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Chapter 1: Ruby


She had to wake up, but her body just wasn't ready.


Damn, the name just kept coming back in the same, velvet, deep voice.

Ruby, we can't.

There was a sudden jolt, and the girl finally woke up, but did she? It was still pitch black when she opened her eyes. She tried blinking again, repeatedly, but it was still black.

"What the?" She whispered as she held a hand up, recoiling it as she met a cool, metal surface.

There was a click, and some muffled sounds from above.

Light flooded whatever she was in, and her eyes shot pain through her head.

Her heart had already began to thump tremendously, and her breathing began to pick up as the gasps and confused voices emitted from above her.

"It's a girl!"

"Get the little thing out, shakin' like a leaf!"

Ruby shielded her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself as someone hoisted her into their arms, handing her off to someone above.

This wasn't happening.

Actually, she didn't even know what was happening. She couldn't remember a thing!

Except the name. . . . Ruby.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't remember. Nothing was working, and it scared her to death.

She had probably been kidnapped, kidnapped from where? Who had taken her? Where were her parents?

Did she even have any?

What about brothers, or sister? Were they here too?

Did she have a boy that loved her, cared for her?

Nothing. There was nothing. No memory, not even a blur of one.

"No, no!" She cried out, clinging to whoever it was that was holding her. She couldn't contain the sobs that were forming in her throat, and she let it loose. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she squeezed her eyes even tighter.

"It's alright, it'll all make sense soon," the voice whispered, trying to calm her.

"No! Put me down and leave me alone, I want to go home!" She shrieked, finally opening her eyes.

The Asian boy only sadly shook his head, "This is home now, Greenie."

Ruby shook her head, "What did you do to me?" She exclaimed, pointing a finger at him as she shoved against his chiseled chest.


"Put me down!" She screamed, he did just that and set her down on the lush, green grass.

Stumbling back a little, dizziness overcame her and she shrieked when she felt a set of hand on her shoulders steadying her.

"Whoa there, don't be gettin' to freaked, Greenie." A dark boy said as he smirked.

"Get your hands off me, someone tell me what's going on!" She demanded, fuming.

"Hold on-"

"NOW!" She yelled in his face, jabbing a finger into his chest. The boy seemed to take the hint that this girl wasn't taking no for an answer, and nodded his head.

"I won't tell you everythin' right now, seein' as you need some rest. But welcome to the Glade," he said as he nodded. Ruby noticed more boys standing in a group behind him, curiously watching in wonder.

Ruby shook her head and narrowed her gaze at the dark boy.

"I want to go home," she whispered, the sobs were coming back now as faces flashed in bits and pieces in her mind, the details of the faces blurred and faded. She knew they were people she had once known, and a familiar feeling swept over her when she closed her eyes to try and get a better grip on the images.

But just as soon as they were there, they were gone.

"No!" She screamed again, crying and cringing. Someone lifted her into their arms again and began to walk away, Ruby cried into the chest of the boy, whoever it was, and clung to the collar of his shirt. She didn't care if the boys laughed at her, or if the boy carrying her was rolling his eyes, she wanted home.

She wanted to remember.

Ruby, we can't.

Shooting upright from sleep, Ruby groaned, this was the fourth time she had woken up since being placed in the small bed. A big glass of water sat on her bedside table, and two pieces of bread as well.

It was darker outside than it had been when she arrived, probably evening.

Her head pounded and all she wanted to do was talk to someone. As if someone read her thoughts, the dark boy and two others strode in and took positions around her bed.

"Feelin' better, Greenie?" He asked quietly as she nodded, "Well we didn't put that food there for nothing, eat up." He commanded.

Ruby did just that and relished in the bland, but amazing, taste of the white bread on the plate next to her. Within a minute she had eaten both pieces and gulped down the entire glass of water.

The boys chuckled and watched as she leaned her head back against the wall, suddenly the blurry images and familiar feeling came back, it was her family.

She knew it had to be.

The tears came back too, and she did nothing to stop them. She just sat there, sniffing and letting the wetness of the tears sit under her eyes.

"We all did the same thing you're doing, it's okay," one of the boys next to her said quietly. She turned and smiled at him in thanks as he nodded to her.

"I just want answers," she whimpered as she wiped her eyes.

"We know, and you'll get them tomorrow, on your tour." The dark boy responded, "Now, quit your cryin' and get yourself a proper meal, miss, uh-?"

"Ruby. That's all I can remember." She said as he nodded.

"Well, Greenie, I'm Alby. This here is Minho," he pointed to the Asian boy, then to the one that had comforted her just moments before, "And that there is Gally."

The two boys waved and nodded at her as she slowly began to pull the covers off of her and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Pain shot through her body as she stood, swaying a little with a hand on her forehead. Gally took her arm and steadied her, she sighed and slowly began to walk toward the door.

"Wait, how old am I again?" She whispered to herself, straining to remember.

"We're guessing fifteen," Minho said as he appeared next to her.

"I'm fifteen too, I think," Gally said as she nodded.

Minho slipped his hand into the crook of his elbow, "I'll tell you what, I think we're gonna be great pals." Sarcasm dripped from his voice and made her chuckle, "You put up one hell of a fight for a girl, punched me square in the jaw after waking up from a dream the first time," he turned his face so she could see the blackening bruise. She gasped, but suddenly began to laugh.

"I did that?"

"Shuck yeah you did!"


"You'll get used to the klunk words we've made up," Alby said with a smirk, as if remembering something.

The girl sighed, "So where's the rest of the girls here, huh?"

All three boys exchanged glances, then looked back to her, "You're the only one, Greenie." Alby said.

Ruby squeezed her eyes shut, "What?"

"Only girl, and you're the third person to arrive since we've all gotten here, so we figure more girls will come in time." Gally assured her as she huffed.

"Well, then I guess I'll have to show all you shuck-heads up then!"

Minho and Gally let go of their hold on Ruby after she began to walk mainly on her own, and up the steps into the dining area. It was in a small shack next to the larger one they had come from, and the room smelled great.

The room went silent as they entered, all eyes turned to the girl.

Coming to a halt, Ruby suddenly felt panicked and anxious, she didn't want to move another inch, and just wanted to curl up and become invisible. Fidgeting with her hands, she sucked in a sharp breath, trying to speak.

"What are you slintheads lookin' at? Get back to your food before I shove it up your rear-ends, all of ya!" Alby yelled before Ruby could speak, she was grateful for that. The boys turned to back to their tables as if nothing had happened, and Ruby followed behind Minho to get her food.

"Name's Frypan!" The dark skinned, short boy announced from behind the counter, he was sporting a growing beard and wore a chef hat, and apron to top it off. He shook Ruby's hand and piled her plate with potatoes, chicken, and cinnamon apples.

"Thanks," she said with a smile.

"You can come back for seconds anytime ya like, Greenie," he waved her off and served the other three, Gally went to sit with some other boys and Minho and Alby guided her to a table in the corner.

Another boy sat there, playing with his food and eating small bits of it. He had short, messy blonde hair that had an immense wave to it, he seemed a little jumpy too.

Ruby took a seat diagonally across from him, her plate landing on the table caused him to jump and his light, warm brown eyes landed on her, frightened but in awe as well. He let out a breath and Minho patted him on the back.

"She ain't that scary, bro!"

The boy rolled his eyes, "That bloody plate..." He trailed off and shook his head.

Alby laughed, "I'm sure you know her name, Ruby." He pointed at Ruby while looking at the boy, "This is Newt, Greenie."

Ruby chuckled, "Newt?"

Newt glared at her, "That's bloody well correct, my name sound funny to you?" He snapped at her.

"A newt is an animal, course it does."

Ruby felt she could be this playful with him for some reason, but the boy showed no signs of the same feeling.

How had she remembered a newt was an animal? Of all the things to actually remember...

Newt rolled his eyes, but smirked anyways, "At least I don't look like one, Greenie."

Ruby glared daggers at him, but the boy didn't look back to her.

"My name is Ruby," she retorted, the three boys chuckling in response.

"Nah, it's Greenie for now, until next month. Newt here was Greenie until you came along," Minho responded.

Ruby cocked a brow at him, "Next month? Why next month?"

Alby shared a look at Minho, "Shut it, Newbie, no questions until your tour tomorrow."


"None. Got it?" Alby snapped his head to her, eyebrows narrowed and a scowl crossing his face.

Ruby nodded and looked away back down to her food, sparing a glance at Newt.

The boy was staring at her, not bothering to look away even as she caught his gaze. They held it their, until he subtly... winked? Did he just wink at her?

She didn't want to ask, that'd be embarrassing.

"So how old are you all?" She asked.

"Sixteen, at least," Minho responded as he let out a belch.

"Same," Alby replied.

Newt glanced back down at his food, "Fifteen."

"Me too!" Ruby exclaimed, realizing the excitement in her voice was probably a little too loud and too much for her own good.

Blushing, she coughed and looked back down at her food, pushing it around her plate. Minho and Alby exchanged yet more looks at each other, before snorting to themselves and picking up their plates to leave.

"Newt! You get to show her to her sleeping quarters," Alby called out as Newt sighed.

"Good that," he replied quietly, slinking down a little.

Ruby looked outside, and it was dark out now. Newt noticed this too and glanced at his wrist, to a digital watch.

"Should be about time the-"

He was cut off by a terrifying, horrible, painful, sickening sound of metal against rock and the rumbling of the shack around them. Ruby gripped the table and let out a terrified shriek, falling backwards onto the ground from the picnic table. Scooting against it, she covered her ears and shut her eyes.

"This isn't happening, I want to go home! This isn't happening. This. Isn't. Happening!" She began to repeat to herself, a lone tear trailing down her cheek. More blurry faces clouded her mind as she tried to get a correct hold on them, but they slipped away.

With the combined feelings of terror and frustration, a deep, instance feeling of sadness overwhelmed her and she began to sob again.

The rumbling stopped, followed by a loud boom! and another on the other side of the area.

"It's okay, it's over," someone whispered in front of her. Ruby shook her head, hiding behind her hands and hair. Newt's hands were on her shoulders, lightly squeezing them.

"I want to go home," she whimpered, knowing she'd said this many times now.

"I know," Newt said back, strong hands pulling her up. Slowly, she peeled her hands away from her face, looking around and sighing in relief as she noticed no one but them were there.

"What the hell was that?" She shrieked.

Newt glanced out the window, "The bloody walls, they close every night."

"The, walls? They... close?"

"Close and lock, nothing comes in and nothing goes out."

"What can come in that's beyond them?" She asked, looking up at the boy who easily had three inches on her.

Newt shook his head, "No more questions," he scolded.

Ruby nodded and wiped her eyes, honestly too tired to fight or ask anything. Newt watched her as she ran a hand through her thick, layered hair and tug at it.

"Where do I sleep?" She asked as Newt gestured to the door.

"Out that way."

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