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Last off on "What is This Feeling": She didn't notice how Aido was observing her silently or how he narrowed his eyes when she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Kaname-sama… Do you truly trust Rose-sama?" He thought.

Before anything can be said between them, an intense clashing noise occurred near them, followed with multiple footsteps, Rose started to run to the direction of the noise and Aido quickly followed right behind her. Right before reaching the destination, Aido made a decision to go to Kaname and update him on what's going on. Turning his body back to the direction he come from, he froze seeing Kaname leaning against a tree, casually, arms crossed, and his eyes directed at where Rose was running.

"Remarkable. After all this time, she still doesn't know who that woman was, nor does she understand the complicated situation between that woman and her." Kaname says as he stood up straight, walking away from the tree and to the side of Aido.

Aido remained silent, doing his best to understand what the pureblood before him was mentioning and allowing his gaze to go between Kaname and the direction Rose ran to.

"But Rose is different." Kaname added.

Eyes no longer seeing Rose's silhouette, Aido turned to Kaname and briefly opened his mouth to question Kaname, but closed automatically. Kaname was no longer near him. "How much do you know about Rose's family history Kaname-sama…" Aido thought.

With Rose, as she arrived to the area, emerald eyes widen in shock and she held her breath for a second. A swarm of Level E's were attacking the school, none were showing fear when fighting the Night Class, and the Night Class were doing their best on holding them back because more kept appearing.

Rose allowed herself to close her eyes and take a deep breath in before releasing it. Instead of having a calming effect for her, it was building up rage within her, and as she opened her eyes, it shifted to the color red instead of green and her fangs grew as well.

All of the Night Class students were able to feel the rage energy coming from her, but this didn't stop them from finishing off the low levels.

Before the Level E's could either increase in numbers or escape, Night Class students stopped attacking when noticing that the Level E's were no longer attacking, but frozen instead. An invisible force rushed over them, creating a shield around the battle area and slowly expanding. Level E's that came into contact with the force field (?) flew off into the night sky.
Everyone, from Night Class, stared as the Level E's flew off in the sky screeching, but no way of escaping the power of the pureblood.

Once the last low level flew off into the air, Rose was doing her best to remain conscious, but was failing after using too much of her energy on forming the shield to protect the areas that were infested with Level E's. The last thing she saw, as her eyes started to close, was Kaname reaching his arms out to her. She winded up in his arms, safe, after losing the battle to stay awake.
"You should not have used up all of your energy Rose.." Kaname thought as he held her close as the wind picked up.

"Kaname-sama is Rose okay?" question the red-head Night Class student, Akatsuki, as he made his way to them, but stopped seeing Kaname carrying Rose in his arms.

Not looking at Akatsuki, Kaname adjusted his grip and made sure to carry Rose bridal style.

"Rose is fine. Tell the others to head back to the dorms," Kaname replied," the sun is rising and soon enough Day Class students will be coming out."

Bowing to him, Akatsuki turned away and walked off to pass on the information.

When alone, Kaname began to walk back to the Night Dorm and slowly changing plans in his mind. Kaname knew that the vampire nightlife is slowly becoming more chaotic for the council to handle. "Hopefully the hunters or Zero can start doing their duties so I can focus on the true threat that's heading our way." Kaname thought.

In bed, resting to regain energy lost from the small battle, Rose was still unconscious to the world, but in her mind trouble was stirring and another being was slowly making herself known.
Rose felt she was walking down a dark hallway in an endless dream, but what she didn't realize was that a lookalike, or even a doppelganger, was following her.

The lookalike was silent while following Rose, she even smiled when thoughts of turning this mystery into game came into mind. The lookalike stared at Rose, stared at her descendent, and started forming plans on convincing the youngest Pymore to help her.
"A game is what I need to make this into. It will amuse me and the tease is a added bonus to make her heart re-think about falling for the Kuran." She thought.

The lookalike history would shock many, but of course the council wouldn't allow the full story to be spread. It would make many people concern about how the council were running things. The story that was told about ancestor of Rose, it made many wonder how a woman like her lost control of everything and what made her fall apart to become something cruel and spiteful.

Deciding to give her descendant some words of advice, the lookalike whispered loud enough in the dark hallway for Rose to hear, "Your mind is confused, while your heart is yearning, and everything is becoming more complicated. Turn to me young one. I can help."

Rose turned her head and her green eyes were staring at red ones. "Who.. Who are you?" she asked.

The lookalike lips curled into a smirk and slowly started to walk to Rose.
"I have many names, but know me as Ruby. Ruby Pymore." The Doppelganger answered.

Rose eyes widen in shock, but slowly narrowed in suspicion and frustration.

"Now Rose… I know how you feel, but you must understand every result there's a reason for it. Every horrid story about me is false! I was a protector, I followed the law," Ruby informed as she now stood in front of Rose, "but I know the council, others of our kind, even our family, filled your head with lies about me and I know you won't believe me."

Ruby noticed Rose biting her lip, eyes showing confusion for a mere second and decided to continue talking, "You can find out the truth though. The truth lies within riddle and games."

Rose frowned and glared at Ruby, but she noticed the elder Pymore looking at her with hope. Hesitating for a second, Rose finally managed to nod her head and move away from Ruby.

"You won't regret your discovery young one. Now! Let's begin!" Ruby called out as she allowed herself to laugh when the endless hallway transformed into a beautiful garden that had only roses of many colors.
"I wish I could tell you everything Rose, but do to certain enchantments casted on me this is the only way for now. Now for the riddle of the truth," Ruby said, "there's always a reason for someone to be feared. Unlike popular belief, I wasn't because of my kills or my status as a pureblood. Yes, I was feared because I obtain a title, but the title didn't require me being a pureblood, but the object worn daily. The answer is with you Rose. Once you discover it just say it out loud."

Rose was confused and spoke out before Ruby could fade away, "But you're feared because you are a pureblood and killed so many!"

Ruby shook her head.

"No? But..." Rose muttered.

"Our time is up Rose." Ruby said softly.

Rose noticed that the garden was slowly disappearing and panicked. "W-Wait! I still have one more question!" Rose yelled.

Ruby slowly started to step backwards from Rose, but raised an eyebrow to allow her descendent to continue.

"What do you mean my mind is confused, but my heart is yearning?" Rose asked.

Ruby smirked and decided to counter her question with another one. "To receive the love of one of the strongest Pureblood… Is it a blessing or a sin?" Ruby whispered softly as Rose disappeared from her sight.

Not awake yet, in Rose's room, everything was quiet and nothing was out of place, nothing except a letter on top of her desk. The letter was left by Kaname, in the letter it updated Rose on what occurred during the battle last night and what was done after.

Looking at his chess pieces, Kaname remained silent while in deep thought and reached out for one of the pieces. "The end is near… The Queen will have to make a move soon, if not," Kaname thought as he looked at the chess piece his finger lingered on, "then the King must."

Kaname moved the chess piece to guard the Queen and closed his eyes.

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