A/N: Hey guys, so I've been writing Fanfiction for the past year and I haven't gotten to post any yet. So, while I'm waiting to go to a Fourth of July party, watching my 11-year-old brother and his best friend, I decided to finally post one of my stories. This story could technically be considered an iCarly and Sam and Cat crossover, but I decided that since it's mainly based on iCarly, that I would just leave it under here. This story is basically what I think should've happened after iGoodbye. Sam finds out that she's pregnant with Freddie's baby when Carly decides to move to Italy. She sees Freddie and Carly kiss just before Carly leaves, and decides that it would be better for Freddie if she just left Seattle and didn't tell him about the baby. She travels to LA and meets Cat Valentine, who takes her under her wing after Sam saves her life. (The Great Killer Tuna Jump never happened)

Sam's POV:

Just as I finally lay down to sleep, my phone blares loudly. I roll my eyes and sit up, rubbing them as I grab my phone off of my night table. I sigh as I see the name "Cat" appear on the screen as the caller.

"Hey Cat what's up?", I answer unenthusiastically.

"Well I was just wondering how to get the toast out of the toaster?", she asks me.

"Cat! We've been over this already! Never call me at 2 in the morning! EVER! Why don't you just ask Jade or something? And why are you even making toast at 2 in the morning?!"

"Cuz, Jade's asleep and I always make toast at 2 in the morning. I just forgot how to make it.", she replies using her usual high, peppy voice that's super annoying to anyone's ears.

I roll my eyes. "You just make it!", I sigh. "I have to go, I haven't gotten any sleep at all for the past 3 days and I need to sleep or I'm gonna kill ALL the children I'm babysitting this week and destroy your bike if you don't let me sleep now!", I hiss at her.

"Bu-. . . ."

"Bye Cat", I call hanging up on my friend.

Putting my phone down, I sigh. Finally maybe I can get some sleep. I shut my eyes as I slowly begin to enter my sleep phase, which consists of me thinking of only fried chicken and bacon until I fall asleep. Then, just as I was about to fall asleep, a loud cry sends me out of my thoughts.

I quickly jump out of my bed and head over to the guest room where I find baby Lillian, wide awake. I gently pick the small, fragile baby up while softly cooing to her. I sit down in the rocking chair directly next to her crib, humming softly to her as I rock her to sleep.

After I was sure she was asleep, I continue to sit there, holding her in my arms like no one could ever take her away from me. Finally, I stand up and place Lillian in her crib, softly kissing her on her forehead.

"I love you baby.", I whisper as I quietly exit her room.

I head back into my room and lay back down in my bed. So you're probably all wondering what is exactly going on in my life right now. Well, it's a simple, yet extremely complicated story to tell anyone, especially people you've just met.

I'm Sam Puckett, I was a former star of the hit web show, iCarly. Everything was going just great in my life, well as great as great can get being a Puckett. Our group was all getting closer at the time.

I thought my life was basically planned out at that point, but one day my life took several unexpected turns which taught me that nothing can ever be planned. . . .

It was during the end of my senior year at Ridgeway. We had just 3 weeks of school left. Everything had been planned out by Carly. Prom, Grad Day, graduation, college. She had even printed out color coded schedules of everything we were doing leading up to those events. I had thought it was stupid at the time, but now I wish that I had gotten a chance to even look at it.

Basically what happened was that Carly had been all depressed about missing her dad. She had really wanted to go to this "Military Father/Daughter Dance" thing. Her dad was going to finally get a chance to come to Seattle to see her. It would be the first time in over 5 years that she would see him in person. She had of course, gotten all excited to see him and was then greatly disappointed when she found out that he could no longer come.

She had gone through this stage of semi-depression after finding out. Making matters even worse for her, it was the last year that she was allowed to attend the dance, making her wish she could go even more than before. So Spencer planned on taking her. But then he got all sick and couldn't go. Freddie and Gibby offered to go in place of Spencer, but Carly became disappointed. Then Carly's dad showed up, and he took her to the dance.

When they returned back to the apartment later that night, he tells her of his plans of moving into a military base near Italy and invites her to join him. Without truly seeming concerned for how any of us truly felt about her leaving, she agrees to go in hopes of meeting "cute Italian boys".

This part of the story many people know, however, the next part is something I only know about. That day, I found out about something else that would forever change MY life.

I had been experiencing many noticeable changes that I had no control over. I felt tired and sick and just overall lousy all the time. I tried to ignore my symptoms of throwing up all the time for no reason, pure exhaustion, and extreme moodiness; not letting it get the best of me and the end of my high school years. I had also not to mention, skipped my monthly period. However, I brushed of missing it as stress and didn't think much of it. I had never kept track of it and hadn't really thought about it with everything going on.

One day I could no longer stand the feeling of being sick all the time, so I looked it up on Splashface. The internet said that with all of my symptoms that I could be pregnant. I was shocked at the idea that I could be. I had never even considered that to be my problem. The thought made me more sick than I was before. I headed down to the drug store immediately to get the pregnancy tests. Ignoring the glances I got from several workers as I purchased the tests, I headed quickly back to my house, taking the two tests as soon as I got there.

Five agonizing minutes later, and both tests reveal two small but very visible pink plus signs, unveiling my fate. I can feel the color drain from my face as I stare down at the tests for what felt like hours, but was only a few minutes. I finally wrap up the tests with toilet paper and bury it deep in my trashcan. I grab my phone and call my doctor to make an appointment for the next day to confirm it.

I sigh as I collapse back onto my bed, not knowing what to do. Freddie and I had broken up 2 months before. If I was in fact pregnant, everyone would know that the baby would be his.

We had dated for a couple of months and things had gotten pretty serious between us. We had sex several times before and the night of our break up was the last time we did it.

I had never gotten over Freddie, but we had both agreed to break up so as not to ruin our relationship.

The night we broke up we had both said 'I love you" to each other and that the reason we had broken up was because we loved each other. If I was pregnant, I had no idea how to tell Freddie that I was.

The next day I went to the doctor, and the doctor confirmed my feelings that I was in fact, pregnant. I didn't know what to do, where to turn, what to say. So I planned on telling Carly. ASAP.

I headed over to Bushwell after finally regaining myself. There I found Carly all depressed about her dad not being able to come. I temporarily put my problems aside to focus on helping my best friend out.

When Carly agreed to go to Italy that night, I didn't know what else to do. I was gonna tell her as she was leaving. I finally found the right time to tell her. She was upstairs getting the last of her luggage from the studio. I told everyone I was going to help her.

I headed up to the studio and noticed that Freddie was there, talking to Carly. I sighed, knowing that I couldn't talk to her now with Freddie there. Just as I was about to turn around and head back downs the stairs, I see Carly lean in and kiss Freddie. I stand there in shock, giving me enough time to see that Freddie didn't pull back .I could feel my heart shattering into a million pieces as I tried as hard as I could not to cry, even though I felt a few tears fall.

I regain control over myself and head back downstairs. I say goodbye to Carly and leave Seattle that night on the new motorcycle that Spencer had given to me earlier that day. I findd myself in L.A., helping out a confused red-headed girl, Cat out of the inside of a garbage truck. Cat took me under her wing and when she found out about my current situation, she adopted me into her life. We became roommates who babysat other people's children for a living.

Due to my pregnancy, I took the year off from college and stayed home babysitting all day. Cat was a year younger than me, so she went to Hollywood Arts High, to finish up her senior year there. I gave birth to Lillian in December, just 4 days before Christmas, and I've been taking care of her, along with the other kids since then.

Cat is currently away on a school trip to a national drama competition in Atlanta. She's already been gone for three days and would be gone for four more. Lillian misses her Aunt Cat, and has therefore been very fussy these past few days, which explains my major lack of sleep. Not to mention the fact that the kids I've been babysitting have been extremely bad and very hard to keep track of when you're caring for a 6-month-old baby at the same time.

After I finally get Lillian down at night, I'll only have 3-4 hours of sleep before she wakes me up again in the morning. She usually isn't a fussy baby at night, and tends to sleep mostly without waking until morning, but with everything going on as well as Cat's absence, I don't blame her.

Even if she has been waking me up a lot lately, and keeping me from getting much sleep, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my little princess, and I can't imagine my life any other way now. Ever since I saw my first ultrasound, I've been emotionally attached to my little girl and have always wanted the best for her, no matter what it meant for me.