "And then once we have finished with them, we will kill you. Slowly and painfully."

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. Harry was torn from his friends and found himself roughly thrown against one of the few remaining walls, by an unknown force.

"Petrificus Totalus." Bellatrix screamedwith her wand pointed at Harry, her face twisted with rage. Harry's limbs seized up and he felt himself frozen in place. He watched helplessly as his fellow classmates and comrades were struck down around him, their pain filled and terrified screams drowned his ears. His face filled with tears and his throat raw from screaming trying to help his friends.

"HERMIONE!? RON!?" He tried to spot his friends in the carnage surrounding him.


"Harry, help us!"

"Where's Harry Potter?"

"Help us!"

Harry could hear the sounds of terrified cries for help from crowd. He fought against the invisible binds that held him, but he was struck in place. "Think Harry, think. What can I do? How do I get out of this?" He thought as he searched his mind for something, anything that could free him. "Wandless magic! Never done this before but I'm desperate!" He though with a grimace. "Finite Incantatem." He thought. "Finite Incantatem." He repeated, this time in a low whisper. He stayed frozen in place. "FINITE INCANTATEM!" He half growled half yelled, focusing his magic and picturing the spell in his mind. Suddenly he felt a surge of power run through him, and his legs felt the weight of his body. He crumpled to a heap on the floor, unable to steady himself in time. He felt weak, as if all of his energy had suddenly vanished. "What's happening?" He wondered. He struggled to his feet and stole a glance around him. He felt a fresh wave of guilt and remorse wash over him as he realized that whilst freeing himself, most of his friends and comrades had fallen. He felt a stab of fear as he failed to spot Hermione or Ron in the few remaining people left fighting. He moved to help them, when he saw a flash of something behind him.


All of a sudden he felt slashes of pain over his entire body realized that cuts and knife-like wounds were appearing over his body. Through the pain he recognized it as the same spell he had used on Malfoy the previous year. He spun round, but still feeling weak from the wandless magic and the current spell, he stumbled in a daze.

Harry looked up to see that the caster of the spell was Bellatrix.

"Oh, would you look at this, Potter did wandless magic in a pathetic attempt to free himself. Oh no!" She sneered in a mock cry. "You see, your little stunt there has left you weakened and vulnerable. Did that ridiculous excuse for a headmaster, Dumbledore forget to mention that?"

"Don't insult him". Harry yelled, raising wobbly to his feet, wand ready in his hand, despite that fresh wave of blood flowing from his cuts. "You don't have the right to even say his name!"

"He was a fool" Bellatrix spat. "He pinned all of his hope on a 17 year old boy!"

"Yeah, the 17 year old boy, who just obliterated Voldemort." Harry responded with an empty laugh.

He saw a flash of anger on Bellatrix's face, and was suddenly painfully aware of the silence that engulfed the castle. From the corner of his eye, he saw Death Eaters approaching from all sides, watching Bellatrix and Harry.

"You may have killed the Dark Lord, but we – ". She waved her wandless arm to the side, indicating the ever increasing numbers of Death Eaters, " – his most loyal followers will continue his work and spread the message that muggles, mud bloods and traitorous half-bloods shall know their place! They are scum, they are filthy bad blood contaminating the noble and powerful pure blood families." She smiled a cold smile. "and you, Potter, you shall die now. Granted, we would all love to see you suffer for a very long time, however given your habit of avoiding death and stirring trouble, I will kill you now." She tilted her head to the side for a second. "But it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun before, would it?"

The Death Eaters by now had surrounded him and all jeered and stamped their feet along with Bellatrix's haunting cackle that sent shivers down Harry's spine. He braced himself ready to fight back but found that he could barely lift his wand arm. The wandless spell had completely drained him of any energy, he had left of his already sparse supplies after his months on the run and the battle.

"Of course". Bellatrix continued looking down at Harry with twisted glee. "It's not just me enjoying this sweet revenge."

"Crucio!" She yelled.

Harry suddenly felt agonizing pain spread like wild-fire over his body, and fell to the ground, convulsing from the pain. He clamped his mouth shut as to not give her the benefit of hearing him scream. As he tried to block out the every growing pain, he saw flashes in his mind of people, people who dead. "Dead because of me." He thought guiltily. He tried to shut out the images and voices, but the crucio pain dulled his awareness and strength, so they grew stronger until he came back to consciousness.

The remaining Death Eaters raised their wands to him, Harry felt sick with fear at the sight.




"Incendio Duo"

He heard a chorus of spells being shot at him, the many crucio's caused unbearable pain, he suddenly felt extra hot burning sensations. As hard as he tried, he could not stop his screams, erupting. His vision darkened and he became aware of tight ropes twisting and gripping him, he struggled to breathe as he slowly lost consciousness and gave in to the darkness. But even in his dreams, the pain continued and the sounds of the cold, taunting voices of Death Eaters who had invaded his mind, shook him.

After what felt like hours, he realized the intense pain was lessoning, until all that was left was Bellatrix holding her Cruciatus Curse, until she too released the spell.

Eventually Harry became aware of a presence near his head, Bellatrix was crouched down breathing into his ear. "You are going to die now Harry." Her voice holding a hint of a fake motherly affection. "I want you to have a present before you go though."

She stood up. "Harry, look over here. That's it."

From his position, upon the ground on his back staring up at the sky with unseeing eyes, he moved his neck a little to his left. He gasped as pain shot through him at the action. He became aware of his body lying in a thick pool of his own blood, and wondered how he was still alive with the amount of pain and intense injuries he had endured. "Probably a spell to keep me alive for longer so they could have their fun." He thought to himself.

Bellatrix stepped to the side to reveal two shapes. Harry squinted his muscles as much as he could bare, with the after effects of his torture sending electric-like shocks through his nerves.

"Oh Merlin, Harry. What did they do to you?"

Harry jolted and realized the familiar voice belonged to Hermione.

"Gee mate, you look rough." Ron said, trying to cover his anger and sympathy for his friend, lying broken and dying on the floor, with a false humor.

"Ron? Hermione?" Harry croaked. "You're alive? I thought I had lost you. Or am I imagining it again?"

Hermione exchanged a worried glance with Ron.

"I spoke to you both, and Mum, Dad, Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore. You said it was my fault, that you were dead." He murmured, barely awake now.

"Oh Harry, no! That's not – " Hermione started with tears in her eyes.

"Anyway!" Bellatrix interrupted, dancing back into view. "As much as we are enjoying this sickening and short lived reunion. We must really be moving on. You see, you, you and you" She pointed to the golden trio in turn." Are going to die now." She laughed.

She moved to her place at Harry's feet as two Death Eaters shoved and pushed Hermione and Ron to positions either side of Harry. He felt Hermione shakily take his hand and Ron doing the same on this other side. He tried to ignore the burning pain that grew on his hands and shot up his arms, from the contact on his bare skin.

"Those two first." She said the Death Eaters. "I want to see his face when they die"

"No …" Sobbed Hermione from her place at Harry's side. "Please don't do this." She began openly crying.

"Um, guys … I love you two, you know that right? Never said it before but it's true." Ron said quietly. He began to sniff and squeezed Harry's hand.

"Me too. I mean, love you both too, so much." Hermione said between tears. Harry copied Ron's movement and squeezed her hand, ignoring the burning that followed.

"I'm sorry." He croaked from his raw throat. "I'm sorry for what happened, and what will happen, and I – ".


Two bursts of green light shot from the Death Eater's wands before Harry had a chance to finish.

"NO!" Harry sobbed, trying to twist himself to face Ron. "No Ron, wake up. Open your eyes. Please." He turned to face Hermione on his other side, and shook her arm, his body now oblivious to the fiery pain in his current mental state of overwhelming grief . "M'ione, please don't leave me. Please come back." He released the tears and cried. He cried in anger of Voldemort, and his Death Eaters, he cried in grief for the many people he had lost, and he cried for the pain that once again had attacked his senses, which was threatening to take him to the darkness.

"There! Told you it would be worth watching." Bellatrix crowed. She laughed and clapped her hands with glee at Harry crying and sobbing in the background. "But now." She said with an air of seriousness. "It's your turn."

She stepped closer and looked deep into Harry's eyes. He saw the black depths of her eyes, holding no emotion.

"Avada Kedavra." She whispered almost lazily.

Harry saw a green light speed towards him, and he saw the faces quickly flashing through his mind, of everyone he had ever known and lost, from the dearly loved and cherished, to passing acquaintances he barely knew. The last faces that filled his mind were Hermione and Ron before the green light hit him and he fell victim to the darkness.