Chapter 1: prologue

Take one: Action!

"No I will never fight for evil! I will always fight for food!" I yelled at the black shadow and realized what I said.

"Food?" The shadow said with a snicker. "Well if that's all it takes then I'll roll out a buffet!" He said, cracking up with laughter. I joined him in laughter.

"Good...I meant I'll always fight for-" I stopped cause I couldn't speak anymore through my laughter.


Take 2: Action!

"No! I will never become evil! I will always fight for good!" I yelled, jumping to my feet, glaring at the shadow. I don't even know how I saw it, but I did.

"You must! It is your dentistry!" The voice shouted. There was a few moments of silents. And then we burst out laughing.

"Gee I didn't know you were a dentist Mr. Shadow!" I joked and we laughed even harder.


I was still staring at the mirror when I felt the scene change. The mirror disappeared and destruction and chaos rained around me. Everyone I had ever met...ever cared about, was lying around me dead. Tears rolled down my cheeks, but just when I was about agree, Paxtron sat up

"Oh look at that, I've been impaled," she said with a goofy smile on her face. Everyone, including the 'dead' people began to laugh

"Dragnictar Paxtron. We're suppose to be dead!" Jess told her between laughs.

"Oh, my bad." Paxtron said and pretended to die dramatically, sticking her tongue out. This only made us laugh harder.

*laugh* C-cut *laugh*

Take 3: Action!

"-You must bill the ninja!"

"Uh, okay? How much to you want me to bill 'em?" I asked with a snicker.

"1 million dollars!" He said over dramatically.


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