Chapter 8

Meanwhile in Destiny's Garden .

Destiny of the Endless was walking the path of the his garden every step he took fog would swirl around him trailing behind him like a 's footfall could only be heard echoing through the thick fog of this empty turned the faded ,and yellowed pages of his book that knew did what he always did he looked at the pages of his book.

Destiny turned another blinked a few times to make sure he was seeing properly.

Illustrated on this faded yellow page was an illustration of his brother Dream of the Endless. Something that was yet to take place but no doubt it was to happen was nothing new well except for the fact that his brother was sitting on a sofa with a Tv showing a tim burton film by the name of "The Nightmare of Before Christmas."also he was wearing what appeared to be fuzzy pink bunny slippers along with being wrapped up in a fluffy blanket while eating what appears to be one of those instant cup of noodle meals that have to be microwaved.

Destiny cracked a small smile that soon turned into a wide was not known to have a sense of humor or showing any other emotion than being stoic as today was an exception to all that he laughter sounded hollow like a distant church bell ringing in the distance foretelling someone's impending laughter soon subsided into a chuckle then a cackle then for about two minutes he spent his time catching his breath.

"I need to document this,"Said Destiny as he tried not to burst into another fit of laughter"This is just priceless."Destiny pulled something from the inside of his right sleeve of his brown robe it was something small ,and black.A cell phone while tapping away on the phone with his right hand to reach the camera application he managed to hold his book in the left . A series of white flashes escaped the camera lens of the cell phone as he took several photos of the illustration of his brother .Karma was indeed a bitch ,and Destiny was greatly enjoying this.

"I could use this to blackmail the snotty bastard when he get's on my nerves ,"Said Destiny

"Let's see how he'll like it if i post this on twitter!"

Destiny had come to the conclusion it would be far too easy to humiliate his brother by simply showing other powerful gods of the universe these photos his brother easily wipe out an entire species along with their little god's on a whim if would ever got out that the almighty dream king wor fuzzy pink bunny slippers. Destiny was aiming for something much more complicated he knew human's could be cruel.

What Would happen if these Photos got online?Destiny doubted his brother would be patient or smart enough to figure out how to delete those photos online let alone use a twitter if he tried to put any human's who saw these photos into a coma or kill them to save his precious pride he would have to deal with death.

Destiny knew she would not take take to kindly to having to work overtime especially if the reasoning was really stupid ,and somehow involved her sibling's meddling.

Destiny clicked "Save" on the phone ,and then swiftly the phone fanished in dark depths of his brown robe. He continued to walk the path of his garden while turning the page of his book as the fog enveloped him .

Chapter 9

Back in The Dreaming.

Everything was far too bright.

Chapter 10

Death visit's Dream

Chapter 11

Dream in bed and Death making soup.

Chapter 12

Dream watching cartoon's

Chapter 13

thing's are looking up.

Chapter 14

family meeting.