Chapter Eight

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But you all seem to like it, so here we are. However, things are going to be done differently now. I won't be sticking to the script so closely. My writing style is different. Harry's OPness is going to be addressed a lot like Saitama's from One Punch Man. It's probably going to be a little bit darker in some ways but the same cracky fluff I'm becoming known for in others.

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Let's do this.

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"The cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf."

-Thomas Paine

Wide blue eyes stared up at the figure before him, taking in the tailored black suit and polished silver accessories that reflected back the light from matching hair. Something primal within him leaped in surprise when his eyes finally made contact with the other's, the blue of the sky meeting an otherworldly lime green that drowned out everything else, from the sounds of the party to the scars that curved along the pale skin.


Ciel paused when he realized he was not the only one to cry out, looking behind him to see his equally shocked companions.

"Hello again, little earl~" The taller man chuckled, leaning forward to rest a strangely comforting hand on the boy's shoulder before the funeral director grinned wickedly, poking the child in the cheek and tugging on his wig's ponytails before stepping away with a laugh that was only mostly a cackle.

"Now that we're all here, may I introduce my plus one for the evening. For the sake of subtlety, meet Adrian Crevan." Undertaker bowed as he was introduced, tipping an imaginary hat on the way down. His hair swung with each movement as though it was alive, the braids intermingling with heavy sheets of silver.

Ciel, however, had moved on to the next shock of the evening.

"B-Beo? How?"

The man - woman? - in question smirked and raised a delicate hand to his - her? - chin thoughtfully, a scarlet painted nail tapping against matching painted lips as the other smirked in amusement at the once again shocked group.

"I did agree to come as a woman, did I not?" Ciel could only nod, dumbfounded, as the other glided over to Undertaker, the two of them making a disconcerting image of simultaneously people Ciel knew from the bottom of his soul to complete strangers.

"For tonight - and tonight alone Sebastian, or I will stab you with one of these blasted heels - allow me to introduce myself as one Hosta Red, niece of the ever illustrious Madame Red. Now then, shall we enter?"

"Hosta" winked at Ciel - was that mascara? - before turning away to take "Adrian's" outstretched arm. Ciel and the others quickly fell in line as they entered, Madame Red sweet talking the already distracted doormen as they entered.

"Ciel?" The boy looked up in surprise. "We'll handle distracting the crowd and Druitt, you worry about uncovering what's happening here." The boy's eyes hardened at Beo's words before making his way into the crowd more like a soldier marching to war than a young "girl" excited for a party. Sebastian, of course, followed mere steps behind, giving the strange silver and scarlet duo one last suspicious glance before disappearing into the sea of suits and gowns.

Beo sighed and chuckled lightly, shaking their head at the pair. "I think someone needs to redefine 'subtle' for them." Undertaker chuckled and simply pulled Beo along, leading them directly to the dancing section of the floor before bowing, one hand extended out.

"May I have this dance then, milady?"

Beo barely refrained from rolling their eyes before taking the silver-haired man's hand and following him out onto the dance floor. "If you insist, you fool."

All eyes were on the unknown pair as they danced, hardly seeming to touch the ground as they spun and glided in perfect synchronization. The two were unknowns, the buzz of the party. Mission success. Undertaker and Beo shared a smirk as the song ended and turned to face the eager gossipers.

Quietly, Undertaker whispered one last thing to Beo before joining the masses.

"You used magic to cheat at dancing, didn't you?"

Beo dug his heel into the other's foot and gave a dazzling grin to the crowd.

Ciel and Sebastian watched with nearly dropped jaws from the sidelines.

"That bastard, he could have been the one to teach me to dance!"

Ciel took a deep breath before pushing down his rage, giving one last glare to the pair before turning to survey the room. With the crowds flocking to either Beo and Adrian or Madame Red it was easy to pick out Viscount Druitt across the room.

"Alright, I'll yell at Beo later. For now, we have to focus on the Viscount. At least Elizabeth isn't here. I'd never want her to see me like this…"

And fate decried, let there be chaos and death.

"Oh, what an adorable dress!"

Both Ciel and Sebastian stiffened, their faces going pale with shock as they stared ahead, refusing to turn around and look behind them. They felt the cold hand of death trail down their spines as the young girl's voice drew closer.


"Yes, milord - I mean, milady?"

"Is that… Is that who I think it is?

"...Yes, milady."

"What do we do?"

"Sometimes, milady, it is necessary to flee from greater powers. This is one of those times."

Sebastian grabbed Ciel's gloved hand, dragging the poor cross-dressing boy onto the dance floor and coaxing him into a waltz. The butler led them across the floor, catching Ciel each time he tripped over his own feet and taking care to mingle with the crowd as much as possible. As soon as they reached the other side, Sebastian spun them both behind a pillar and peered out carefully, noting that Elizabeth had apparently given up the search and gone to join the crowd around Beo and Undertaker.

"It appears that we're safe, milady."

Ciel was too busy wheezing for breath to reply.

In the end, Sebastian had to pull out the earl's spare inhaler before the boy could catch his breath. Once again presentable, the two of them stepped out from behind the pillar and steadily moved towards the viscount, pretending to simply be chatting and taking in the elegance of the ballroom, with its crystal chandeliers that spun rainbows of light upon the ceiling and ornate woodwork.

(Privately, neither of them were impressed.)

"Pardon me, but your dancing was quite exquisite, just like a little robin."

Sebastian could feel Ciel stiffen in his grasp, and not even a second later a wave of ominous intent washed through the room from the corner where Undertaker and Beo had set up. Blue and black eyes met in alarm before glancing around.

Fortunately, it seemed that most of the party guests were either too dense or too drunk to notice the killing intent from the gorgeous duo they were still fawning over.

"Young mistress, allow me to fetch you something to drink." Sebastian's smooth baritone interrupted the silent conversation, bringing Ciel back to the present and reminding him of the oily presence behind him.

"Of course."

The demon bowed at the dismissal and left under the pretense of flagging down a waiter for a drink. Normally in this situation, he would have already moved to the shadows to keep an eye on his troublesome master.

As it was he had more pressing matters to worry over.

Beo had vanished from the corner, and the killing intent was still growing.

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