This is the beginning.

The birth of a God.

Called by one pure prayer.

Born out of desperation

To be a god.

To wield the power of good and evil.

That is his destiny.


Hiruzen opened his eyes just before a loud explosion went off somewhere around the mountain the Hokage Monument was on. He looked out the window and grimaced, 'Why now?' he thought before quickly getting dressed to deal with the situation.


It didn't take him long to get his battle gear on and head for the site of the explosion, which he saw what he had feared, the seals on a rock he had blocking off a cave were destroyed and the rock was moved, but he still felt the presence of what was sealed inside, still in there. Hiruzen gestured for his Anbu to follow behind him as he entered the cave.

It was a short walk into the cave where they came upon a nine tailed fox sleeping on a rock base underneath what appeared to be a sort of shrine. There was also two women being protectively held within the kitsune's tails and a badly mutilated body several feet in front of the fox.

Hiruzen made a couple hand signs, telling the Anbu to leave now. They nodded and did so without argument. Once they were gone he said, "It's been awhile... Tenko Naruto."

The kitsune's ears moved slightly then its eyes opened and gave the Sandaime a piercing gaze, "So you're still alive, old fart," said the fox smirking a little.

"Thank you for your concern," replied Hiruzen knowing that was the best greeting he'd get out of the kitsune.

"Yeah right," said the kitsune blowing off his words, "You act more like a demon than any real demon." Its ears twitched as it peered to the sleeping unconscious people within its tails, "You have quite the situation."

"We can handle it," replied Hiruzen seriously, "I would like it if you released the two in your tails and if you could tell me what happened here."

"Forget it," stated Naruto laughing a bit, "You're the "oh so strong" Hokage, come and take them."

The Sandaime mentally cursed and thought, 'I'm not as strong as I used to be... I can't fight him and win' He remained silent knowing that it was impossible to beat the kitsune.

Naruto chuckled and said, "Looks like Konohagakure has fallen into the pits and you want me to let you kill this mother and daughter? Very selfish of you, isn't it?" The kitsune's golden eyes pierced Hiruzen's very soul with their gaze, this biju was unnatural to be around, even for him. He couldn't kill it as it was a merge between the Yondaime's son and the original Kyubi, so he had it sealed to protect the village. "You enshrined me as Konoha's guardian without my consent, and you even sealed me. Anyways, I have no intention of doing whatever you say. Go and get eaten by a demon," stated Naruto grinning for a few seconds before lying his head down to go back to sleep.

"And those two?" asked Hiruzen looking at the two in his tails.

"They gave me an oath. I save their lives and they're mine. Everything of themselves, from a single strand of hair to their last drop of blood," answered Naruto without opening his eyes again, "Now get out before I make you. Also... I think it's time to talk to my mother and former container."

"I didn't want to do this, but I have no choice," said Hiruzen before forming a handsign and dozens of seals appeared around the room then they all faded away a few seconds later.

"What a fool you are," stated Naruto standing on his four legs, staring at the old Hokage, "I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence," he added amused by the old man's actions, "Now leave," he finished before sending one of his tails and giving the old man the express way to leave his forced home then he laid down next to the two unconscious females protectively.


"You... want me to go in there and talk with the Kyubi, Sarutobi?" questioned Kushina removing her Anbu mask. After losing both her husband and son, she just did her duties as an Anbu, the few rare moments where neither were on her memory was a small blessing, she'd never completely forget about them, but keeping her mind away from them was... helpful toward her sanity.

She abhorred, hated and despised the beast sealed inside the cave, it killed the two people she loved in the world... she was going to kill it.

"Yes, Kushina I do. Talk to it and have it release Mikoto and her daughter," said the Sandaime calmly, "It won't talk to me any further and you've... dealt with it once before, so I was hoping you could get it to let them go."

"...I'll try," replied Kushina before walking into the cave.

Inside the cave was dark, she had to assume the biju was quite deep in the cave, "Darkness... it's the first thing I remember," stated a voice in the darkness of the cave, "I was born here... in this place. You were there. Uzumaki Kushina... I remember you, but... are the memories mine? Or his?"

The hairs on the back of Kushina's neck were standing on edge, this was not how the Kyubi did things like she remembered. It preferred up close and bloody conflict, not mind games or it could just be the biju was screwing with her out of pure cruelty.

After some time she came to an open area in the cave where a nine tailed fox was enshrined and two people were sitting beside him, awake and quite calm. One was a woman, her old friend, Uchiha Mikoto and the other was her daughter, Uchiha Sen.

"Thank Kami you two are safe," said Kushina seeing them unharmed, "You should leave here before it wakes up again, Mikoto-chan. It's dangerous in here," she added wanting to get her friend out of the beast's lair.

"It's only dangerous for you," stated the voice that had spoken in the darkness earlier. The fox opened its eyes and gazed at her, "Is this how you honor the Sixth Village and the clan Unmourned?" it asked seriously and seconds later her attire was in shreds except for what covered her private areas. On her left arm was Konoha's anbu symbol and the Namikaze clan's symbol tattooed above it.

"W-what do you know, demon! You killed my son and husband, you attacked this village without cause! What right do you have to speak to me about anything?!" shouted Kushina angrily at the biju, she had no weapons on her anymore since it knocked those away from her when it almost completely stripped her, "And you're even holding Mikoto-chan and Sen-chan hostage. Let them go!"

"Is that what the old bastard said?" questioned the Biju not too bothered by it, "He gets a point in persistence and effort," it added before laying its head down, "Fine then. Sen, Mikoto, you may leave If you wish to."

"We already know that, Naruto-san," said Mikoto gently, the fox didn't like the -sama honorific, but it didn't mind the normal -san honorific since she knew using -kun was too soon for either party, "... but it's safer with you than out there," she added truthfully, she had no wish to let her daughter be killed and Mikoto knew that was one of few possibilities if they left the kitsune's side, not to mention she and her daughter did give a binding oath to it and with the feeling of something holding what she could only assume was her soul, both her and Sen had to follow through with their oaths.

"Hey! Be gentle back there," said Naruto looking behind him where Sen was pulling on one of his tails for some reason and it was starting to hurt.

"Okay~" chimed the young girl before continuing her tirade on his tails then erupted in laughter as she was lifted up by several golden tails and put on Naruto's back as he stood up on all fours.

"W-what are you doing?" stammered Kushina afraid of the kitsune and still trying to save what little dignity she had left while being stark naked.

"Leaving," muttered Naruto as he started walking toward the exit with Sen riding on his back enjoying it and Mikoto walking next to him. He stopped as the redhead blocked the only way in or out with herself, "You can either move out of the way or you can come with us, Kushina-san. If you do not move out of the way, you will regret it."