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"Marriage father? Is that really necessary?"

"Daughter, do you question me?"

"No sir, it's just..."

"Hinta enough. You have proven yourself these past few years and I have approved for you to be the rightful heiress once again. This is a part of that deal. Or should I allow Hanabi to continue on and take charge of the clan?"

I took a few deep breaths to calm down. Hidden in my father's words was a compliment, he for once acknowledged me and all of my skills. It felt good; the man was usually so stubborn and would only talk about Neji, my cousin, the prodigy. Or my little sister, the should be heiress. I looked up to my father, "Yes sir. I understand. Do I have any say as to who it might be?"

I watched my father shuffle through his notes; they were probably profiles that he made of the eligible Hyuga clansmen. "Most likely not. Whoever the man is, he must be heir to his clan as well."

This bit of news caught me off guard. The Hyuga never married out of their clan, it was considered taboo and if done the person was banned from the clan, like the never existed. "You mean, this man will not be Hyuga?"

"No, I'm afraid that he can't be. Most of the men are too old for you or not strong enough to be worthy of you. In fact, the only one who fits the bill would be Neji, but the blood you two have is too close."

I nodded my head, "I see. So, do you have any ideas then?"

My father looked up at me from his papers, "I'm not sure. I mean, there are a couple of options but I need to talk to the current heads of their clans to see if they already have anything lined up. Worst case, you may have to marry to the second born of a clan. Now, I need you to go train while I attend the meeting."

I left my father's office. That meeting wasn't for a few more hours, it was clear that he just wanted me out of his hair. I marched back to my room to get ready for some training, as I passed a window I saw Neji meditating in the garden, I decided that a spar match is just the thing I needed.

"Hinata, back from the meeting with your father already?" Neji, even with his eyes closed he could clearly see. "By the way, you really should learn to hide your feelings. I heard you slam the door and then stop all the way over here." Maybe he couldn't really see with his eyes closed.

I gave a short smile, "Yes well, that man that is my father can be a real pain sometimes."

Neji opened his eyes and slouched forward to put his elbows on his knees. "So, I'm guessing the meeting went bad."

"I am to be married."

I saw his breath hitch, was my usually stoic cousin actually worried about me? "I see, judging by the sound of your voice and the small fit you had moments ago, I am assuming that this wasn't by choice?"

"Not at all."

"Who then?"

"Father doesn't yet know. He has a meeting later, I'm assuming that he will be speaking with other clan heads then to arrange something."

"Wait! You mean not a Hyuga?"

"Well, according to father we don't really have a choice. He said you are the only one strong enough and worthy enough but we are too close in blood."

"I see. Well then, let me know when you find out. I shall do the same." My cousin began to get up and head back towards the house.

"Wait, can we spar before you head in? I really could burn some steam."

He shook his head no, "Sorry Hinata, but I have a mission. Lee and Tenten are most likely already headed towards the gate."

"I see, well good luck then."

Itachi POV

"Shizune, were is my sake!?"

"I'm sorry my lady but this is a meeting….I really don't think that now is the time to be drinking."

"Ugh, fine then. Let's see, looks like the first order of business is for me to announce that in the next coming months I will be teaching Naruto Uzimake the way of the Hokage. I retiring in a year and in our last meeting we all agreed that Naruto will be the perfect replacement. This will be the last meeting we have without him." Tsunade shuffled paperwork around her desk and grabbed a paper that was lavender in color. "Next thing to talk about, damn it this is hard I need sake! Ugh," She mumbles as she looks over the paper, "Hiashi, explain this. Why do you want to arrange a marriage for Hinata?"

I watched as the head of the Hyuga house stood up, "I have given Hinata back her birth right, she is to rule the clan. Part of our agreement was that she gets married. Currently the only Hyuga worthy of her is Neji, but they are too close in blood. I need a clan heir, to marry my daughter and they will lead both clans." There were whispers around the room. Nobody was ever expecting a Hyuga to marry out of the family, especially the heiress! "If there are no clan heirs available, then I will accept the second born of a clan, so long as that man will live in the Hyuga compound and help to run it alongside my daughter." The Hyuga head reclaimed his seat and there were more whispers all around. I don't fully know what came over me, but I stood up.

Tsunade looked at me, as did all the other clan heads. "Yes Itachi, speak. I am very curious as to what you have to say."

I nodded, "I know that I and my brother just came back to the village a couple of years ago, but I do have a proposal."

"Very well then, if you are open to his idea I will leave the talking to you Haishi." I watched as the Hyuga leader nodded his head to the hokage, never once did his eyes come off of mine.

"I propose that my brother Sasuke marry Hinata." The room became quiet with anticipation, so much so that the silence seemed almost loud.

"I am confused, are you to marry someone already or do you disgrace my family? You are the current head to the Uchiha, why do you not wed her?"

"I mean no disgrace to your clan, I however cannot have children." The room stayed silent and I watched as Haishi Hyuga pondered over my words. "If it will make you feel better, I will even allow Lady Tsunade to share my medical records so that you will see that I speak the truth. I cannot have children, however Sasuke can." I sat back down and waited for a response.

"I see, so then Tsunade is this true?"

We all looked to our Hokage, she nodded her head to verify that everything I had said was of the truth. "Itachi cannot have any kids do to the illness you all know that he has. I can go further details if needed, but I can vouch that what he has said is correct."

"Well then, I agree to your proposal Itachi. However, what do the Uchiha gain from this?"

I thought for a moment on how to answer his question, what kind of answer could this man be looking for? "Well, as is the Uchiha is pretty much a dead clan. However, we have the need to populate, or Sasuke does rather. So any children that inherit the Uchiha's sharingon, will most likely end up populating more Uchiha later on. The same for the byakugan, any children who inherit it will end up prospering in your clan. If somehow a child has both, then I suppose we'll figure something out."

The Hyuga leader rose from his chair and slowly walked over to me, when he made his way around the table he extended his hand for mine to shake. I made sure to grasp it firmly, "Then soon in the future the Hyuga and the Uchiha will become relatives of one another. While I still do not like the fact that my daughter is to marry outside the clan, I do know that it is what is needed for the best of the clan and the village. I also acknowledge that the Uchiha is a clan plenty strong enough for my daughter to be linked to, even though there are only two of you."

"Thank you sir, I am glad that you have accepted my idea and I look forward to the merging of clans."

The meeting didn't last much longer. As I walked back to my compound I pondered over ways to tell Sasuke that I had pretty much picked his future out for him. This wasn't going to blow over well, not well at all.

Hinata POV

I wondered through the hallways heading towards my father's study, I was told that after dinner he wanted a word with me. All day I had been thinking over what he said about me having to be wed. I thought about my classmates whom were all to become heads of their clans and realized that they each had good things and bad things about themselves. Kiba and Shino were both teammates of mine, so I knew both of them quite well. They were also polar opposites of each other, Kiba was quick and brash whereas Shino was quiet and calculated. The problem was that I couldn't see myself with either of them, they became a sort of family to me, along with Kurenai sensei. Naruto, oh Naruto; I've always been in love with this crazy boy. He's like a ball of endless energy, and chakra. I'd be happy if I somehow had to marry him, it would be like living in a dream. There is nothing wrong with Naruto.

I turned the last corner of the hallway and thought about the last four guys. Lee, please don't let it be Lee. Shikamaru is a genius, but way too lazy for me. Sure I need a guy that can relax, but I also need someone to spar with. Choji is really nice, but he's not really my type. I wouldn't ever consider myself to be above anyone, but I think with my small stature, he would squish me. That would leave Sasuke Uchiha. All the girls in my class had a crush on him at one point, except for me. I don't' even think that we've ever said a full sentence to one another. I really hope it is not Sasuke. He seems really stuck up, and with how shy I am, I just can't imagine that either of us would ever be happy.

I was about to knock on my father's door when I heard him to say for me to come in. I know that we're all Hyuga in this compound, but it still catches me off guard sometimes when he does that. I quickly opened the door and allowed myself to sit in one of his chairs in front of his desk. I sat there for a few moments in complete silence for a little while, but even I can only stand the silence for so long.

"I heard that you wanted to see me again, father?"

Without looking up my father responded, "It has been decided Hinata."

Well, that was quick. He tells me this morning that I am to get married and already has it arranged. I suddenly began to feel my nerves flutter around my stomach. It reminded me of when I used to be so shy that I would stutter around Naruto all the time, or anyone for that matter. I'm glad I outgrew that.

"I see." I placed one of my hands on his desk to fiddle with a pen that he had sitting there, one of his hands rose and rested on mine.

"There was only one choice." I looked up from our hands, for once my father was looking back at me. "Only once clan head spoke up and that was of the Uchiha clan. Itachi spoke up and had a proposal that I had to admit was pretty fair."

Itachi Uchiha, I knew next to nothing of the man-except that he did anything and everything he could for his village- much like I would if provided the chance. I thought more about him, he was fairly handsome and was part anbu. He also seemed like a man who meant his word and while he could be harsh when needed, he also seemed companionate. I had to stop myself from brainstorming for more things I knew or thought I knew about this particular Uchiha, I had realized that my father was still waiting for a response from me.

"May I ask what the proposal was?"

My father nodded and began telling me about his meeting. He started off by telling me that Itachi couldn't have kids and was planning to allow Sasuke to become their clan head. The more he talked the more shocked I became, I must have done a fair job at hiding it though since he didn't say anything. I was just so surprised that my husband-to-be was Sasuke Uchiha.