A/N: Backstory and stuff.

Summary: Naruto is a resident in Konoha's mental ward. Classified as insane and dangerous. But what happens when he's added to a shinobi squad?

(And Hakui is an actual Konoha medic ninja.)


Hakui stared at the door to resident one-five-three and muttered, "The Hokage should be placed in here for what he wants to do with Naruto." She had nothing against the blond teenager. Granted, she wanted to be nowhere near him on one of his bad days, but on his good days, his insanity was more playful than anything else... and then there were his lucid days, where his insanity was mostly gone and there was simply a depressed, lonely teenager.

She sighed before opening the heavily fortified door and said, "Naruto-kun, the Hoka...ge wants you." She trailed off in the middle as the said blond was sitting in the corner staring at the other end of the padded room, 'One of his lucid days I see. I suppose it's best, everything considered,' she thought feeling sad for the blond.

"I walked... I could nothing but walk. In the end, I saw me... walking in front of myself, but it wasn't really me," muttered Naruto seriously, and barely above a whisper. He looked up at her, "Watch out. There's a separate reality. The only me is me... are you sure the only you is you?" He asked before returning to staring at the wall, not even waiting for an answer, if he even truly wanted one. "What is it Hakui?" he asked deciding to acknowledge her instead of dealing with his thoughts.

"The Sandaime wanted to see you," answered Hakui gently, "I think it has something to do with being on a genin squad," she added though personally she thought it was a horrible idea. Especially so, for the blond's future squadmates if he was having a bad day. Without a word, he was gone in a flurry of pink petals. While insane, the boy did know a lot of jutsu and he only remained in the nuthouse as she referred to it as because... he liked playing with the female nurses and that... Konoha was his realm and that padding cell was his throne room... as odd as that sounded, 'Fortunately at least the nurses like spending time with their cute kitsune,' she thought wondering why he gave that as the sole reason he willingly stayed in the mental ward, but she didn't care too much. A lot less dead body's in the village this way.


Hokage Tower


Naruto appeared in the Hokage's office, before he could speak, he grabbed the blades of the Anbu who proactively took his arrival as an enemy arriving in the office and stabbed them in the leg with their own weapons. "What is it you want? …and tell the kids that I'm coming next time. I could have brought them gifts. Great, glorious... and explosive gifts," stated Naruto giving the Hokage a cheerful smile, all the while sounding positively happy which, if you didn't know the blond you would never guess that the gifts would be explosive tags bundled into a ball and wrapped and would actually be given as a present shortly before exploding and killing the person.

Needless to say, you did not want to receive a gift from one, Uzumaki Naruto... ever.

"I'll be sure to remember that," replied Hiruzen before sighing having expected the blond to be... less insane. Maybe it was too much for him to hope for the blond's insanity to subside, even a little. "I'm assigning you to a squad. I figure it'll put your skills to a good use and... maybe even help you. Anyways, the squad in question is at training ground fifteen. Try not to scar them too badly."

"I make no promises," stated Naruto before disappearing.


Training Ground Fifteen


Naruto arrived and sat on a rock as he stared at the jounin, who noticed him immediately then at the two genin who followed what their sensei was doing.

"Wondering why I'm here, aren't you? I can see it in your face, mostly in your eyes. I may take those from you all when all of this is over," he said happily at first, but turned more serious at the end.

"Why... are you here?" asked questioned the white haired jounin suspiciously, doing his best to not agitate the blond knowing the potential disaster if he did.

"Why do I need a reason for everything?" asked Naruto quite peeved at the very idea of needing a reason then shook his head, "Mortals, mortals, mortals. Always needing a rea-"

"Answer the question you nutcase," snapped the pink haired girl clearly annoyed by the lack of an answer from the blond only to have said blonde grab her by the throat and shove a kunai in her mouth, threatening to cut her tongue.

"How dare you interrupt me! Only I interrupt me," growled Naruto angrily at the pink haired dumb bell's interruption, "Now hold your tongue pinky or I'll tear it from your mouth," he warned coldly before removing the kunai and letting her go then turned back to the jounin and smiling, "Now to the meat of your endeavor. The crux of the situation. The reason for me being here, and the likely cause of your death," he added happily though all three people had a feeling that he really wasn't kidding. "I'm joining your squad, as per the Hokage's orders."

"And who are you?" asked the dark haired boy of the squad.

Naruto turned toward him and replied, "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, an insane shinobi, the prince of insanity and other things... I'm not talking about those."