Announcements of AquamarinePisces' Plans/Updates/Other Stuff?

Hey everyone! Quick announcement from AquamarinePisces here! I'd like to mention that this story is only part one of a series I'm doing. Calling it "The Disney AU Series". Very original, I know. Basically, it's where I take Disney movies and use its plot with HTTYD characters in it and their twist. I'm going to do ten parts and I already have most of my stories planned out, but if you've got a suggestion, feel free to tell me in the review box.

Another announcement- If you read my first and other story, The Eyes Are The Windows To The Truth, I'm so sorry for not updating soon. Got a major writer's block for that. I was kinda thinking of rewriting it because I feel like I can do it better, put more thought and effort into it. Don't worry: I will finish the original and work on the new version while doing the sequel. Nothing in the second version will affect the events of the sequel. There will be a few minor/major changes, not sure at the moment, but will be just...different. Alright, that's it for this note. Stories will hopefully be updated soon. See you all later(probably).

I'm out!