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Five years.

For the first time in forever, Gotham was peaceful.

No supervillains, no evil plots, no poisoned water supply to speak of.

Just Gotham.

For five years, the people of Gotham experienced the lowest crime rates in the city's history, and it was all thanks to one pair of partners.

The Dynamic Duo.

Five years before, the pair took down Sweet Tooth, the most dangerous of Gotham's villains since the Joker himself. The fateful day they fought and the candy-colored villain fell into that vat of boiling hot chocolate would go down in history.

Sweet Tooth was gone, his body unrecovered - as the reports put it, the heat of the chocolate must have melted the man's body completely. His followers were imprisoned, died, or simply vanished from the face of the Earth.

Every year thereafter, Gothamites celebrated Sweet Tooth's downfall, hailing that day, New Year's 1998, as the day Gotham became a better place to live for everyone. Crime all but disappeared, save for the occasional petty theft, mugging, or disorganized bank robbery.

Over the years, the citizens started to forget Sweet Tooth's reign of terror. Batman and Robin continued patrolling, but the heroes were seen driving around more often than actually fighting. The heroes were still loved and respected, but not everyone remembered the heroic deeds of five years before.

Of these few people who remembered the events of Sweet Tooth's takeover, even fewer remembered enough to care. Among these few was a teenage girl, Natalia Jordyn.

She remembered the heroes.

She remembered Sweet Tooth.

She remembered the takeover and the massacre that had come from their fight.

Maybe it was for that reason, simply that she believed and she remembered, that she seemed to attract so much trouble...