Chapter 17

Jem paced his room, tugging at his hair. He should not have let them go. Slowly he removed his hands and sank down onto his bed. Violin music drifted into the room and his head snapped up, eyes widening. How… How is that possible? He understood this music. In his head he vividly saw Will in the training room, looking up though his hair, then the music subtly changed and he saw Will asking him to be parabatai and their subsequent sword fight. Almost in a trance he followed the music to its source, images flashing up in his mind. Feeding poultry pie to the ducks in Hyde Park. Will sitting by his side as he had an attack. Exchanging banter with Will. He opened a door, and a black haired man playing a violin said; without turning round, "Tessa, Tessa is that you?" No. No wonder Jem understood that music. If you understood someone's music, you knew their soul. And who's soul do you know better than your own?

"Tessa, Tessa is that you?" Zachariah asked without turning round. He heard a gasp and stopped playing, turning round abruptly. Clutching the doorframe as if his life depended on it was a boy with silver hair. Gāisǐ Damn… He thought. Magnus had pulled him aside and told him not to let Jem see him no matter what. He knew he shouldn't have played the violin. But he had seen Will again, youthful and with raven hair, instead of slate grey, and he needed to vent. To release his emotions. He had turned to the violin and started to play Will's Death Song. He had needed this, but it had been a mistake. Stupid… He chastised himself. Of course Jem would follow the sounds of the violin, it was only natural. Zachariah could see the panic in those silver eyes, and he did the only thing he could think of. He started to play. He played the story of Jem Carstairs, the dying boy who fell in love with a warlock. He played the realization that his Parabatai also loved the girl, and the played the transformation into a silent brother. Here the notes became long, low and haunting as he played the long centuries of silence, before rising to a crescendo as the heavenly fire ran through his veins. He played meeting Tessa again, and the final note brought to mind seeing a boy with silver eyes lying on a bed, and a boy with coal-coloured hair and panic in his eyes. As the sound of the violin drifted into silence he looked up at his former self, who was staring at him. He spoke quickly and fervently under his breath in a strange mishmash of Welsh, Mandarin and English that only he and Will understood

"Do Not Gàosù Will o hyn."Do not Tell Will of this. Jem nodded slowly, and looked Zachariah in the eyes. "Will got married? But… He seemed so sure he would never have descendants. Why?" Zachariah shook his head.

" That is for Will to tell you, not I" Suddenly Jem started coughing violently and Zachariah knelt next to him. It wasn't an attack,however, and there was no blood.

"You should rest." Zachariah whispered and Jem nodded, before rising to his feet and leaving the room.

Zachariah sat with his head in his hands. What have I done?

A/N- So sorry about the gap in updates, I couldn't seem to get into Jem/Zachariah's head. I still feel like this is terribly OOC. Please tell me what you thought of it. Thank you to all my reviewers from last time, it means a lot to me.