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Chapter 2

Harry slowly became aware of a dim light through his closed eye lids, and felt a small ache starting in his head. He was confused. Feeling the uneven, sticky surface beneath him, he tried to remember what had happened. As he opened his eyes, the bright sky caused him to curse under his breath and clamp them shut again, the throbbing ache in his head increasing.

Slowly opening his eyes again, he averted his gaze away from the bright sun. He blinked and sat up suddenly, looking around he quietly took in his surroundings. The once magnificent castle grounds was littered with rubble and the remnants of fires drifted smoke across the courtyard.

As he took in the sight before him, the memories came flashing back, and the realization set in.


"Their screams will shake your core!"

"No Ron, wake up"

"M'ione, please don't leave me"

Harry glanced down and gasped, he rapidly stood up and choked on his tears and stared at the lifeless bodies of his two best friends. "No…" He whispered. He collapsed on to his knees and cried. "IT WAS OVER!" He screamed. "It was finished" He repeated in a low croaky voice. He gently took their cold hands, and held them in his. Lowering his head, he sobbed, howled and screamed into their clasped hands until he felt hoarse and empty. Feeling lifeless and lonely, he placed Ron and Hermione's hands back on the ground, but so they were in each other's hold. After brushing his hands over their faces, closing their eyes, he sat back on his heels, looking at his friend's bodies one last time.

Silently he reached over took Hermione's beaded bag which lay over her shoulder and picked up his wand, which he found on the floor close to where he originally lay. Standing up, Harry walked across the courtyard, past the countless bodies which lay scattered on the ground. As he continued through the castle, he recognized many of the faces and the odd glimpse of red hair. Feeling a wave of nausea he drifted past, trying to bury the guilt and sorrow.

As he exited the castle he took a glance back the school he had thought as home, shaking his head, he continued to walk out towards the boundary of the anti-apparating wards.

He suddenly froze. "Where do I go?" He racked his brain for a place of sanctuary, somewhere that wouldn't remind him of his recent pain and losses. "The Burrow." No, it would be as the Weasley's left it that morning, when they were unaware that this would be their last day. "Grimwald Place." Too much guilt, too many happy memories of Sirius, Remus, the Weasley's, Hermione and the Order. "The Leaky Caldron." The magical community will be there wanting to know where their loved ones are, who survived, and who won the fight. With a jolt, he realized the only place with very few happy memories of his friends and family, was Privet Drive. There he would feel no guilt, and would be long since empty, as the Dursley's were sent away to a safe house earlier in the year.

Harry sighed and pictured the house in his mind, focused his magic, and with a twist of his heels, he span on the spot and disappeared with a loud 'pop' in the otherwise deathly silent grounds.

Meanwhile somewhere in America at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters.

"What do you mean, he just vanished?"

Director Nick Fury was staring at a computer screen, whilst a new S.H.I.E.L.D technician, Agent Western, was squirming uncomfortably next to the Director. Western had been tasked to follow and uncover as much information possible on a Harry James Potter, who had just been located in a Castle in Scotland which had suddenly appeared on S.H.I.E.L.D's radar, when there had been no previous record of the estate on any archives. But just as suddenly, Potter had vanished from the apparent castle grounds, but not before a strange and unsettling scene unfolded.

***An Hour Ago***

Director Nick Fury's POV

"Sir! I found Potter!" Someone called to the Director.

Fury snapped his head up and shot a glance over to where the voice came from, he narrowed his eyes when his piercing stare landed on a newly recruited nervous-looking agent. For the life of him, he couldn't remember the agent's name. Ah, I'll just call him Agent, he thought. He walked over and peered at the agent's computer screen. "Where is he?" Fury demanded.

'Agent' visibly gulped before responding. Fury raised one eyebrow in question. "Well he is in Scotland–in a castle–thatwasn'ttherebefore." He rambled in one breath.

"What?" Fury questioned. Why can't these so-called agents give me a straight answer, he thought sighing internally.

"Potter suddenly appeared on our radar in a castle in Scotland, but the castle has only just appeared also. They both came into view at the same time, only, before 5 minutes ago it was a derelict ruins of a castle, of which the origins are unclear and has never seemed to be habited by anyone. But as you can see-" Agent continued pointing at a live video feed on the screen "-it is full of people and strange lights flashing around."

By now Fury was aware of the usually busy room, which was normally filled with noise from agents furiously typing away and talking into headsets, instead focused on Fury's conversation. He wasn't surprised, since 6 months ago when three mysterious teenagers suddenly appeared in a busy London street in front of a London double decker bus. S.H.I.E.L.D has had them followed by CCTV tracking and highly trained agents, however they were repeatedly lost and reappeared in completely different places. So by now the three unknowns were popular topics of gossip and somewhat of celebrities within S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Agent, what exactly am I looking at here?" Fury asked, thoroughly confused.

"Well, I'm not completely sure, but it seems as though the kids and some adults are fighting these guys in weird masks and some of them look – well, strange. Anyway, this bald man with the red eyes seems to be in charge of the masked people, and he just strolled in to the courtyard looking kinda manic sir. And this big guy was holding Potter who appears to be unconscious and everyone else has stopped fighting and surrounding Potter and Bald Guy." Agent took a deep breath after rushing through the situation.

"Where is the sound?"

"Erm…well…I'm trying to…"

"Get me sound Agent. We need to know what is happening" Fury stated coldly. He sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. Seriously, the standard of agents have definitely dropped since I was recruited, he thought in a grimace.

He looked over to the screen to see a boy with a sword talking to 'Bald Guy'. God! Now I'm calling him that!

"Get me a name for this Bald Guy too, Agent." He requested, and held his emotionless mask whilst Agent frantically clicked and typed on the computer to keep up with Fury's demands. Fury sighed again, and looked around at the rest of the room who were sitting in silence watching the scene unfold in front of them. "Well? Don't just sit there, gaping!" He yelled at the agents surrounding him. "MOVE!" He threw his arms in the air. "I want names, sound. I want to know how a flipping castle just turned up in the middle of Scotland. Out Of Nowhere! I want to know what the hell is going on. And who is HARRY JAMES POTTER?!"

A moment of silence was met after Fury's words, then there was a mad flutter of agents tapping away, talking on phones, flicking through papers, and discussing possible theories.

"Sir, we've got sound in 3, 2, 1."

Screams of anguish filled the speakers, as the room watched the video footage – now with added sound. They watched in fascination as the crowd held back some of their own from attacking the masked people, they watched as Potter fell out of 'Big Guy's' hold and shot a light at 'Bald Guy'. They heard the two taunting each other whilst circling, as if ready to pounce. Fury heard Potter call 'Bald Guy' Tom, however he noticed that 'Tom' was not impressed by this.

The room continued to watch as the two had a fight of lights, when suddenly Tom fell in to a crumpled heap and the courtyard cheered.

"Sir, the two kids next to Potter have been recognized as the other two who appeared in London." Agent piped up.

"Do we know their identities yet?" Fury asked, not taking his eyes from the unknowns on the screen.

"No, however the girl referred to Potter as Harry, so that has confirmed his name."

Over the next few minutes the room watched in silent horror, as the courtyard went from an apparent joyous party, to death, blood and screams.

"Whoa! What the hell happened to Potter?" Fury cried as they watched him screaming on the floor with blood pouring from sudden knife wounds. More people surrounded him and they shot more lights at him, causing obvious torture. "He…he's on fire! Oh my god!"

"Sir, what do we do? Do we send people in? They're only kids!" A voice asked timidly over the commotion.

Fury hesitated, they are kids, he thought, but I have no idea what kind of weapons these are. I can't afford to risk my agent's lives. "We do nothing. We have no idea what is happening, and besides, we are in America! It would take too long to get over there to help." Fury finished quietly, almost mournfully.

"Erm, Sir? Potter called them Hermione and Ron. I can't find any match to them in the database" Agent said quietly, and received a sharp nod of recognition from Fury.

They watched, some with suspicious glistening eyes, as the three teenagers said their goodbyes to one another as 'Hermione' and 'Ron' were struck down by a green light.

Fury heard some sniffs and gasps as Potter yelled and screamed in grief before he too was killed.

Silence filled the room as the masked people and a crazed woman laughed and kicked at Potter's body. They shot sparks at some of the few remaining walls and killed a few stragglers, then they slowly drifted further in to the castle after taking Tom's body.

"Give me something. Anything, about what we just saw." Fury said quietly.

He drifted over to some paperwork at the back of the room to attempt to drown the previous scenes from his mind. After about half an hour, he heard some commotion. Looking up he saw the live footage from Scotland on the large screen on the main wall, looking around he saw the confused expressions of the 20 or so agents in the room.

"Sir, it seems that Potter is waking up!" Agent cried.

"Waking up? I though he was dead." Fury questioned in confusion. He saw others struck down by the strange green light and they failed to move again. He was jolted out of his thoughts upon hearing Potter's screams of anguish at the death of his friends. Once again the room filled with sniffling and gasps at Potter's reaction. After some time, the saw him remove a bag from the girl, and a-stick? from the ground, then he made his way into the castle.

"Where is he?" Fury demanded. God! There is now way I am losing him again! Not after all this!

"He is in the castle, but when he leaves, we will see him." Agent responded

"Ok-wait! What about those other people, the masked people? They couldn't have NOT heard Potter in the courtyard! Where are they?"

"Erm, I'm not sure Sir. They must either be deep in the castle or snuck out using blind spots"

"Hmm. Not good enough Agent." Fury responded in a disappointed tone.

"Sorry, Sir. Oh! There he has exited the castle. Oh he has stopped, and he has-." Agent stopped with a gulp.

"What, agent? What happened?"

"He's disappeared."

***Present Time***

Still in Fury's POV

"I said, what do you mean he disappeared?" Fury repeated staring at the footage in front of him.

"I mean, Sir, that one moment he was there and the next … POP."

"Pop, agent?" Fury growled. "Why are you making these insane noises?" He yelled.

Agent visibly flinched and said in a timid voice. "Well when he vanishes, we hear a noise that sounds ... like ... pop."

"FIND HIM NOW!" Fury started to storm out of the room in the direction on his office, when he was interrupted.

"Sir?" A voice squeaked.

"WHAT NOW?" Fury whipped around glaring manically at the agent.

Another agent decided to help by taking over. "Sir, we have found Potter again. He was spotted from the CCTV in the area of Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England. We are following him now digitally. Oh, it appears he has walked into number 4." She spoke, whilst watching Potter's movements on the screen.

Fury relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. "Good work. Send in a team of high level agents. Orders are to tranq him, without drawing attention, and bring him back to base. We cannot not lose him again. Agent Phillips, I want you to oversee this mission. Understood?" Phillips nodded and walked out of the room talking through her ear piece.

"Agent," Fury started giving orders, but turned around to see him shaking slightly and pale faced. "Erm, take a break, I don't want you fainting in here, messing up the floor." He sighed

The agent nodded, mumbled a reply and shot past fury disappearing round the corner.

Fury turned to an agent next to him. "What the hell is his name again?"