Chapter1: Heartbreak.

The Dreaming.

It was a Friday.

In the throne room of the castle a large stack of books and scrolls littered the floor. Dream sat on a window sill, only one of the many large windows that filled the room. Windows large enough that they might belong in a cathedral.

Dream looked out the window for a few minutes to the scene of a beautiful garden that had appeared no less than five minutes ago, the garden was filled with beautiful red roses . A breeze stirred the petals and lifted several of them into the air. Dream silently watched as the petals dance and twirled in the wind it was one of those things that bought him comfort. it almost made him smile almost. Dream seemed to be a bit lost in the sight of the petals being taken by the wind or well a bit dazed.

the Dreaming was coastally changing ,sometimes one would get use it ,other times not so much. as for dream he really didn't care. it didn't bother him. But something was bothering him today. it all started about yesterday.

*Yesterday.* Thursday. Five in the afternoon*

The Rain came down on people who had forgotten about the forecast predicted on the weather channel early on the day. The streets were completely empty save for a few cars driving on the barren roads and most shops were filled with customers looking for warmth. A lone figure drenched to the bone and clocked in black clothes continued to walk down the street and then crossed the street into a near by park. The park was empty save for various puddles littering the ground and play ground. The man took a seat on a near by picnic tables that had shade covering the table from the rain.

The man took a seat at one of the picnic tables and ran his bony fingers through his hair and had to shake his wild hair of rain drops that fell to the ground like a halo that had drenched him to the core. After that the man rubbed the back of his neck as if it was stiff. His skin was pale as snow well expect a red hand print that took shape on the right side of his face. It looked like someone had slapped him across the face. The injury on his check still stung with pain but he ignored it.

He was trying to piece together on how he got this way and why was he wondering.

*8:00 A.m. Thursday*

It all started early that morning when his most current girlfriend or should I say his ex-girlfriend had broke up with him. it ended just like all of his other relationships had ended they would yell at him and leave the room furious or run away with tears in their eyes. But what all his girlfriends said to him time and time again never changed something along the lines that he can't commit or why did he just suddenly lose interest in them or why is that he such a workaholic. They tried to Change him. its just that he didn't know how or maybe he was just scared that if he changes to much he might forget or lose sight of himself.

'' if you cared about me then you would forget, your responsibility's and be with me!'' Screamed His Girlfriend as tears rolled down her face and Stormed out the room and castle heartbroken.

the following words were used by all of his ex-girlfriends current or previous:

Heartless Monster



Spoiled brat.





and many more horrible curse words.

*12:00 Thursday.*

Anyway the point is he was upset. And shortly after his current ex-girlfriend had just left him the once sunny and warm climate of the dreaming soon began to turn darker and darker.

The rain and thunder choked the sky but that was short lived when his sister death decided to pay him a visit around noon. She could see the damage to the dreaming was severe mainly due to the fact of the intents flooding and thunder. The Dreaming was so flooded that if you were to take one look outside to the pouring rain you might think you're in the middle of the ocean. This was also not good for any of the servants mainly due to the fact they had to deal with his Sulking bitchy attitude every fucking day.

Oh and also some of the flood water was now starting to enter the castle through cracks in the walls or it would just force some of the dreamers and servant having to move some were else temporary to high ground in the castle because the place was starting to flood mainly on the east wing of the castle. This would only result in several hours of cleaning up and getting rid of mushy curtains or wallpaper and then throwing them away.