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• •

Chapter 14:

1 year later:

"Cat it's fine.", I say sighing as Cat keeps pulling and tugging at my dress. She did the same exact thing at my first 2 fittings and now at this one.

"The dress is fine.", I say again.

"I just wanna make sure.", Cat says continuing to pull at it.

I roll my eyes.

"Cat, the dress is fine. It looks perfect on her.", Jade says.

"I know but I wanna make sure it fits for next week. I don't want it to fall off your body.", Cat adds.

"Cat how much weight do you think I'll loose in a week?", I ask her.

"I don't know but I just want it to be perfect.", Cat says getting sadder.

"Cat, it is. I know you just want everything to go the best & it will. I'm sorry, it's just that you're making a nervous wreck out of me right now.", I say calmly as I hug her.

"Okay.", she says straightening up and getting all peppy again.

Everyone finishes admiring my dress and I go to change.

In the year since Freddie and I got engaged, the 2 of us have graduated from college & Freddie was offered a job directing a big new movie series.

Beck and Jade got married. Cat still lives in the other apartment with Robbie and Trina, & Beck and Jade live in their own house now.

Lilly's already 3 and a half. It's so hard to believe how fast time's gone.

I'm also planning to open up a daycare center with Cat. We're in the process of buying a building for it right now. We've already told some of our frequent clients about it and they're psyched.

Freddie's and my wedding is next week. Right now I'm out with Cat, Jade, Nona, Gibby's girlfriend Tasha, Spencer's fiancée Sasha Striker, Marissa, my twin sister Melanie, my mom, & Lilly; finishing up my third dress fitting.

This was the first time that my mom and Mel had actually come down to meet Lilly, (even though I only told them about her 2 years ago when Freddie and I got engaged). My mom's too much of a wreck to leave alone with Lilly, but I've been spending time together with them and in a way, we've all bonded.

When we're finally finished, I take Lilly home to have her afternoon nap, and finish up some of the final wedding details with my mom, Mel, and Marissa.

Freddie comes home from work and Lilly wakes up. We all eat dinner and then my mom and Marissa get Lilly to bed.

Freddie fixes the air mattress for my mom and Mel and his mom takes Cat's old bed in our room.

We've since remodeled our room to make it look like a couples' room, but Cat's bed's still there for when she stays over sometimes. Everyone says goodnight and we all go to bed.

• •

It's finally the day before my wedding. My dream wedding. With the man of my dreams. Having the family and career of my dreams.

Freddie has an early morning shoot to get to, so we wouldn't be seeing much of him.

Cat took off from babysitting today and forced me to do the same to help me get ready for tomorrow.

We spend most of the day in the salon, getting our nails done with the other girls in my wedding party, against my protests about being anywhere near any girly stuff.

Then we head back to the apartment and hang out for the rest of the day.

Cat kicked Freddie out for tonight because she goes by that stupid superstition that the bride can't see the groom on the morning of the wedding or else it's bad luck. I think it's kinda of cute though.

Everyone falls asleep with thoughts of tomorrow as I drift off thinking about how perfect my wedding is gonna be.

• •

"Sam! Sam! Sam! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It's your wedding day!", Cat cheers jumping up and down on Freddie's and my bed with Lilly, waking me up.

"Guys come on.", I groan. "You know I love you both, but STOP.", I moan slowly sitting up and grabbing Lilly.

I slip my bathrobe on and I carry her out to the kitchen with Cat trailing behind me. There I find that Marissa, Melanie, my mom, and Cat all prepared a big breakfast for me.

"What's all this?", I asked shocked as I put Lilly down on the floor.

"We thought we'd make you breakfast before we had to go leave and get ready.", my mom says shrugging.

"Wow. Thanks you guys.", I say as we all dig in to the various breakfast foods and pastries.

It consisted of eggs, bacon, ham, lots of different kinds of fruit, tons of delicious pastries, coffee, and tons of other stuff.

Everyone finishes eating and we leave for the wedding.

We get to the church in Pasadena.

Sasha does my makeup, and then my hair in its usual loose curls, with one single strand on the right side of my face pulled back behind my head, with white baby's breath flowers tucked neatly against it. Cat and Nona help me into my long, lacy wedding gown in one of the big back rooms. The guys are getting ready in the other.

At this point, my wedding party gets ready to leave and prepare for the wedding procession.

My bridesmaids comment on my dress and how beautiful I look. Wishing me a final good luck, they head out to the front inside of the church to line up.

Cat hugs me and says "Good luck Sam. I love you!", while crushing me in one of her tight hugs.

She and Nona leave the room, leaving me with only Lilly.

I bend down to my daughters length. Brushing my hand gently through her long, curly brown hair, I smile at her.

"You look beautiful my Princess.", I say to her getting all emotional.

"You look beautiful, Mommy.", she says back to me.

I chuckle at her. "Thanks.", I reply. "You're gonna make a perfect little flower girl.", I add.

Freddie and I picked baby blue, light purple, and pink for our colors.

Lilly's dress has an ivory top, covered with blue flowers running down her dress, with figure skater sleeves, stopping just below her shoulder, with a solid baby blue skirt.

"I'm happy that you and Daddy are finally gonna get married.", Lilly says to me.

"Well then I'm happy that you're happy.", I say rubbing my nose against hers.

She giggles.

"Sam?", I hear Spencer quietly say from the doorway.

I smile and kiss Lilly on her forehead. "Lilly why don't you go see Daddy before the ceremony.", I say standing up and turning towards Spencer.

"Okay. I love you Momma, good luck.", Lilly says hugging me.

"I love you too baby.", I say hugging her back and smiling back down at her as she leaves me and Spencer alone in the room.

"You look beautiful.", Spencer says smiling at my reflection in the mirror.

"Thanks.", I reply. "I know Carly would've wanted to be here, she just got caught up in life I guess.", Spencer says sadly.

Carly had called Spencer a lot after she first left for Italy. I had lost contact with her and everyone else because of Lilly, however.

But, after a few months of being in Italy, the phone calls from Carly to Spencer lessened. She eventually lost contact with him and everyone else overall. Every time Spencer calls Carly and Colonel Shays' house at the Naval Base to talk to her, his dad always tells him that she's busy. Spencer even heard Carly laughing with a friend in the background one time, when Colonel Shay had told him that she was sick in bed and resting. That had really hurt him.

"It's not your fault, Spence. You were the best guardian that you could be. Freddie and I think of you as like a father figure to us, since we never had one in our lives anyway.", I say turning to face him.

"Thanks.", he says a little cheerier. "I just can't believe you're getting married Sam. It's like I'm letting someone else close to me go.", Spencer says to me.

"Aww Spencer, you'll never loose Freddie and I. I promise.", I say hugging him.

"Good, and I know Freddie'll take good care of you. He promised me he would.", he adds.

I smile into our hug and chuckle. "He already has.", I say.

"Yeah he has, hasn't he?", Spencer whispers with a small smile as we stop hugging and go to join my wedding party at the back of the church.

• •

Freddie's POV:

Spencer and the rest of the guys leave, leaving me to finish getting ready by myself. I straighten my bow tie, and see my little girl come into the room in the mirror reflection, behind me.

"Daddy!", she exclaims running over to me.

"Hey princess!", I say as she climbs into my arms.

"I missed you last night.", she says kissing my cheek.

"I missed you too baby. You look so beautiful, just like Mommy.", I say kissing her forehead.

"Listen Lilly, I wanna talk to you about something before Mommy and I get married.", I say as I sit down in a nearby chair and pull my daughter into my lap. "Lilly, I just want you to know how much I love you, and how important you are to me. I haven't always been there for you, because I didn't always know about you; but as soon as I found out about you, I have always loved you. You and Mommy are my entire world. You've grown up so fast, and now you're turning into a beautiful young girl that we couldn't be more proud of. Everything's complicated about when I first came into your life Lilly, but you'll be old enough to understand one day. I just want you to be as happy as me one day. I want you to feel so in love with a wonderful man, that you won't know any other emotion. Because that's how I feel with Mommy and you. I want that man to treat you right, even if that means him getting hit with a butter sock a few times.", I say chuckling at a flashback of Sam and I. "But most of all Lilly, I want him to love you just as much as I love your mom, because if he does, then he must love you a real lot.", I say to her. "You understand?", I ask her.

"Yes Daddy thank you.", she replies. "I love you.", she says.

"I love you too Lilly. Come on, let's go join the wedding.", I say as we head out to the church.

I head to the front of the altar with the priest as Lilly goes to meet the others at the back of the church.

As Sam's and my mothers are escorted to their seats, my mom rushes up to me trying to fix my hair. I roll my eyes. Some things never change. She finally sits down, and the procession begins.

• •

Sam's POV:

Lilly looks adorable as she heads down the aisle slowly tossing flowers with Freddie's cousin, Stephanie, who is our other flower girl. My mom got my little cousin, Kyle to be the ring bearer.

After the kids go, Gibby, Freddie's Best Man, escorts Cat, who is my maid of honor, down the aisle.

Thinking back now, I always imagined that if I ever did actually get married, that Carly would be the one who was my maid of honor, but she wasn't here. I had to remind myself when I was struggling to pick between Cat and Melanie to be my maid of honor, I picked Cat because I knew without her, I never would've gotten with Freddie again. Who knows where we would even be right now without her.

Cat and Gibby are followed by Melanie, Tasha, Sasha, and Jade, with Robbie, Dice, Goomer, and Beck.

Then, it's finally Spencer's and my turn. I can feel my heart begin to race as the music starts to play.

"So you ready to get married?", Spencer asks me.

"More than I'll ever be.", I say smirking.

"I'm so proud of you.", he says, getting all emotional.

"Thanks for always being there Spence."

"Thanks for always listening Sam.", he replies as we hug, link arms, and begin to head down the aisle.

Freddie's and my eyes lock as we're about halfway down.

He's smiling at me, and his eyes are glistening with happy tears. I smile back as we reach the altar, our eyes never leaving each other.

The ceremony begins, and Spencer gives me away, passing me over to Freddie.

Freddie takes my hands, gently squeezing them in his.

"You're so beautiful.", he whispers to me. I smile.

"Samantha Joy Puckett, do you take Fredward Carl Benson to be your lawful wedded husband?", the priest asks.

"I do.", I say, my eyes never straying from Freddie's .

"Fredward Carl Benson, do you take Samantha Joy Puckett to be your lawful wedded wife?", he then asks Freddie.

"I do.", Freddie says.

The priest asks for the rings and we get ready to say our vows.

"Freddie, when I first met you, I thought of you and me as enemies. You were close friends to my best friend, and I found that to be a threat to me. I always thought that you would end up stealing her completely from me, so I tried my hardest to push you away, like I pushed everyone else away. But you always kept coming back, no matter what I did, you always kept coming back and you were always there to listen whenever I needed it. You taught me that I didn't always need to have my guard up, because not everyone would hurt me and that I would miss the good things in life if I did. Freddie, I love you, and I know I haven't always been the best person to be around, I just wanna thank you for always being there no matter what. I know that like anyone else's, our marriage won't be perfect, but I promise that now I'll be the one listening and that I will always love you no matter what."

I don't think there's a dry eye in the place as Freddie begins to say his vows to me.

"Sam, the first few years after we met, you filled my life with constant pain and torture. I specifically remember the time you dyed my shorts pink, gave my bicycle a flat tire, and beat me with a dead fish." Everyone laughs. "But over time I've grown to love my adorable blonde headed demon. If there's anything you taught me in life Sam, it's to always love and hold onto the wonderful things you have, because you never know what's gonna happen. I know many guys don't grow up imagining their weddings. I was one of them who didn't. But if there was one thing that I thought about or knew Sam, it was that I always imagined myself up here with you." The whole crowd aww's. "I love you Sam, and I promise to always take care of you and Lilly and any other children we have together in the future."

The priest continues on the ceremony as we both have our wedding bands on.

I let go of Freddie's hands for a second to wipe my tears away, but go right back to holding them after.

"I love you.", he whispers to me.

"I love you too.", I say back, as the priest continues talking.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.", he finally says. "You may now kiss the bride."

Freddie and I both smile as he pulls me into a short but passionate kiss. Everyone claps and cheers.

We turn around to hug Lilly and Freddie picks her up, puts her on his hip, and takes my hand as we walk down the aisle together.

Cat takes Lilly in the one of the wedding party cars with her, as Freddie and I go in the princess carriage that Cat forced us to have.

"You look so beautiful.", Freddie says kissing my forehead as I lean into him.

"You don't look bad yourself, Mr. Benson.", I respond.

"Why thank you, Mrs. Benson.", he says hugging me against him. I chuckle.

"It feels good to be Mrs. Benson."

"Good.", he says with a laugh. "I loved your vows.", he adds.

"I loved my vows too.", I joke as we begin to head to our venue.

• •

"Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Benson!", the DJ cheers as the guests join in cheering.

Freddie and I dance into the room and take our seats at the bride and groom table.

It was time for the best man and maid of honor speeches. Spencer went first.

"First of all I just wanna bring up how AMAZING this food is!", he says in his usual Spencer tone. Everyone laughs. "Sam, Freddie; I just wanna say how proud I am of you both. I can't believe you're already married. It seems like just yesterday you guys were filming all those crazy videos, while breaking all my stuff in the process." Everyone laughs again. "I talked with the both of you this morning, and you guys were both really excited about today. Freddie, take care of Sam. She's had a hard life and she's fragile. She's been like a little sister to me over the years. Sam, try not to beat up Freddie when he obsesses over Galaxy Wars. Let him have his nerdy fun." Everyone laughs again. "And the both of you, take care of my baby niece, and enjoy your lives together. I love you guys. To Sam and Freddie!", Spencer toasts, raising his glass to us.

"To Sam and Freddie.", everyone else cheers and clinks champagne glasses.

Spencer's comes over to Freddie and I and we hug him. Then Cat takes her turn up on the stage.

"Sam, I haven't known you for long, but you have always been nice to me and you have always been there for me. You helped teach me how to make toast so many times when I forgot, you helped me get off the roof when I thought I could fly, you helped me to get off the couch when I accidentally grizzly glued my butt to it, and you told me I wasn't a dog when I tried to drink the toilet water. Freddie, I know that Sam really loves you so take care of her because I love her. To Unicorns and Rainbows!", Cat exclaims, earning questioning stares from people in the room. "To Unicorns and Rainbows.", they mumble.

Freddie and I chuckle as we say it as well. Cat comes over and hugs us, and then my mom goes up to speak.

Her speech is only somewhat understandable, since she got drunk at our cocktail party and she's slurring and barely standing as she says it. I just roll my eyes. I'm used to it. It doesn't bother me much.

Freddie's mom comes up to speak. She humbly addresses us as a true mom would. "Fredward, I know that you and Sam both love each other, I've known for a long time now. When you're a mother, you pick up on things like that. I didn't wanna let go of you Freddie, and I apologize for that now. I'm proud of both of you so much and I know that you've done a great job of taking care of Lilly so far and you'll continue to be great parents to her. Sam, my Freddie loves you very much and I want to thank you for that. I would say welcome to our family, but I think you were already part of our family a long, long time ago. To Seddie!" "To Seddie!", everyone cheers.

Freddie's mom comes over and hugs the both of us. "Thank you, for everything.", I say to her. "Thank you too, Sam.", she says hugging me.

Then Freddie and his mom danced the mother-son dance. After that, Spencer danced with me for the father-daughter dance. I had thanked him so much for being my father today. I told him that he had been like a father to me my whole life so today really meant a lot to me, for him to at least be here.

Then it was time for my first dance with Freddie as a married couple. We had picked our song, "Running Away" by AM. It had been the song that was playing when we had our first kiss on the fire escape over 6 years ago.

?"Did I tell you I knew your name

But it seems that I've lost it

Did I tell you it's my own game

This is not your problem"?

Freddie and I sway to the music, with my head leaning in the nape of his neck.

?I don't know if I'm gonna change

Wasting time and another day?

"Freddie, I wanna tell you something.", I say looking up at him.

"What is it baby?", he asks looking down at me as we continue to dance.

"I'm pregnant.", I say smiling up at him.

"You're pregnant?", he whispers happily with his eyes glowing in excitement.

"Yeah, I am.", I say nodding against him.

"Oh my God, that's amazing!"

I nod again.

"I love you.", he says excitedly kissing my forehead.

"I love you too.", I say back to him.

"I'm so happy!", he says to me.

"Me too.", I say kissing him.

?I keep running away

Even from the good things?

"You know I'd never run away from

you, Lilly, and the baby right?", he asks looking down at me.

"Yeah I know. And I promise that I would never run away from you again.", I say.

?Did I tell you it's not that bad

Sitting over here dreaming

Did I tell you I'm right on track

This time I mean it?

?I don't know if I'm gonna change

Wasting time and another day?

We continue to dance in each others arms, oblivious to the rest of the world.

?I keep running away

Even from the good things?

"This song is so ironic.", I whisper to Freddie.

"You mean because we always used to run away from the good things?", Freddie asks.

I nod. "But that's all changed now. I promise.", I say.

"Good. Me too.", Freddie says as we finish dancing and kiss.