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Summary: Lelouch Lamperouge enrolls into West Genetics following an incident in the Tokyo Settlement, but can a former prince who seeks to overthrow his father and change the world for the better survive in a school full of genetically enhanced women trained to combat foes who seek to destroy humanity?

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Chapter 1

The Demon King

The sun was bright over the campus of West Genetics located in Japan, which up to five years ago became Area 11 a dominion of the Holy Britannian Empire. It had happened following the result of long strained diplomatic ties with the superpower nation provoked an invasion which resulted in a one month war that saw Japan's surrender and defeat, the nation becoming a dominion of the Empire. Of course there were rumors as well as reports circulating that there was more behind the reason for the invasion of Japan's invasion.

None of the other nations intervened; or rather they couldn't, due to the threat of the race of extra-dimensional aliens that has been launching attacks on the human race for the last fifty-two years since 1963 A.T.B, which so far any explanation or reason for their invasion of the human race has been unknown. At first following the first invasion in 1963 the following three Nova Clashes happened one year after the last until following the fourth clash where Maria Lancelot, the first ever to defeat a Nova when the weapons and armies of Earth failed, tragically died. Following her demise there were no further Nova appearances until fifteen years later, but having been preparing for a renewed Nova invasion the super soldier warrior called Pandora was deployed against the Nova.

The Pandora consists of genetically modified girls who undergo intense training at special military schools starting at a young age. After their successful deployment more schools and more girls from around the world trained to become Pandora. However due to the threat the Nova presented and uncertain when the next attack would come the world's superpowers the Holy Britannian Empire, the European Union and the Chinese Federation signed into a non-aggression treaty between each other which halted any form of conflict between the three superpowers as they put together their resources to deal with the ongoing threat of Nova jointly establishing the military organization Chevalier with the goal of defending humanity against the threat of the Nova.

Another reason for these actions was to address the problem of finding females who were capable of becoming Pandora as the requirements made them few in number. With their new treaty and Chevalier in place coupled with the founding of the Genetic Academies around the world they could find and train Pandora without worry of restrictions between the world's nations. Although Japan fell having provoked a war with Britannia over both distribution of Sakuradite, a valuable material to the world, and Pandora as the country was trying to gather more within their own nation hinting at the possibility that once the Nova threat was ended Japan would use their accumulated Pandora to begin aggressive expansion.

Or so the world was told…

Now it has been three years since the 8th Nova Clash and five years since Japan now rechristened Area 11, but the schools of West and East Genetics were declared neutral territory and fell under the authority of Chevalier and the Britannian Emperor allowing the military schools for Pandoras to operate independently of the Viceroy of Area 11 and its government officials. But in the case of a Nova attack or other emergency related to the entities they would of course collaborate with the local Britannian government when necessary but does not interfere with local affairs in Area 11.

As a result of these arrangements despite West Genetics having people from different cultures and places worldwide, even through in Area 11 as common with all regions under Britannian control there was discrimination against non-Britannians, but in West Genetics due to the land the school and related facilities sit are neutral territory which therefore discrimination against non-Britannians is not promoted obviously, although cases among the more bigoted Britannian students still happens, but overall West Genetics operated under its own autonomy through the Emperor of Britannia and Chevalier arrangements.

As the sun shinned down on the large school campus which despite it serving as a military academy for Pandora it had its own military base and a large training ground for the future defenders of humanity. As a new school year was beginning with a new student coming that was expecting to bring about some changes to the usual pace seen so far at West Genetics.

"Welcome to West Genetics," A young woman with blonde hair tied into a pair of pigtails. She had green eyes and wore the standard uniform for female academy students consisting of a purple blazer with straight collar, a lace section and a blue ribbon, along with short skirts, white thigh-high socks and black shoes with short heels.

"You must be Ashley Ashford," A boy said stepping off of the VTOL transport that had brought him to West Genetics of Area 11.

He was fifteen years of age with black hair, a fair skin complexion wearing a tanned colored jacket with a white collar shirt, a purple tie and black pants with matching shoes which was the standard uniform for all male students of West Genetics.

"And you must be Lelouch Lamperouge my sister Milly has been telling me all about," Ashley Ashford said greeting the young man.

"You look almost identical," Lelouch complimented but at the same time he thought.

I get the feeling their personalities might be similar.

"Yeah I guess we do, although I am a tad older than she is."

"I see, but aren't you a member of the student council here?"

"I am indeed. I am the President of the Student Council and this is my Vice President Ayame Futaba," Ashley said introducing a young Japanese woman with amber eyes and light purple colored hair wearing the same uniform as Ashley was.

"A pleasure," Lelouch said politely greeting the young woman offering his hand upon which Ayame shook it.

"Likewise…welcome to West Genetics."

"So let's have you meet Sister Margaret before we do anything else," Ashley said leading Lelouch across the runaway which was part of the air base that was part of the military base attached to the West Genetics school, which from the air you wouldn't think it was a military academy but more of a fully fledged military base.

Lelouch Lamperouge would be part of the new year of freshmen students at West Genetics joining as a Limiter in training. In order to better combat the Nova and counter their abilities, which include their infamous Freezing field which was not only capable of defense but also immobilizing their enemies when deployed, a Limiter would be needed upon which they could use their own Freezing field to help negate the one used by the Nova. Lelouch was among those who had the aptitude and thus enrolled at West Genetics, although the young man had ulterior motives for enrolling though.

As they took a small car to head for the main administration building to meet with the principle of the school Lelouch gazed out at the West Genetics campus. He was surprised and impressed at the same time by its size and how well established the campus and its adjoining military base were together. It served as both a sign to the amount of resources Genetics had at their disposal and in a way it showed how critical the Pandora and Limiters trained here were to humanity.

Lelouch on the other hand was thinking more into the future.

If we defeat the Nova once and for all what will happen to the Pandora?

Being a deep and careful thinker Lelouch had already envisioned a dozen different scenarios, which were dependant on the exact conditions of the world at the time, but so far he came to the conclusion that the Pandora that returned to their country of origin could very well find themselves siding with their country in the very likely event the three superpowers go to war with one another. Of all of the three superpowers Lelouch was certain the mostly likely to go to war with one another would be the European Union and Britannia given their long and unpleasant history, but only the threat of the Nova has kept the two countries from going for the other's throat.

Whoever has the most Pandora will determine the fate of the world.

There was more on his mind than future, but a desire for revenge against those who wronged him. The Pandora was merely a first step, but Lelouch did conclude the Nova threat would need to be dealt with before he could turn his attention to those he sought to punish. His plans could take years to realize, but for Lelouch Lamperouge his enrollment into West Genetics was the first step although there was a number of risks involved. However the alternatives he faced were much worse in many ways so Lelouch had only one course open for him.

There is no turning back now…the die has been cast.

A short time later in the office of the headmistress of West Genetics; Lelouch stood before a desk where behind it sat a woman who has black hair. Despite her aged appearance Lelouch had a suspicion that under the white religious robes she wore with a matching white habit that framed her face the woman was no doubt still a formidable Pandora.

"Welcome to West Genetics Mr. Lamperouge," Sister Margaret said greeting the new student.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sister Margaret," Lelouch said returning the greeting politely.

"I am looking forward to you joining the rest of your fellow students especially given what I have heard about you during that incident at Babel Tower a few days ago. I never imagined a talented young man like you escaped our notice."

"I was surprised as well, but I guess it was good luck that a few of your instructors were present when the incident took place."

"Indeed it was," Sister Margaret said while eyeing the young man suspiciously as she was studying him at the same time.

This didn't escape Lelouch's notice, but he didn't do anything further as he decided to just let the veteran Pandora hypothesize as much as she wanted about him. The woman had no idea what Lelouch's long term goals were and it only concerned him if she was going to try and hinder him somehow.

"With that in mind though," Margaret began after a moment of staring at Lelouch. "With this being your first year I trust that you know that the second year Pandora will seek you out to become their limiter correct?"

"Yes, because a younger limiter has a better compatibility and synchronization between the Limiters and his Pandora. Attempts early on to use equal age or older limiters did not carry favorable results, but testing and trail did reveal a younger limiter with a Pandora at least one year older showed more favorable results. The Ereinbar Set and conscious link between a Pandora and her limiter is stronger as a result especially if their compatibility is high."

"A textbook answer," Margaret said stratified with Lelouch's answer. "Because of the upcoming spring carnival in a couple weeks I doubt you'll be approached right away, but I suggest you prepare yourself for being approached by a second-year Pandora afterwards. Of course you are invited to watch the second years carnival if you wish to become a Limiter to a particular Pandora if you want."

"I'll consider that. Thank you," Lelouch said politely while he was already making plans to do so.

After the meeting was done Ayame was tasked with giving Lelouch a tour, but Ashley was asked to stay a moment to speak with Sister Margaret. Once the two were gone the blonde haired woman and the older former Pandora had something of a related matter to Lelouch to discuss.

"So that young man is really Marianne's son? The one who was presumed dead when Japan was invaded," Sister Margaret asked before Ashley Ashford confirmed it.

"Yes he is."

Margaret remembered the young girl from nineteen years ago; she had been a seventh generation Genetics Pandora in her second year when the 6th Clash occurred. Unlike Margaret and two others, Marianne as a Genetics Pandora had not been outfitted with the 'Powered Suit Type Pandora Mode' that they had been field testing recently, which made her performance all the more spectacular in spite of the Type-F Nova's unusually strong Freezing field. She was immediately inducted into Britannia's Knight of the Rounds and two years later when she graduated from Genetics she married the Emperor Charles zi Britannia becoming an Imperial Consort. Despite participating in the 7th Clash against another Type-F and achieving another booming success, many in Chevalier resented the Emperor for poaching the strongest Pandora of her generation; rumor was that even Gengo Aoi was peeved by this, thou the rumor has yet to be confirmed.

Only two other Pandora had accomplishments that rivaled Marianne's. The first was Maria Lancelot; 'The Mother of all Pandora' and 'Hero of the Four Year War,' mankind's first Pandora and only defense against the Nova's Type-R and Type-Q. The second was Kazuha Aoi; 'The Hero of the 8th Clash,' who faced down the newest and more deadly Nova; the Type-S, as well as the creator of both the 'High End Skills' and 'Heroic Stigmata.' Unlike these two Marianne would leave no great legacy in her wake, or at least that what everyone thought at first, later after revelation of the High End Skills; Accel and Tempest Turn that it was later revealed that Marianne had her own unidentified High End Skill, a skill that was virtually impossible for other Pandora's to replicate until the previous year when transfer student Chiffon Fairchild displayed her unique High End Skill; Illusion Turn in her very first Carnival. Thou the skill had been given a label, very few understood how it worked, even the experts had trouble describing the difference between Chiffon's Illusion Turn and Kuzuha's Accel and Tempest Turn other than it was 'different.'

"So Lelouch vi Britannia the presumed dead prince was really alive and well staying with your family, but I doubt they would have allowed him to enroll here would they?"

"That is also correct, but with the unexpected incident that happened at Babel Tower they couldn't do much to deny him as a boy with such a natural talent for producing Freezing Fields without being baptized by a Pandora has never been seen before."

"Unexpected or perhaps Lelouch provoked the incident and wanted to be discovered."

Ashley was stunned, but soon her eyes narrowed.

"Yes you're probably right. I don't know if he could have done it, but he likely provoked the outburst from the Black King and then used his Freezing Field in self-defense then expanding it so our people would notice it."

"Yes Chevalier has already dealt with the Black King accordingly, but I think we should keep an eye on Lelouch."

"I agree with you and I know some students to ask to do so."

Later on Lelouch was walking with Ayame as she had been touring with Lelouch the West Genetics campus. After being shown where the classrooms and training halls would be the two had come to a stop at the commissary which was quite different from what Lelouch has ever seen let alone expected. As he and Ayame walked through the wide room which was filled with a number of students, but what caught his eye was the different assortments of food which is the kind you would find an expensive five-star restaurant which included Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and Britannian style foods. However there was one part of the commissary that had something different from everything else.

"There is even a Burger Queen and a Pizza Hut here?" Lelouch said seeing the Burger Queen stand with a Pizza Hut stand right next to it, but he saw a large number of students standing in line in front of both of them. "You have five-star restaurant cuisine from around the world and yet more people go to simple establishments like those two."

Lelouch was clearly amused by the popular choice among the Pandora and their limiters, which prompted Ayame to chuckle before she added.

"I guess most people believe simpler is better."

"Heh I suppose so," Lelouch commented.

"Oh Ayame is that a new student," A female voice from behind the duo called out as Lelouch and Ayame turned around to see two Pandora students.

The first was a seemingly timid girl, but she was friendly wearing the same uniform as Ayame and other Pandora. She has long waist-length black hair and gray eyes with a fair skin complexion. Her companion struck her as odd somehow, she had a smile on her face and yet her eyes were seemingly closed. She was close to Lelouch's height, fair skin complexion, with dark blond hair that reached down to her shoulders with two tied up bangs covering her cheeks and two forehead bangs split up in the middle.

"Yes he is…Lelouch Lamperouge this is Ticy Phenyl and her friend Chiffon Fairchild. They are second year students."

"It's a pleasure to meet you two," Lelouch said politely.

"Likewise Lelouch," Ticy greeted followed by her blonde haired friend.

"Sophomore students like Ticy and Chiffon here will be looking for Limiters soon and you could be a Limiter for one of them."

"How would it work?"

"Well there is no program or any kind of event for sophomores to choose their limiters. You approach a boy you are interested in and if you want that boy as a limiter then you are invited to the Pandora's room for the first room entry before the baptism ceremony." Ticy explained.

"I see, which is where the implanting the Stigmata from the Pandora into the Limiter's back takes place." Lelouch said, although he knew this but wanted to keep the line of conversation going to see if he could learn any possible details that might have been mentioned. "Anything I should know about the sophomores who will be seeking limiters?"

"There isn't much I think we can tell you," Ticy said in deep thought trying to choose her words carefully.

"Finding a Pandora you can trust is obviously important. You find a strong one, but you and your partner will be likely on the battlefield facing Nova, so I think the capacity to trust your Pandora is a very important aspect."

"Yes of course," Lelouch began agreeing with Chiffon. "The Pandora does most of the fighting, but the Limiters have their own important combat role to fulfill so if anything the Nova might go after him or could just end up caught in the crossfire so the limiter must be willing to place their life in the hands of their Pandora which is why trust is a very critical element of the partnership between them."

"Exactly…I think you'll do fine finding your Pandora partner," Chiffon said with a smile putting a hand on Lelouch's right shoulder.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence, but I bet people must be enthusiastic to become your Limiter." The black-haired teen said meaning it as a compliment, but instead Chiffon lightly blushed and began laughing nervously while rubbing the back of her head with one hand.

"Well not exactly, but I hope that will change as the new school year begins."

"I see you must have some competition then," Lelouch said in response.

"It's nothing like that," Chiffon noted. "I think people are just a little intimidated by my…reputation."

"Reputation," The black-haired limiter inquired.

"Here in West Genetics Chiffon earned herself a nickname during last year's summer carnival; The Unmatched Smiling Monster." Ayame said with a fearful tone in her voice.

"The Unmatched Smiling Monster," Lelouch asked seemingly confused raising an eyebrow.

"I know…I don't look that ugly," Chiffon said with a sigh as she didn't quite understand why she was labeled a monster.

"She defeated over forty Pandora in the summer carnival…a feat that has never been accomplished before." Ayame pointed out surprising Lelouch as he had never heard of someone having achieved such a thing. He knew from what he found out that carnivals at most had an average of a single Pandora defeating three to four at best, but over forty was simply impossible.

"Really that is very impressive, but has anyone come close to a record like that?"

"No one as far as I am aware of, but some like Elizabeth Mably who was the winner of last year's spring carnival was ranked number one because she had targeted and defeated Pandora who had more points from them having defeated other Pandora." Ticy explained, but Elizabeth soon fell to second place in the summer carnival after Chiffon had enrolled, but she was late enrolling due to some issues at the time causing her to miss the spring carnival.

If Chiffon hadn't enrolled late as she did she would have easily have taken first place in the Spring Carnival.

"Interesting, so a Pandora can win a carnival with more points earned from defeating Pandora who has a lot of points without having to win relying solely on the number of defeated foes." Lelouch said intrigued, but he also realized that Pandora using such a tactic was saving their strength for the much stronger ones taking part in a carnival.

So defeating high quality Pandora over the numbers of defeated foes can earn you more points.

"I am expecting the upcoming spring carnival to be interesting since they have obtained more experience from the previous carnivals and have been improving their skills after each one." Chiffon commented.

"I have to agree, but I am interested to see the second years in action." Lelouch said in agreement as he found himself especially curious of Chiffon. She seemed too nice to really match her reputation, but if it was one thing Lelouch Lamperouge had learned it was to never judge a book by its cover. Chiffon Fairchild seemed to be no exception to that, but he wouldn't know for sure until he sees her in action first.

After bidding Chiffon and Ticy farewell the rest of Lelouch's tour of the campus was uneventful, but it was long given the sheer size of the academy itself. It wasn't until after the sun had gone down that Lelouch's tour of the academy was finished. It was still technically the start of a new year, but Lelouch was only a few weeks late which wasn't so bad for most Limiters. Feeling tired and worn out Lelouch approached what would be his dorm room, although it was difficult for Lelouch to leave Nunnally behind at Ashford he saw little choice in the matter.

Given the possibility I might make enemies here I would only put Nunnally in danger if I brought her here with me.

Going into West Genetics Lelouch had known he couldn't bring Nunnally with him although he regretted that he couldn't be with her during the evening afterschool like they had been doing, but for his goals it was a very difficult choice he had to make.

I'll have to make more difficult choices in the future. Some will be probably a lot harder than that one.

His own comforting thought would be that Nunnally would be looked after by Sayoko, their maid and caretaker, and Milly.

After making his way to the third floor of the Freshman Dormitory the new student came to a stop at his room after checking the door number to confirm. Resting his rolling suitcase against the wall on the right side of his door the young man reached into his pocket. Pulling out his key he received Lelouch opened the door, but as he did an unexpected voice called out to him by name.

"Lelouch is that you?"

Lelouch looked to his right and saw a Japanese teenager about his age wearing the standard West Genetics school uniform for boys. He had brown hair and green eyes, but despite the years they had not seen each other Lelouch recognized the young man.

"Suzaku…is that you?"

"Wow...I have to say this is unexpected, so I guess we're neighbors now right?"

"We are?" Lelouch asked as he was clearly confused and wasn't certain which would be the best way to answer that question.

"I heard there was going to be a new student, but I never imagined it would be you."

"I guess this day is just full of surprises so far, but I didn't expect to see you here." Lelouch admitted.

"Maybe we should talk more inside," Suzaku adopting a more serious expression and Lelouch recognized what the young man wanted to talk about.

"Alright then," Lelouch said before he went into his room followed by his old friend to have a private chat as the subject was likely revolving around his true identity.

Meanwhile at the same time another meeting was being held in a small office that was used by the student council government for their meetings. Chiffon and Ticy were seated at the meeting table while across from them sat Ashley Ashford.

"This is unusual to hold a meeting like this," Chiffon said noticing that none of the other student council members were present and the fact that it was happening well into the evening was enough to indicate this was anything but a simple chat between teenage girls.

"You called us here Madam President?" Ticy asked.

"Yes I did, but I do apologize for calling you two this late. However this is something that cannot wait."

"Is there some kind of trouble going on?" Chiffon inquired.

"Not yet," Ashley replied confusing Ticy. "I understand you two met the new student Lelouch Lamperouge is that correct?"

"Yes we did," Chiffon replied smiling.

"Good you two are acquainted then," The blonde haired replied with a smirk which Ticy knew was NEVER a good sign. Despite the signs present Ticy was a little nervous, but Chiffon was still smiling without a change in her posture let alone her expression. "I have a special mission for you two on behalf of the Headmaster."

"He's not in trouble is he?" Chiffon asked cocking her head to one side.

"Like I said…not yet," Ashley said ominously before adding. "The truth of the matter is Lelouch is of a special interest to Chevalier due to a very unique talent he has. He has the ability to deploy a Freezing field without an Ereinbar Set."

Both Ticy and Chiffon were shocked by this revelation.

"That's right he can deploy a Freezing field without a Pandora partner. It was what got him noticed in the first place, but that matter aside he was attending my family's academy in the Tokyo Settlement so my younger sister is familiar with him as am I. Even though we never met in person before," Ashley explained.

"Then why did you summon us here," Chiffon asked.

"I need you two to keep an eye on Lelouch for us. Lelouch is a genius with a very high IQ, but he is somewhat of a troublemaker. At Ashford Academy despite always earning the highest grades in class he has been known to sneak off of campus to gamble and doesn't take well to authority very well sometimes. I worry he might clash with the upperclassmen, which could lead to problems for everyone considering Chevalier's interest in him should something happen."

"He won't be trying to sneak off campus would he?" Ticy asked prompting Ashley to bring out a few photos she had on hand to show them.

"To gamble…probably not since there aren't a lot of places within reasonable traveling distance for Lelouch to gamble at, although he is undeniably very good at it." Ashley replied before showing Ticy and Chiffon photos of Lelouch winning over his foes who were clearly members of Britannian nobility. Chiffon almost chuckled at the photo where Lelouch had beaten one noble so badly he had apparently betted the clothes on his back leaving him weeping in a barrel as he and another student his age strolled out of the room with Lelouch possessing a smile on his face.

Mental Note: never challenge Lelouch to chess, Ticy thought while Chiffon suppressed her laugh returning to her earlier composure.

"I see, so it isn't his gambling habit you are worried about but the fact that he seems to have a problem with the nobility." Chiffon pointed out.

"Good…you understand my real concern then?"

"Yes I do," The smiling monster replied before adding. "Given how some of the upperclassmen especially those from upper class families tend to act you are worried Lelouch will come to blows with them?"

I'll need to make sure I talk to Elizabeth and her group after this. Ashley thought before noting.

"You are exactly right Chiffon, but mark my words within the next twenty-four hours something is going to happen and that boy will be in the center of it."

A/N: Ashley Ashford the older sister of Milly, who will be making appearance along with others from the Ashford Academy group as Lelouch will be visiting his sister as offend as he can since bringing her to Genetics is too risky in a number of ways especially if Lelouch makes enemies, is very much like her younger sister and more. The fact that she is the student council president speaks for itself for one thing.

This takes place one year before Kazuya Aoi enrolls in West Genetics, which was intentional on my part to allow me to focus on Suzaku and Lelouch in the first arc of the story without having to worry about Kazuya. Let me assure you guys that I intend to keep the Kazuya and Satella together although they'll have Rana to contend with lol. This of course obviously means that third year students met during the time Kazuya enrolls are going to be in their second year.

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