It is not your time

Chapter 1

"Henry. HENRY!" Will's impatient voice filtered through his thoughts, and Henry Branwell looked up, startled.

"Yes, Will?" he asked, a look of incomprehension on his face. Jem cut in before Will could say anything sarcastic, as was his way.

" You asked us to come and see you. Perhaps about an experiment?"

A look of dawning realisation crossed Henry's face.

"Yes, it is about the Portal." Henry said, looking at them expectantly.

" Are we supposed to know what a blasted 'Portal' is?' said Will in an irritated tone.

"Haven't I told you?" he said, seemingly confused. "Well, I will now. It is a device I created that will transport you anywhere. Also…"

"What has this got to do with us?" cut in Will " I don…" he continued, but Jem looked at him sharply, and he broke off.

"Oh…" said Henry distractedly "I'd like you to test it out." A stunned silence enveloped the room, as Jem and Will stared at each other. Then Will shrugged, "We may as well," he whispered to Jem then said, to Henry, "I'll do it." Jem rolled his eyes at Will's bravado, but said, "As will I."

"Just step through…" Henry said, tinkering with a piece of machinery, "Here!" he finished, and the air seemed to fold in on itself, to reveal a gaping black hole in the middle of the room. "You have to visualize…" Henry began, but he had spoken to late, as Will had already jumped through. "Will!" Jem bellowed, "By the Angel! Who knows where he is now!" In Jem's eyes, there was only one thing to do. He jumped into the gap, visualizing Will's face.

The wide basement laboratory, filled with half finished inventions and spare cogs, disappeared. A loud noise came from behind Will, and he looked around, startled. A horseless carriage was barrelling towards him, extremely quickly. Suddenly Jem appeared beside him, and took in the situation. Pausing only for an instant he pushed Will roughly out of the way. A mundane –inside the beast? - took it upon himself to scream a stream of expletives at them.

"What was that?!" shouted Will.

"I haven't the faintest clue," said Jem with icy calm. "But may I ask; what exactly were you thinking, charging through the portal like that?" Jem was rarely angry, yet now Will could see the rage glinting beneath his parabati's silver eyes.

"But Henry sai…"

"He was going to give us specific instructions!" snapped Jem. "Angel knows where we are now!" He took a deep breath and visibly calmed. "Let us find an institute, and go from there." Will nodded, then pushed Jem suddenly, out of the way of another beast.