I really am sorry I haven't done much of anything with this story. I had originally planned on writing a good bit with this fiction but university took up a lot of time and I couldn't devote the time to really expand on this series as much as I wanted to. I have seen the suggestions on formatting the story and I've tried to address this but for some reason I can't upload word documents so it will have the format and I haven't figured out if you can do that kind of editing in the text editor this website provides you.

If anyone has ideas for this story I'd love to hear them just place it in the review or PM me with the idea. I have honestly sort of lost my frame of mind I had when I originally started writing this story in notebooks, and of the notebooks that had the story or pieces of it I have no idea where are anymore. I'll try to get back to work on this story whenever I think of where I want to take it or come up with more ideas for it.