The Son from another World

A warm breeze blew from the South rustling the tree limbs lightly as they passed over the landscape. Rays from the sun warmed the earth to a pleasant degree. The song birds sang a cheerful tune all around while others soared threw the air. The world emanated the happiness of the day. For this was the day that the Seeker, Richard Rahl, and the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell, were to be wed. The Midlands were abuzz with excitement for the coming union of the two greatest heroes of the world. The wedding was to take place in the forest outside Aydindril. Truly there was no palace or kingdom that was worthy of such a ceremony, but Richard loving the outdoors and Kahlan always wanting her husband to be to be happiest in all the land decided a forest wedding would be best. Despite protests from Richard many people had turned out to witness the union of the Seeker and Mother Confessor. Dignitaries from all nations had traveled as well as common farmers from far and wide. On this the happiest day of Seeker's life, Richard paced back and forth between two large oak trees. His stomach was doing somersaults in his abdomen. As he paced one other with him, his grandfather the First Wizard Zeddicus Zuul Zurrander watched his grandson, a smile wide on his face. "Calm down Richard, you'll be fine" the old wizard stated. Richard stopped pacing and turned around to face his grandfather. A look of despair on Richard's face and an attempted smile, "You are right Zedd; what is there to fear?" Richard paused looking to the ground and continued "I've only been dreaming of this possibility since I met Kahlan, now I'm actually marrying her. Why should I be afraid?" Zedd laughed aloud and walked to his grandson, placing both his hands on either of Richard's shoulders. "You have no reason to be nervous Richard. You have waited for this day for years. And your love from Kahlan is matched by no other person in all of existence." They stared into each other's eyes, Zedd a look of calm confidence about him, and it finally rubbed over to Richard. He smiled, genuinely smiled "you're right of course Zedd." With that the two stood together and patiently waited to be summoned by master of ceremonies. Zedd, being First Wizard would perform the ceremony, and also being the highest ranking person besides the Seeker or Mother Confessor.

On the other side of the clearing where the masses of people had gathered to witness their union Kahlan Amnell stood nervously with her friend and protector Cara. On this occasion Cara wore her white leather outfit, never giving up her identity as a Mord'Sith. Kahlan controlled her emotions very well but Cara could tell that the Mother Confessor was agitated. "Don't worry Kahlan, soon you will be married to Richard and the two of you can go off into the woods living in bliss and have a dozen little babies that look just like you." Cara was blunt in her speech and spoke what was on her mind at the time. She had grown much in the time since joining Richard in his quest to find the Stone of Tears. Kahlan smiled at Cara, genuinely happy that the Mord'Sith was there. "Cara, I'm not nervous. I'm excited. I am actually going to marry Richard. And he won't be a mindless slave." Kahlan was a confessor, a race of women that possessed magical powers to find truth and they could force a person to tell the truth by performing a right called "confession" where the confessor's power took a person by the very power of love. The confessed individual becomes obsessed with pleasing the confessor's will. Normally they could only mate with a confessed man, and normally they only ever had girls as offspring. Cara responded to Kahlan with a sly smirk "Oh, I think you could still make him your slave if you wanted." Kahlan looked at Cara appalled at first but laughed at the Mord'Sith's attempt at humor. Mord'Sith had a very blunt and twisted sense of humor. It was part of the training of becoming an elite torturer and true Sister of the Agiel. The two stood silent for a moment just enjoying the beautiful day. Then the Master of Ceremonies sounded the bell that the wedding would begin soon. After another moment a woman approached and escorted Kahlan and Cara to where they would walk into the clearing and up the hill where Kahlan would meet Richard and Zedd would wed them for the rest of their lives.

Richard and Zedd stood at the top of a hill in the clearing of the forest. All the spectators stood patiently at the bottom of the hill waiting for their Mother Confessor to walk up the hill. In his mind Richard remembered the first time he had met Kahlan. It was back in his homeland Westland. He was just a woods guide back then and found her being chased by men. He defended her and later discovered that she was from the Midlands and was searching for the Seeker. As it turned out Richard was the Seeker and he was destined to bring down the great tyrant Darken Rahl. As the many adventures he and Kahlan went through together Richard heard music begin to play in the clearing. He looked up and saw Kahlan walking toward the hill from her place in the forest. Cara walked behind her a few paces and looked as confident as ever. But Kahlan was beyond stunning. She radiated beauty. Seeing her reminded Richard of all the other times he had looked at her in such a way. He fell in love with her the moment he met her but didn't really realize it till much later. Every time he thought he had lost her he had nearly died inside. She was the love of his life.

Kahlan and Richard stood together atop the hill before Zedd as he began the wedding ceremony. They held the others arms looking into each other's eyes. Zedd took his time with the ceremony letting everyone bask in the love shining from the two on the hill. The two exchanged vows of commitment and purity. As they said "I do" Zedd waved his hands above them pronouncing them married. When Kahlan and Richard kissed all present rose up in ascent and celebration began as word spread. Just as the two finished their kiss another noise drowned out the congregation cheering. A rumbling in the sky began. The sun turned red tingeing the light of the day. Finally a single bolt of lightning struck to the ground in the east many leagues from the forest where the wedding goers stood stunned. The world returned as it was immediately before. The crowd settled down and slowly began to disperse. Some stopped to congratulate Richard and Kahlan and some just leaving. Richard, Kahlan, Cara, and Zedd left the hill and went to their carriage that would take them back to the Confessor's Palace. After the carriage began to move Kahlan looked to the others and asked "What was that with the sun and lightning?" Zedd remained silent for a moment, thinking. Richard said with a grudging tone "probably something that will try to come between us again." Kahlan looked to Richard, but Zedd spoke before she could ask what Richard meant. "Don't you two worry about it? If need be I will investigate it later but right now." He stopped and smiled "you two enjoy your first day of marriage." Richard and Kahlan smiled, a few moments later they departed the carriage and adjourned to the Confessor's Palace for their first night of marriage.

Leagues away, in the Southern wastelands of D'Hara a body emerged from a deep crater in the ground. This was where the lightning struck. The person struggled to climb out from the pit he landed in. Once out he fell to the ground losing consciousness. Hours later he awoke in a different place than he had been. As the man rose on his side he looked around. He was inside a barn somewhere in D'Hara. Slowly the man rose to his feet, at first he stumbled but he soon gained his footing. As his mind cleared the man began to notice more about his environment. He was indeed in D'Hara, he could tell from the accent of the men yelling outside. They were performing farm work from what he could tell. The man then noticed that his clothes had been changed. He was now wearing a commoner's clothes; from the smell likely a sheep farmer. The door of the barn swung open and a young woman entered. She let out a small gasp as she beheld the man. Then regained her composure and rushed out the door yelling; soon after she returned with an older man, likely her father. The man approached as if worried, at first the farmer seemed to hesitate but approached nonetheless. The man noticed the farmer's behavior and decided to speak first. "You do not have to be afraid of me. I will not harm one who has helped me so much." The farmer jumped, startled, after he regained himself he spoke as well "Sir, we found you in the wastelands. We-we-uh-we brought you here and patched you up as best we could. I-I guess you could get better help if you needed it when you return to the Palace, but out here we can do only so much." The man stared at the farmer confused "the Palace?" The farmer seemed to become even more afraid "y-yo-you-are from the People's Palace right? You were wearing such nice clothes when we found you, we assumed, we-we-well the clothes were half burned up but you could tell they were nice." The man remained silent for a moment. He had no idea what time or world he was in at the moment. He could not expect the farmer to know, but still the farmer might know a little information. The man finally asked "What is your name?" The farmer stuttered a bit "My-my n-name's Dak. I'm a farmer; well mainly a sheep herder but we farm some things." The man attempted to smile as if to reassure Dak that he would not cause the farmer harm "hello Dak, my name is Michael. If you don't mind I'd like to ask you a few things. Is that alright? It would help me immensely." Dak seemed to still be nervous but he nodded his consent. "Thank you, I was wondering if you knew who the current ruler of the House of Rahl is." Dak seemed uncomfortable with the question; Michael reassured the farmer that he was not in trouble just that Michael had been away from the world for a while. After a moment Dak seemed to gain more confidence. He finally answered most of Michael's questions, or at least what he knew. According to Dak Darken Rahl had just been defeated about a year ago and the Seeker had defeated the Keeper. He said that the rumor was that the Seeker and Mother Confessor were going to get married in Aydindril. The farmer was too far away to know any news that wasn't at least a month or so old unless it occurred within a few leagues. With that Michael thanked the farmer and his family for all they had done for him. And the next morning he set off from the farm. Knowing at least a general timeline of when he was but still not entirely knowing exactly where he was. For that he would need help; More than likely the help of a powerful wizard and maybe even a great magical library. He would most likely find these things in Aydindril among the Wizard's Keep and the Seeker.