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Stahl Industries Building

Boston, Massachusetts

January 23, 2048 11:13 A.M EST

The Stahl Industries building in Boston was the main headquarters of the weapons company, and it showed. The sleek and industrial skyscraper was renowned for its streamlined and eye-pleasing design and its practicality. Precautions for every potential situation were drilled into its employees' heads (not literally, fortunately), and all in all it was simply breathtaking to look at and to examine in its complexity. Of course, if it happened to be part of a conspiracy responsible for hundreds of deaths at the hands of one of its toxins, that would somewhat ruin the effect.

Courtney, out of habit, shifted her eyes around constantly, scanning the lobby as the sliding doors cheerfully allowed them access. Cody, Brick, and Tyler trailed behind her. Courtney generally had a very commanding presence, and it only seemed natural to most to follow her lead. She strode with inborn confidence towards the desk lady, who looked up to see four rather out-of-place people walking up to her.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

Courtney held up her badge proudly. It wasn't that she was vain about her status as an FBI agent. It was simply that it helped to appear confident in front of others. "FBI. We have an appointment with Mr. Stahl, do you happen to know where his office is?"

"Sixtieth floor," the desk lady yawned, making her contempt as apparent as possible without actually doing anything wrong.

"Thank you," Courtney replied politely, bowing her head slightly. Cody rolled his eyes at this, to which Brick elbowed him in the shoulder.

"Elevator's to your right," the attendant sighed defeatedly, as if she'd had to do this sort of thing all day (which she likely had).

The four agents calmly entered the elevator, and Tyler pressed the number 60, and they quickly grabbed onto the rail as the elevator shot up. The four remained quiet as the humming of the air conditioner unit filled the empty space.

Finally, the silence was broken by Cody. "You know, this would be a really good spot for someone to gas the elevator and kill us."

"Where did that come from?" Tyler asked confusedly.

Cody shrugged. "Just sayin'. If these guys really are behind it."

"Doubt it," Brick spoke up. "Stahl Industries is allied with the US government, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for them to betray that."

"Agent MacArthur is right," Courtney agreed. "We just need to make sure. Dawn and Sam should be working on tracking down Summers."

The sound of the elevator door opening brought their conversation to a conclusion. The four walked out of the elevator and into the hall, admiring the sleek narrow architecture. The sound of high heels on floor turned their heads. She was incredibly pretty, with long blond hair and large blue eyes, but most male gaze would be directed towards her chest area, for obvious reasons. She wore an olive green jacket over a purple shirt, and a dark skirt. She held a clipboard in her hand and smiled brightly in their direction.

"Hi! You must be the FBI agents! My name is Lindsay. Mr. Stahl's office is right this way, so please follow me!"

"Don't mind if I do," Cody replied with a grin, while Tyler wolf whistled, to which Lindsay giggled.

"You're supposed to be professional," Courtney scowled, teeth grit as they followed Lindsay through the corridor.

"Hey, look," Cody said defensively. "Remember the conversation we had about not sucking the life out of everything?"

"Sir, I believe Agent Mills is right," Brick put in his share. "You shouldn't ogle a girl when there are lives at stake."

Cody crossed his arms and pouted, while Tyler chuckled.

"Okay! Here we are!" Lindsay chirped happily, opening a door labeled "Stahl" and holding the door open for the agents. The four walked in slowly, examining the office before them.

Everything was neat and orderly, and like the rest of the building, was incredibly sleek and streamlined in design. A window took up an entire wall, overlooking the city, while his desk contained holographic files and paperwork, giving proof to the claim that Stahl Industries was economically friendly apart from the whole weapons aspect. Mr. Stahl appeared to be standing at the window with his hand on the glass, looking out over the city.

"Mr. Stahl! The FBI are here to see you!" Lindsay called, and the man turned around. He was Indian, and appeared to be a little below average height. His chocolate brown hair was neat and combed, and he wore a suit and tie. A deadpan expression seemed a permanent fixture on his face, but upon seeing the four FBI agents in his office, his lip curled up slightly.

"Good day," he replied, a note of irony in his voice.

"Mr. Stahl, it's a pleasure to meet you," Courtney stepped forward, offering her hand to shake. "I'm Agent Courtney Mills."

"Please," the businessman replied, "call me Noah. I like to have some..." He cast a glance at Cody, who was dressed the most casually of the four. "...informality. Have a seat."

The four agents took their seats, while Lindsay stood happily. "Should I be leaving, sir?" she asked in the same tone of voice.

"It would probably be for the best," Noah nodded to her, and she smiled happily before exiting the room.

"Uh, I'll wait outside too!" Tyler said, rising to his feet. "Just know, backup." Awkwardly, he walked out of the room.

"Who's she?" Cody asked, and it was clear his intent.

"My assistant," Noah replied simply, and Cody grinned.

"Ahhh, I see what this is about, you sly know, the tabloids said you were gay. Guess you proved them wrong..."

"You were reading tabloids?" Noah deadpanned, sitting down and placing his hands behind his head. Cody realized his gaffe, blushing as all eyes turned to him.


"And, honey, you seriously assume that just because I have a female assistant, I'm automatically screwing them?" Noah asked, a raised eyebrow on his face.

"Ahem," interrupted Courtney. "We have other things to talk about."

Noah rolled his eyes, ignoring her. "Hi! I'm a perverted weirdo! You have a female assistant? You two must be having sex! Can I touch your boobs? Of course I can! BOOBIES!'re a man? Shit..." the cross-eyed CEO said entirely in falsetto, mocking Cody and making him lower his head in shame and embarrassment.

"I don't sound like that..." he muttered angrily, fists clenched.

"Ahem," Courtney said again. "We're not here to discuss your assistant or your sexuality. We're here about the incident at Hampton Station."

Noah's face flickered slightly. "Ah. Yes. We should get to the point. So, known mercenary Mike Summers gasses an entire station. I can see why that would be worrying. My sympathies are extended to the families of those lost."

"So you understand why we're here," Brick asked for confirmation, and Noah nodded.

"The toxin," Noah sighed, crossing his legs. "Ah, yes. You see, that particular toxin was a project for the CIA."

"The CIA?" Brick asked, and Noah scoffed.

"Polly want a cracker?" he asked drolly.

"Explain yourself," Cody responded, colder than usual.

"Of course," Noah said faux-sweetly. "For you, dear."

Cody gulped, glancing around nervously at the CEO's come-ons. Which was of course the intended effect.

Noah cleared his throat before beginning. "We were asked by the CIA to create a toxin capable of being transferred via a handshake. It would be capable of murdering anyone as long as there was physical contact. However, we hadn't perfected it. We were trying to keep it from spreading to other people and just remain in the person whom the chip made contact with. Unfortunately, before we could perfect it, the facility it was being housed in was robbed, and the toxin was stolen."

"Confirmation?" Brick inquired.

Noah pushed a tablet over to the agents. "File XB-3214, please." The tablet immediately complied, and the four agents observed the footage. Four masked figures walked into the facility, shooting down the guards and quickly disarming the cameras.

"Go back," Cody said. Noah complied. The short clip played again, and Cody held up his hand. "Pause."

"What's the matter?" Courtney asked.

"It's definitely Summers," Cody said, crossing his arms. "Same height, precariously skinny muscle structure, gait, and skin color. Sanctum was definitely behind this."

"Okay, whoop de doo. Nothing new has been established," Noah yawned.

"Actually, we've established that your unfinished toxin supposedly for use of the CIA was stolen by a group of robbers," Courtney corrected, standing up and dusting herself off.

"Supposedly? Do you doubt my credibility?" Noah asked, sounding hurt. "Ask your boss Hatchet. This toxin was a project for the CIA. Sanctum got a hold of it, and now people are dying and you've just unearthed everything I know. Now it's up to you to bring the perpetrators to justice, Agent Mills." Noah stood, straightening his tie and running a hand through his hair. "I think we're done here."

Courtney nodded, and the other two agents stood up as well. "It's been a pleasure, Mr. Stahl."

"The pleasure's all mine," Noah replied coyly, looking at Cody as he said so. Cody gulped.

The three agents exited the room, and the door slid shut behind them. Cody sighed in relief. "Thank God. He was freaking me out."

"That was his intent," Courtney snapped. "He was only flirting with you to make you feel uncomfortable, and it worked. He's a slippery one, all right, but now we know the circumstances behind the theft. Now we just need-"

She was interrupted by her phone ringing. Courtney fumbled around, pressing a button and holding her rather old-fashioned phone up to her ear.


"Agent Mills, it's me, Dawn. We've scoured surveillance cameras all over the area, and Mike was seen entering an apartment in the poor area of Boston. We've got the coordinates and are tracking him now. Would you like to lead the raid?"

"Yes please. We found out about the origins of the toxin. Apparently, it was created for the CIA. Thank you."

"No problem." Courtney placed the phone back in her pocket, and Tyler walked up to them, grinning. He turned back and waved to Lindsay, who waved back excitedly before entering a different room.

"Professional behavior, please," Courtney hissed, and Tyler gulped.

"Yes sir," he replied hesitantly. "What's up?"

"Boston slums, we'll be meeting up with a SWAT team on the way there," Brick explained, as they walked into the elevator.

"From there, all hell will break loose."

Lavender Road

Boston, Massachusetts

January 23, 2048

Slush from the previous night's rain was even more prominent in the poverty-stricken portion of Boston. Cars regularly slid through the water, often splashing passerby, and occasionally beggars, which seemed cruel, but it was more ignorant sadism than anything. And it was in this cloudy, post-rain wasteland that a short and skinny man in a hoodie walked through. His hands remained firm in his pockets, and his head was cast downward. He'd probably fit in if he weren't as thin as a toothpick.

And it was said small and precariously thin stature that attracted the attention of several thugs. The small man's jacket and jeans were clean, and he walked with an uncomfortable gait marking him as not from around the area and unused to the kinds of people involved in them.

"Oy! Mister!" The leader thug, a very attractive man complete with square face, broken teeth, stubble, and a putrid stench. Charming fellow, really. "You wouldn't happen to be lost, now would you?"

The smaller man scratched the back of his head nervously. " really. Seems like a bit of a cliche to have a thug like you ask that when I know what you're really after."

Two other equally suave thugs menacingly stood to either side of the small man, and he looked around nervously. The thug in front of him adopted a wounded expression.

" that just...really breaks my heart," the gonk said, sniffing and faking tears. "I guess I'll just have to return the favor, huh?" The maniac raised his knife, and the small man tried to run but was stopped by the man to the side, causing his hood to fall off, revealing him as African American, with a round head and glasses.

But before he could lower the blade, he was tapped on the shoulder from behind him. "WHAT?" he snarled, whirling around to face the second figure before him. Mike, or Mal, wore a black coat and green scarf.

"Who the hell are you?" he growled, trying to intimidate the thin man. "Huh? Think yourself a hero?"

"I just have one question for you," Mal said calmly, and the thug tilted his head slightly in confusion.

"And what's that?" he sneered, not intimidated in the slightest. In fact, he rather thought the 'savior' looked kind of dorky. Kinda looked like a pencil.

Mal spread his arms wide open, a thin-lipped smile on his face. "Could I get a hug?" [1]

"Huh?" The thug's face was a look of blank confusion, and suddenly Mal's face changed, and in a blinding blur he snarled and proceeded to stab the thug in the chest. Over and over and over again. Until he was lying on the floor bleeding to death, sputtering. The other two thugs watched in horrified fascination as their leader, the person who ordered every single thought of theirs, bled to death, gasping for life, until he finally breathed his last.

Mal took a deep, heavy breath, before looking at the two others, and then smiled thinly, making his lips look incredibly stretched. "Anyone else want a hug?"

The two thugs promptly scrambled to get away from him, and Mal chuckled as they screamed madly in their attempt to get as much distance between them and the lunatic as possible.

"Well, your knight in bloody armor has showed up, it seems, Cameron." Mal shrugged, standing up and wiping himself clean of blood. "And now I've got fucking blood on my shoes. Just perfect." [2]

"That was unnecessary!" Cameron yelled back at him. "I know you enjoy killing, but there was no need for that! You don't need to kill everyone you meet, Summers."

"But what if I want to?" Mal mock-whined, crossing his arms and pouted his lip.

"You just killed hundreds of people, unnecessarily, I might add. Now, you know I'm not a 'true believer' of Sanctum's goals. I'm only in this because otherwise, I'm just a poverty-stricken, unlucky scientist. And I plan to get out of these wretched dealings once this is all over."

"I'm just in it to kill people," Mal yawned. "Nothing more, nothing less."

Cameron seethed. He really didn't want to be in this position. "Just...control yourself more next time."

"No promises. Now, let's get back to base, shall we?" Mal asked, and Cameron nodded, and together, the psycho and the scientist exit the scene, leaving no indication of a fight. Apart from the bloodied corpse of a thug, of course.

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[1] Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series. Melvin. That is all.

[2] Far Cry 4 trailer looks badass.