Hello all! Back here with another C/B fic, something I might have teased to you. This fic was based off an idea that popped into my head and my general love of arranged marriage fics. It's definitely multi-chapters and at the moment, I've got no idea how long this will be. I've written four chapters, and I'll publish one a week, probably every Thursday? Anyway, this fic (unlike my previous CB fics) won't be angsty, for the most part at least. It's meant to be more of an AU romance, maybe a drama at most. So yeah, I hope you all enjoy!

"Mr. Bass, your sister is here to see you."

Chuck furrowed his eyebrows at his assistant's words. He can't remember the last time Serena referred to herself as his sister. Nearly a year ago, she had found out that his staff called her, his sister, and she had insisted on being addressed as Miss. Van der Woodsen, least their be any confusion of her relation to Chuck Bass.

(Chuck Bass took familial relationships seriously, whether or not they were by blood. Everyone knew Serena was his sister. Whether it was because he told them, or because he was the one she flocked to when her latest problem arose.)

He eyed a stack of paperwork on his desk that required his immediate attention. Paperwork that was far more important than whatever trivial problem Serena had.

(She wouldn't have reminded him that she's his sister if she didn't have a problem that needed immediate solving.)

"Send her in," he dismissed his assistant.

She entered almost immediately as if she had been waiting right outside the door. Her blue eyes were plagued with worry, and she fidgeted nervously with her white coral purse.

(She still looked flawless, almost effortlessly so.)

"My dear sister," he stood up to greet her with a kiss on the cheek and pulled out a chair for her. "To what do I owe the immense pleasure?"

"We have a problem," she said, as soon as she was seated. She fidgeted for a couple of moments avoiding his eyes.

His eyes narrowed, "Spit it out Serena." He was used to dealing with Serena's problems, no matter how badly they got. But he could do little if she didn't open her mouth.

"Georgina's back."

For a moment, he's caught off guard. It's like Serena doused him ice water, or he just woke up from a pleasant dream into a horrible reality.

"What," he snarled. Georgina was supposed to be living on some remote island, spending the money he had given her to leave town in the first place.

Serena pleaded, "Chuck, I saw her." She remained silent for a few more moments, trying to piece together her words.

He felt his anger bubble over. "Serena you're being unhelpful. Now I can call up Andrew Tyler right now and have all the answers I want within an hour, or you can tell me now. We both know I hate to wait. Where did you see Georgina?"

"I was going to see Evie," Serena winced, rushing to explain. "We were supposed to have tea together. But when I got to the Palace," Serena trailed off. "Chuck, she was in the Lobby waiting to be let up into your penthouse. She gave the concierge some fake name, and they were trying to verify her identity when I walked in. She was going to wait for you, try and corner you when you got home."

His heart stopped at the thought. "She didn't see her? Tell me they didn't let her up to see Evelyn."

"No," Serena shakes her head. "I had security escort her out, and gave the concierge strict order not to let her within three blocks of the Palace. But Chuck, if she's in New York, she could corner you or Evie anywhere."

"I know," Chuck stood up, walking away from Serena. "I'll take care of it. She probably just wants more money." It was easier to dismiss Georgina's sudden reappearance as a ploy for money.

"Chuck," Serena implored, "if she wanted more money, why didn't she just come see you directly, here at Bass Industries? She wants something to do with Evie."

He turned his eyes on his distraught sister. He took in the way she was shaking slightly. He hadn't seen her like this in awhile. "What did she say you to?"

Serena gulped, knowing she had been caught. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled quickly, "She said that she wanted custody, full custody."

"She signed away her custody," Chuck snarled, fighting the urge to start flinging pieces of his office against the wall.

"Chuck, you know that she could go to court to get that revoked."

"Why?" Chuck laughed bitterly, "Because after so years sunning on some beach, Georgina Sparks has some motherly emotions buried within her that drew her back to New York? I highly doubt it. No, she wants something. More money, fame, I don't know. But I won't have my daughter dragged into the middle of it."

Serena stayed silent for a moment, watching her stepbrother rant.

Chuck turned towards her, "What," he asked flatly.

"Nothing," Serena's eyes widened innocently. "I didn't say anything."

"But you want to," Chuck rolled his eyes. "Just say it, sis."

"Look," Serena said slowly, measuring her words. "If Georgina really wants to get to know Evie, or at least," she amended at Chuck's incredulous expression, "if she can make a court think that, you won't have a case, even if you're Chuck Bass. The mother always gets a chance to know her child."

"Not in this case," he dismissed. "I have the best goddamn lawyers in New York, she won't get within a hundred yards of Evie."

"Chuck," Serena said slowly, imploring him to understand. Whether he wanted to admit it or not Georgina had a case, and she refused to let him lose Evie because he was being stubborn.

"I'll take care of it, Serena," he said coolly, picking up the phone, dismissing her.

Serena stared at him for a moment, before she sighed, picking up her bad and left. She stepped outside of Chuck's office. He was going to hate her for this, but she couldn't just let him lose Evie to Georgina. She made her way to Chuck's assistant.

"Let Bart know I'm coming up," she instructed. "It's urgent."

Eleanor Waldorf was a proud woman.

She had refused to bow to the whims of others. She built her empire on those principles. She was strong, talented and ambitious. And she would never need another person to validate her.

She supposed that was perhaps why she was so successful.

But time had worn Eleanor down, and sitting in a town car outside of The Lion, she can't help but feel inexplicably nervous.

"Stay close by," she warned the driver. She doesn't know how long this meeting will last. And if it ends poorly, she would need to leave immediately. She inhaled deeply, gathering all the strength and poise she possessed and headed out the door.

She walked into the restaurant, head held high. She was taken aback for a moment because it was completely empty, and in the centermost table, Bart Bass was sitting, looking straight at her with piercing blue eyes. She snorted; of course he would rent out the entire restaurant for their conversation. She composed herself quickly; she cannot show even a moment's weakness in front of him.

She strode towards him as he stood up to pull out the chair opposite to him. "Eleanor," he said, lifting her hand to graze the back of it with his lips.

"Bart," she said as pleasantly as she could, sitting down in the offered seat. "I have to say, I was surprised by your call."

He simply appraised her coolly. "I have a mutual business opportunity for you, Eleanor," he stated. "One that I think you will find very profitable for yourself."

"I'm not in the business anymore," she said delicately. Or any business, she thought ruefully to herself.

"Yes," Bart unfolded the napkin in front of him, "I heard about your financial situation."

"You did?" Eleanor intoned, feeling panic curl in her stomach like a hot ball of lead. Control, she reminded herself, she needed to remain in control. Bart Bass wouldn't call her if he didn't need something from her. He obviously needed her as much as she needed him.

"I did," he said disinterested, fingering his wine glass absentmindedly. "Quite the scandal, really. The young Waldorf divorces a Prince and causes her mother's company to go bankrupt. I'm surprised it hasn't made waves in New York."

"New York doesn't care for Blair Waldorf," Eleanor explained numbly.

"Ah," Bart smirked, "but it does care for Eleanor Waldorf. And when the press finds out," he said slowly.

"The press won't find out," Eleanor snapped. "I will make sure of it."

"Really?" Bart inquired. "How? We both know there's only one way to keep this story under wraps, and it involves something you no longer possess."

Eleanor flushed deeply, "If you called me here to mock me, Bart Bass, I will not stay here and bear it. I am still Eleanor Waldorf," she drew herself up. "And my daughter committed no crime."

Bart rolled his eyes, "Yes, yes," he dismissed. "Your daughter made a mistake, and you the ever faithful parent resolved to clean up her mess, no matter what the cost."

Eleanor's face burned in indignation and shame.

"You know," Bart mused. "We are very similar in that aspect."

Caught off guard by the sudden change, Eleanor couldn't help but stare at Bart.

"I am here for my son," he straightened. "My son," Bart said slowly, "made a mistake once and he has paid the price for that mistake many times. I will not let him suffer anymore."

"Don't speak in riddles," Eleanor snapped impatiently.

Bart's eyes narrowed, but he let her comment slide nonetheless. "I assume you know about my son, Chuck Bass."

Eleanor nodded, there were few in Manhattan that didn't know Chuck Bass, some knew him more so than others. She hadn't paid much attention to his reputation, but she had heard bits and pieces of his man-whoring ways. He was currently settled at Bass Industries with an adorable daughter, but many were not buying his reformed ways.

"And of his daughter, Evelyn Bass?"

Eleanor looked a bit unsurely at this. "Yes," she says a bit more muted.

"It has recently come to my attention that Evelyn's mother has reappeared in the New York and intends to fight my son for custody of Evelyn. Make no mistake, Chuck's night with that woman," Bart spat out, "was a mistake, one that he sorely regrets. But my son, for all his faults, has endeavored to be a good father for Evelyn. And he has done so. He has insisted on being in her life, even when I encouraged him not to. He has put her first in every matter. And despite what society thinks, he adores his daughter, and she idolizes him."

Bart broke off suddenly, "I will admit that I have failed my son in many aspects. Every area that I failed as a father, Chuck has succeeded, and proven himself. And I will not let him lose the one thing he treasures in his life, because of some mistake, some wretched woman."

Eleanor looked dazed at the sudden influx of information, "I don't understand," she muttered weakly.

"I have been on the phone with my lawyers all day, trying to see if Evelyn's mother has a case against my son." Bart laughed bitterly, "Despite her track record of accepting bribes, abandoning my granddaughter, and giving up full custody, she could still take Chuck to court and possibly win."

"That's horrible," Eleanor said slowly. She felt for Bart Bass, she truly did. But she didn't see the point of him unloading on her. She already had her own issues, which he knew.

"My lawyers suggested that the only alternative is to strengthen Chuck's case to the point where there's no question that he can provide the best home for Evelyn." Bart eyed Eleanor carefully. "That's where you come in Ms. Waldorf."

"How?" She felt a sense of dread overcome her. She knew even before he spoke of his plan that she would not like it.

"I had discredited Chuck when he was younger because he seemed to prefer boozing and women to business. But since Evelyn, he has grown up. He has a vested interest in Bass Industries, and I would like to retire soon, let my son take over the company. However his reputation has followed him, and very few take him seriously. If my son is going to win this court case and take over Bass Industries, he needs to project the image of a stable, successful, happy man. And your daughter is the key to doing so," Bart explained carefully.

"How is Blair going to help Chuck achieve that?" Eleanor's eyed widen suddenly with understanding. "You don't mean to suggest?"

"I do," Bart said simply. "My son marries your daughter. Your daughter, despite her discretions, is a Waldorf and a former princess. She will provide Chuck with the respectable image that he needs. She will show the world that Chuck Bass is more than a former playboy. He is a business man and furthermore a happy family man."

"No," Eleanor shook her head violently. "I will not allow you to buy my daughter. Not after I just had to buy her freedom from those Royal bastards."

"And that is why you'll agree to this arrangement," Bart leaned back smugly. "Because it will benefit you as well."

"How?" Eleanor bit. She knows how though. Even though his status in the Upper East Side was shaky, he was New Money after all; he could buy them all out in a heartbeat. And in a world like theirs, money was everything.

"If your daughter is a Bass," Bart says, "Waldorf Designs will have the full backing of Bass Industries. It will keep you from going under. She will be protected as well. News of her scandalous divorce will never reach New York. She will enter Manhattan society unscathed."

"And settle down with a Bass," Eleanor snarled back.

"The alternative is that your daughter is disgraced in front of society, and your company lay in ruin. Your name will not be enough to save you from this." Bart stated simply. "Make no mistake, Ms. Waldorf, if you turn down my offer, I stand to lose nothing. There are many other eligible women out there that will jump at the opportunity to marry my son. I asked you because I knew you stood the most to gain, and therefore you would lose the most if you reneged on our deal."

Eleanor shivered. "Bart, you can't ask me to do this. You can't make me force her," Eleanor pleaded with him weakly.

"I am not forcing you to do anything." He looked away from her. "I am merely providing you with an opportunity to save yourself."

Eleanor inhaled deeply. Her heart warred with her brain. She knew that Blair would hate her for this. She would despise her. But Bart was right, if she wanted to provide Blair with the security she needed, this deal was the only option at the moment.

And Eleanor did not have time to wait around for another option.

So for the first time in her life, Eleanor Waldorf let someone help her, and in return made a deal with the devil.

She gestured to a nearby waiter and instructed him to pour two glasses of champagne. She lifted her glass and clinked it against Bart's. "To the impending nuptials," she said before downing the glass in one gulp.


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