He came face to face with Logan again ten years later in 1995. The feisty mutant had a new name "Wolverine" and Wolverine had no memory of him. He much preferred Wolverine to the former Logan because it was much easier to manipulate Wolverine due to his new adamantium-laced skeleton.

He wanted to laugh at that, remembering his former words and suggestion in 1973 after Logan had showed him his bone claws.

Charles was displeased at how he kept bullying Wolverine as a result and even said a few words to him, dropping Charissa's name in a subtle bid to stop him from taking advantage of the metal in the X-Men's newest member.

"He has amnesia and a lot of pent-up rage because of the experiments that were conducted on him. His anger is quite similar to yours when I first met you, so you should be able to empathise. He is not fitting well with the rest of the team as a result. The metal inside of him suits your purposes but you should stop bullying him excessively. I am trying to help Logan the same way I helped Charissa piece back her memories. Charissa has also been assisting him to cope with the emotional drawbacks. He has accepted her friendship so please do not say or do anything that would hinder our efforts."

"He doesn't remember us because of the time-travelling, and not because of his current amnesia, am I right?"


"I find this particular mutant exceptionally amusing. And once he decides to stop being so stupid to attack me specifically in our run-ins, I'll end my so-called bullying."

Charles looked exasperated with his reply but refrained from saying anything else.

Subsequently, he decided to drop in at the mansion to visit Charissa. He felt guilty now and then because of his promise ten years ago about dropping everything for her after winding up his leadership role at the Brotherhood. It wasn't that he didn't want to fulfil the promise, but he couldn't find a suitable replacement for himself. In his desperation, he had even tried asking his son Peter if he was interested.

Peter's reply was brutally honest, "What kind of fucked up question is that? In case you forgot, my dear father, I am on the good guys' side, and don't wish to become a terrorist. This is not some fantastic legacy that you can pass on to your children. Please do not approach Wanda on this. I don't want her to be unnecessarily upset by you. The last time she was told about her unfortunate heritage, she couldn't sleep for several nights. My sister is more forgiving by nature but she has a weaker emotional constitution than me."

Indeed, Wanda had burst into tears upon his confession to her about her parentage but she acknowledged it readily and even addressed him as father, which secretly pleased him. Charissa had followed the two of them to Washington but elected to sit out of the meeting with Wanda. It was nice to know that Charissa was supporting him by being there, but Peter's constant flirting with her truly pissed him off. He knew that his annoyance goaded Peter on further and so he had to muster all his strength and energy to simply show a poker face to the younger mutant.

While pondering the entire reconciliation episode, he noted that whilst he was ready to meet and speak with his two children, Charissa on the other hand was rather reluctant to do the same with Lorna. In fact, she procrastinated even though Lorna had joined the school two weeks after he had first spoken with Peter. She was afraid because Lorna appeared to have a stubborn streak in her, and she also couldn't decide whether he should be present during the reconciliation.

Finally, she managed to summon up enough courage within her to talk to Lorna on her own, a whole month after he reconciled with Wanda. She must have known or guessed their daughter's nature well, because Lorna was extremely angered by the revelation.

He had gone to the mansion to wait in her room while she spoke with Lorna. When she finally returned, her eyes were red and she was visibly upset.

"It didn't go well?"

"No. Lorna is angry and said that we were both selfish for destroying her happiness because she was content with her life and her foster family. She even asked how she was supposed to interact with you now that she knows who you are. We are not to tell anyone else about this because she doesn't want to deal with the type of 'shit' others may associate with her parentage. I tried explaining to her the purpose behind it, that it was obvious because she resembled me save for the hair colour and she has your powers, so it was better for her to hear it from me rather than find out on her own. That explanation angered her further. She felt that even if it appeared obvious, realistically she would never find out more because she wouldn't be arsed to do DNA testing. Now, I don't even know why I told her about this."

"It's good to tell the truth, is it not?"

"She is right to say that there's a selfish purpose behind it…. Maybe I wanted her to avoid direct confrontations with you…. When you guys meet officially on the battle field that is…."

"Don't blame yourself….you did your best….so let's see how everything turns out from here. I won't say anything to her in the meanwhile. It's fine with me even if she doesn't acknowledge me as her father."

She only sighed at his response and he checked in on her daily from then, to just see if there had been progress in her relationship with Lorna.

He even asked Charles for his view on this and Charles simply said that Lorna was entitled to those feelings and in terms of public interactions, Lorna was civil with Charissa albeit slightly cold.

Charissa gave up on building up any relationship with Lorna and simply treated her like any other student at the school. He also avoided any direct interaction with the young mutant as far as possible. He noticed that she tended to glare at him whenever she saw him and that tickled him slightly but he refrained from mentioning those incidents to Charissa lest they upset her in any way.

His thoughts of the past were interrupted momentarily when he bumped into Hank while making his way to Charissa's room.

"Good evening Erik. You're here for Charissa? I'm afraid she's busy right now, mentoring one of our latest recruits."

In spite of their fight in 1973, Hank was always polite and he felt obliged to respond accordingly.

"Good evening Hank. Thank you for informing me. I will wait for her in her room."

However, after browsing through several books while waiting, he grew restless and decided to interrupt her wherever she was.

He soon found her talking to Wolverine in one of the discussion rooms. Their backs were facing him and he loitered at the doorway instead of entering, eavesdropping on the entire conversation and trying to control the feelings of jealousy that surfaced.

She was talking gently to Wolverine, sharing her own amnesiac episode and Wolverine's demeanour was one of calmness and serenity (which was surprising to him). That probably stirred up the jealousy because he could not help but wonder how Wolverine felt towards her.

"I know it's not easy not to remember who you once were….but if you open up to Charles, he will be able to help you. Charles was very patient with me when I lost my memories. There is also the pain when you start remembering….because all the bad memories would also return. Unfortunately we can't pick and choose what we wish to remember."

Wolverine laughed at that comment.

"Was remembering Magneto one of those bad memories?" he joked.

She replied without any modulation in her tone, "Yes and no. My relationship with Erik is very complicated…. Which is why I would advise you not to get emotionally involved with anyone until you exorcise the demons in your head."

"You know about…her?"

"Yes….it's as obvious as my strange relationship with Erik is to you."

He wasn't sure how to react to that. He was grateful Charissa wasn't the object of Wolverine's affection, though at the same time he wasn't too thrilled to be the subject of their conversation as well.

Wolverine's silence made Charissa advise further, "Don't wait for her either, my friend. I wouldn't wish for you to end up like me, forever waiting…."

"You're waiting for him to come over to our side?"

"He promised me once to give up his war…. that's a decade ago… I'm not doubting his words, he never lies….it's just that sometimes I wonder how much longer I would have to wait…. You may be more patient than I am but in your case, the probability of her ever leaving her husband is almost nil. They are happy together."

Wolverine nodded and said, "I know. I want her to be happy and I respect her decision. If Magneto truly loves you, he will want you to be happy as well... I know that you're listening to us, Magneto. Charissa is a friend of mine, and I hope you will be more mindful of her feelings."

"I should be thankful that you're such a caring friend then." He replied sarcastically as he walked into the room.

"Erik? Have you been waiting long? I'm sorry, I didn't expect to see you today." Charissa said, her face flushed.

"I should apologise for showing up unannounced Charis." He replied before turning towards Wolverine, "And Wolverine, you're leaving now I expect?"

Wolverine only gave a low growl in response and proceeded to walk out of the room while telling Charissa that he will speak with her again the next day.

"You needn't be so rude to him Erik….I'm only trying to help him cope with his amnesia."

"I don't like to be talked about."

"It's not only about you." She said with a sigh and lowered her eyes. He could feel her heartache and disappointment in him.

"I remember my promise to you. It's not that I don't want to fulfil it, but I haven't been able to find a suitable successor. I even tried asking Peter."

"Yes Peter told me. He said you're out of your mind…. You don't have to explain anything else to me… can I please be left alone? Sorry, I feel quite tired and don't feel like talking to you today …"

He obliged her but left the mansion with a heavy heart.