My insides churned. I hadn't experienced this type of sickness since I saw my stint of the games. Chaos... everywhere.. I had no idea what to think all i knew was Haymitch had his arms around me and My feet just went with him.




All i could see in my head as we ascended the stairs was the man falling to the ground...Dead.

We reached this dusty room apparently Haymitch knew of this place from his many travels after he became a victor.

Haymitch tries to calm Kat down, She's hysterical. He couldnt do it. So i shook myself off and stepped in front of her and slapped her.

she jerked her head back to me eyes blazing.

"I'm the pregnant one, why am i not hysterical and you are? What the fuck is going on?" I whisper tersly.

Katniss begins to explain how President Snow showed up at her house, how we are all in danger, even outside the arena. Our friends , our family.

" Me? How am I in danger?" i whispered angrily again.

Katniss looks at me " He believes there is an uprising going on in the districts, he thinks us doing what we did, what I did, he thinks it was the reason the districts are starting to rebel. I was supposed to try to calm things down."

My eyes went wide. I walked numbly to the dust covered chair and sat down with tears in my eyes, my chest rising and falling, close to hyperventilating. This honestly can't be happening. I'm pregnant what more could Snow want to do with me? My life was ruined because of these games...

"This has to stop. Right now. This – this – game you two play, where you tell each other secrets but keep them from us like We're too inconsequential or stupid or weak to handle them. Siren may be pregnant but she's one of the strongest people I know."Peeta says heatedly.

Katniss and Haymitch look at one another guilty. Haymitch begins to talk about how he had to choose one of them in the arena. He chose Katniss.

The look on Peeta's face was heartbreak. He was hurt and rightfully so. He nodded to them and stormed out the room.

I still looked on in shock, still no idea what I had done to cause more grief and heartache to my family. I didn't pull out those Berries.. Katniss did... I wanted to die... i was going to die...

Anger began to course though me like liquid fire. My glossy eyes turned toward Kat and Hatmitch. Haymitch was the first to see my face.

" Now, Now.. Siren.. remember that you're pregnant... " he said with his hand in front of him stepping in front of Katniss.

I didn't care, i looked past him and saw her. Her grey eyes red and teary and scared.

I launched myself at her screaming."This is all you're fault! A man just died because of you! My family is in danger now because of you!"

Haymitch caught me in the air and sat me back down. I began to sob into his shirt.

He turned to her telling her to go get ready for the dinner so that she can try to fix this. I heard her footsteps as she walked away, my sobs still echoing the room.

"Why Haymitch?! I wanted to die in there! I didn't want all this! I was ready to die! My family doesn't deserve all this!" I sobbed beating my hands into his chest.

"Listen sweetheart, Snow is a monster, if you had be the only victor your life would be worse off than this. Katniss is his focus right now, you just calm yourself , focus on this baby and focus on being the darling of the Capitol, ok?" he whispered holding my face.

I nodded trying to calm myself.

"Now go see your team to get dressed for the dinner, I think Cinna has something for you to wear" He says helping me up out the chair.

I nodded and wiped my face walking out the room. As I decended the stairs I came face to face with Finnick and Gainey.

" What happened? I heard you yelling all the way down here." He whispered concerned.

I looked at his handsome face and my heart starts to break again. I'm so conflicted, I want to run to his arms and cry as i know he would comfort me. But i'm still so angry at him for betraying me.

I just look at him as I pass him to walk towards the team.

"Winky, I was told Cinna had something for me to wear to the dinner tonight?" i whispered to him. Not trusting my voice to not shake at full level.

He smiled and nodded as ushered me into a room that had everything there for me to get ready. I sat in the chair as he did his work. My hair was swept up all to the top of my head in intricate waves and curls having some tenderils hanging down with my bangs. My make up was very contoured and natural looking. The dress was incredible. Cinna had outdone himself. The dress was a nude shade but had lace covering the entire thing. It hugged my baby bump in a pretty way and scooped down revealing my entire back. The length went down to my knees. I stood up and put on some black patent pumps to compliment the red and black lace. I was ready.

The dinner went great. I dance a little bit, had some interesting food. I had a very good time till I started to get cramps in my legs. Damn these shoes.

I sat in one of the chairs in the room as I watched the people. I happened to put my gaze on Finnick and Gainey who were dancing happily together. Either Finnick was doing his normal " Make everyone think im happy bit" or he actually was. It was so hard to tell now. I longed to be in his arms. I hate my pride, I hated what he did to me more.

The Victory tour went on and on. Katniss stuck to the cards Effie gave her and I stood behind them and sang when I was asked. District 2 was particularly hard... Cato... His family looked at me and my stomach. I had their relative in there.

I found out what was so costly to me, Snow had threatened my child if things didn't go as planned with Katniss. Said that He would personally see to it that My child is taken from me and given to Cato's family to be raised as he was.

I now had reason to hate Snow. Hate everything he was even more. I know if he ever laid a hand on me and my child, he would have Hell to pay and not from Katniss, but me!

I woke up one morning to find my sheets completely soaked and my stomach starting to hurt. I looked on the calendar on the train... my due date was only a week away and we were heading to the capitol for the final trip.

I immediately knew what was happening... my stomach immediately contracted in the worse way possible.. The scream that met my own ears frightened me. I heard footsteps running to the door.

Finnick was the first in. Without a word he picked me up and brought me to his room and put pillows behind me. Mags sat next to me holding my hand motioning for me to breath a certain way. I was scared out of my mind. I wanted my mother so badly. I wanted this pain to stop.


Finnick grabbed my face as i screamed . " Siren, you have got to calm down, control your breathing, and relax, this baby is coming now and you have to keep your wits about you...

The baby was seriously coming... oh fuck me..



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